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MECA 2018 Annual Report

From the Director
Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch
Executive Director
I have been the Executive Director of MECA since September 1, 2018, but I
have been a Palestinian refugee since I was born. I have experienced the in-
justice and hardship of Israeli occupation, as well as the power of grassroots
struggle to inspire millions around the globe. And, as a refugee, I know and
appreciate how critical the deep and direct impact of international solidar-
ity is on the people’s lives on the ground.

Since taking on this position, I’ve learned that MECA’s success is a direct
result of three things.
A rare visit to my mother’s original village
First and foremost, MECA is successful because of the people on the ground,
especially the Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Their resilience, creativity,
and ingenuity in overcoming obstacles has been the driving force for all Despite our successes, the situation in the Middle East and especially in
of our successfully implemented local projects. Our partner organizations’ Palestine is progressively getting worse. Generation after generation grow
ability to get things accomplished is inspiring, given the harsh conditions in up missing what most take for granted—a childhood. There are two million
which they operate as well as the instability they face daily. Their work and people living under siege in the Gaza Strip and this number is exponentially
deep understanding guide both MECA’s vision and activities on the ground. increasing. US foreign policy has had a destructive impact on the lives of
these children and it is a huge challenge to effectively respond to the needs
A second cornerstone of MECA’s work is our community. The contributions of people in a situation that continues to worsen each day. We at MECA aim
of thousands of supporters ensure that we are able to provide funding and to expand our projects and broaden our reach to be able to help as many
resources to those who need it most. For example, grassroots financial children as possible. We hope to achieve this through education and part-
support has helped 791 students finish their undergraduate studies from nering with coalitions and other communities that have been marginalized.
Palestinian Universities as well as provided 98,000 children with access to We will continue to raise awareness by bringing the voices of those affected
clean water in the Gaza Strip by building water purification and desalina- by these policies and will continue working with many other groups and
tion systems in 50 UN schools and 23 kindergartens. These are just two of coalitions struggling for justice here in the United States and the rest of the
many successful projects that you have helped MECA accomplish. You will world.
learn about more of our projects throughout this report.
Finally, a huge thanks to our generous community for believing that refugee
Third, but not least, Barbara Lubin’s leadership has been critical to MECA’s children also deserve to live free and with dignity, and for showing up to
continued efforts on the ground in Palestine. We are incredibly lucky to push that belief towards a reality.
have loyal, dedicated staff members here in the U.S. and on the ground in
Palestine. And of course, the support from Howard Levine, co-founder of
MECA and President of Alliance Graphics, as well as the staff of Alliance
Graphics have made a huge contribution to our work. We have been so for-
tunate to have a Board of Directors that has been incredibly supportive of
our work—some members have been with us since the beginning!
Projects for Children
Education for Deaf Children
Joining Hands, a group of Bay Area women, raised funds for
MECA to sponsor a classroom at the Atfaluna Society for Deaf
Children in Gaza. The classroom is dedicated to the memory of
friend and supporter David Halaby.

MECA Partners: Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children

I like to learn math. I want to fulfill my education because
I wish to become a math teacher so I can teach other deaf
—Atfaluna fourth-grader

Education for Syrian Refugees

In Lebanon, MECA partners have organized special schools for
Syrian refugee children who are unable to attend regular public
schools because they can’t afford the fees, or can’t catch up with
the unfamiliar curriculum. The children participate in academic
classes, arts, field trips, and sports.

MECA Partners: Children of Al-Jalil Center and Palestinian

Women’s Humanitarian Organization

Now, I’m studying at the center with my friends and I feel

that my dream to become a famous lawyer in Syria when
I grow up will come true.
— Khalid, Syrian refugee, eight-years old
CREDIT: Anne Paq/
Projects for Children
Gaza Girls Summer Camp
Girls, ages twelve to fifteen in the Gaza village of Khuza’a attend-
ed a camp where they participated in yoga, traditional Palestin-
ian dance and embroidery; as well as life skills workshops that
covered topics such as written and oral communication, leader-
ship, and self-confidence.

MECA Partners: Women’s Affairs Technical Committee Support for Mothers of Prisoners
After the camp, I will teach my parents and sisters the Arrest, detention, and imprisonment of Palestinian youth by Is-
raeli authorities is rampant in the Silwan district of East Jeru-
embroidery techniques I learned. We will make a small
salem. A group for mothers of prisoners provides psychological
business to sell the products and I will support my poor support along with activities to reduce anxiety.
MECA Partners: Madaa Silwan Creative Center
—Ten-year-old camper
When my son was arrested, l felt lonely, broken, with no
hope nor trust in the future. Madaa staff visited me at my
home to help me and to convince me to join this group.
After joining and meeting with other women in my situ-
ation, we shared our stories and our sorrow. We became
stronger. At the beginning we needed support and now
we have become the supporters.
—Member of mothers of prisoners group
Being a doctor was my childhood dream,
I decided to struggle for achieving my
dream, so I work hard to go far in medicine
and get an opportunity to work in cardio-
vascular medicine.
—Omar Mousa,
MECA scholarship student.

Media Training and Rap Group for Girls And More

Media training in Dheisheh Refugee Camp, in Bethlehem, teach- In 2018, MECA donors also supported these children’s projects:
es video, photography, interview techniques, filmmaking, and • Legal, psychological, and academic support for children who’ve
more. The girls in the rap group learn to write, perform, and re- been arrested and detained, MECA partner: Madaa Silwan Creative
cord original songs and attend workshops on women’s rights Center
• Nutritious snacks and lunches for schoolchildren in Masara village,
MECA Partners: Shoruq Organization
MECA partner: Al-Zawahra Women’s Association
If I hadn’t been involved I wouldn’t be speaking up about • Emotional support group and workshops for children with chronic
diseases, MECA partner: Community Training Center for Crisis
our lives. I can use rap to deliver my message that women Management
can lead and we have the right to participate. This can • Classes for children with learning disabilities, MECA partners:
change people’s minds. Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, Siraj Al-Quds School
• Publication of new Arabic picture books, MECA partner: Palestine
—Member of Shoruq girls’ rap group.
Writing Workshop
• Community kindergartens and pre-schools, MECA partner:
Al-Mosader Society for Rural Development
• Girls’ sports in Gaza and Lebanon, MECA partners: Children of Al-Jalil
Center, Women’s Affairs Technical Committee, UNRWA
• Nutrition education for people with disabilities, MECA partner:
University Scholarships Al-Malath Charitable Society
In 2018 MECA provided scholarships for one hundred students • Youth education and activism, MECA partners: Civic Coalition for
Palestinian Residency Rights in Jerusalem, Dalia Association, Shoruq
at nine Palestinian universities. The scholarships are supported
Organization, Land Defense Coalition
primarily by the Elly Jaensch Memorial Scholarship Fund.
• Art, theater, dance, and music classes, MECA partners: The Freedom
MECA Partners: Al Aqsa University, Al Azhar University, Al Theatre, Shoruq Organization, Palestinian Music Center for Culture
Quds Open University, Al Quds University, An-Najah University, and Arts, Afaq Jadeeda Association
Bethlehem University, Birzeit University, Hebron University, Pal- • Libraries for schools and community centers, MECA partner: Madaa
estine Polytechnic University Silwan Creative Center 
Aid for Gaza and Syrian Refugees
Winter Relief Medical Aid
Gaza: MECA staff distributed warm clothes and shoes for more Gaza: Medicine and medical
than 3,000 children. Volunteers covered homes with protective supplies for the treatment of
sheeting. people injured by the lethal Is-
Lebanon: MECA’s partners provided emergency aid to Syrian ref- raeli military response to the
ugee families at three refugee camps; including warm jackets, Great Return March, as well as
shoes, and socks for 500 children, thick blankets, and heating for people with chronic diseas-
fuel for 616 families. Children also received hats, scarves, and es. A group of volunteer nurses
gloves from a women’s income-generating project that MECA assists people at home and at
supports. the March.
Lebanon refugee camps: A ship-
MECA Partners: Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organi- ment $951,758 in medicine and
zation, Children of Al-Jalil Center, Never Stop Dreaming Associ- medical supplies delivered to
ation clinics and pharmacies serving Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
You cannot imagine the happiness of Mohammed, a MECA Partners: Children of Al-Jalil Center, Human Call Asso-
kindergarten student, wearing his new jacket and ciation, Al Shifaa for Medical and Humanitarian Services, Union
of Health Work Committees
shoes, carrying them from one classroom to another
and showing them to his friends. I still remember him I am a normal person, but with four legs, said Mham Ali
among the thousands of children who received our win- Mosa, age 70, referring to her new walker. Now I can get
ter clothing packages! around by myself both inside and outside my home.
—Wafaa El Derawi, MECA Gaza Projects Assistant —Syrian refugee in Lebanon

And More
In 2018, MECA donors also supported:
• Ramadan food parcels for 1045 families, MECA partner; Palestinian
Association for Development and Heritage Protection
• Tree-planting on Palestinian farm land, MECA partner: Land Defense
• Backpacks with school supplies, MECA partner: Palestinian
Association for Development and Heritage Protection
• Women’s cafeteria business in Lebanon, MECA partner: Children of
Al-Jalil Center
Gaza Lights
Gaza Lights systems were installed for 181 families in the devas-
tated Gaza town of Khuza’a, providing electrical power for more Maia Project Drinking Dedication
than 1,200 people. Each system powers three lights, a fan, and Water Units installed in 2018
a cell phone charger for twelve hours. Solar panels are installed
Yasmin Kindergarten With love from ConnectHer Austin
for homes that have no electricity connection at all.
to the beautiful children of Gaza
MECA Partners: Sketch Engineering, Palestinian Association Shujaia Boys Preparatory Funded by generous supporters
for Development and Heritage Protection, Never Stop Dreaming School A & C around the world on Giving Tuesday
Association 2017

I dream of seeing the faces of my family at night. When Al Daraj Co-Ed Elementary In memory of Nuha Odah Hamayal
School D
lights become a great dream in the 21st century that New Gaza Boys Elementary School Donated by Zam Zam Water, In
means there is no justice in this world! honor of Mohammad Yousef Amer, a
—Wafaa El Derawi, MECA Gaza Projects Assistant loving son, brother, uncle, and friend
Beit Hanoun Girls Preparatory Donated by Zam Zam Water,
School B Fremont, California
The Maia Project Beit Hanoun Co-ed Elementary Donated by Zam Zam Water, In
School C memory of Talat Mohammad Khalil
In 2018 MECA installed eight new water purification and desali-
nation units in Gaza schools, providing drinking water for ap- Nuseirat Co-Ed Primary School D “No power in the world is capable
proximately 14,000 schoolchildren, teachers, and staff. Mean- of breaking a Palestinian woman’s
while, MECA staff coordinate the ongoing testing, repair, and will”. In memory of Dr. Norman-
maintenance of all 73 Maia units throughout the Gaza Strip. di Omar, Latifa Omar, and all the
women who dedicate their lives to
I’m proud to contribute to the solution of one of the big- raising hope in the darkest of hours.
May they rest in peace.
gest disasters in the Gaza Strip through the Maia Project.
When I see children drink clean water, I feel a positive Ma’en Preparatory Girls School D In loving memory of Rania Alaeddin
A fighter, a lover, a giver
feeling inside me different from any other feeling. . April 6, 1987 - August 13, 2018
—Ghada Mansi, MECA Maia Project Coordinator New Jersey, USA
MECA’s First Thirty Years

MECA marked our 30th Anniversary with a star-studded event

in 2018. Angela Davis, Holly Near, Alice Walker, Melanie DeMore
spoke eloquently or performed beautifully. Ali Abunimah was our
delightful MC. Friends, comrades, and my family recollected MECA’s
early days and gave me the best send-off as I officially announced
my semi-retirement and Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch made his first
public appearance as Executive Director. I was thrilled to present
the First Annual Hell-Raiser Award to Reem Assil, Lara Kiswani,
and Rabab Abdulhadi. The incomparable artist Jos Sances made
this print of me in a pretty typical pose.
—Barbara Lubin, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus

MECA has held hundreds of public events with artists, activists, and schol-
ars, including Sahar Abassi, Ali Abunimah, Diana Buttu, Noam Chomsky,
Angela Davis, Mona El Farra, Noura Erakat, Allen Ginsberg, June Jordan,
Remi Kanazi, Ilan Pappe, Edward Said, Pete Seeger, Howard Zinn, and
many others.
Small Sampling of MECA’s Work over the Last Thirty Years


Several tons of medical

aid, along with books,
toys and school sup-
plies delivered to Iraq
during fifteen years of
Thirteen playgrounds in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. US-led sanctions and
73 Maia Project units providing
clean, safe water for 98,000
children in Gaza.

$25 million in medical aid to Palestine, Iraq

and Lebanon including medicine, diagnos-
tic and treatment equipment, ambulances,
and surgical supplies.

791 graduates from our scholarship project at

Palestinian universities since 2004.
Resources for Educators and Students
In October, Executive Director Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch and
Teach Palestine Coordinator Jody Sokolower spent three days at
the Santa Fe Indian School in New Mexico learning about Pueb-
lo and Navajo history, teaching Palestinian history, and talking
with students and staff about the similarities of Israeli and U.S.
settler colonialism

Every time I learn a new aspect of Native American his-

tory, I learn something about myself and my own 16th Annual Palestinian Crafts Bazaar
Joining Hands, a Bay Area women’s solidarity group, and MECA
— Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch, MECA Executive Director held our most successful bazaar ever, with over 1,000 partici-
pants, generating $90,000 for Palestinian craftspeople, women’s
collectives, small business, and MECA’s projects.

In 2018 MECA’s Teach Palestine: A Project of the Middle East Children’s Alliance
• Led workshops for teachers on how and why to teach about Palestine Award-winning olive oil • Ceramics
• Facilitated “Borders and Walls: Stories that Connect Us to Palestine” Hand-woven rugs
at the New York Collective of Radical Educators Conference Embroidered pillows, purses, eyeglass cases
• East Coast speaking and media tour organized by Vermont teacher Thobes • T-shirts, totes, and water bottles
Nicole Awwad Olive wood
• New website at Dead Sea bath and body products
Olive oil soap
• Provided support for teachers in developing and implementing Keffiyehs, scarves, and shawls
curriculum on Palestinian history and current issues Books & fine art prints
• Collaborated with other educators on evaluating resource materials Cookbooks & edibles
Hand-blown glass from Hebron
on Muslim and Arab history and issues Kids’ toys and clothing • And much more….
4th Annual Big Ride for Palestine, UK

With Many, Many

Friends Raising Funds: Thanks…
2018 Benefits for MECA $10,000 and above
ACCESS (Center for Arab American
14 Friends of Palestine, San Rafael, California Philanthropy)
Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace, Chicago John Cawley and Christine Marshall
Ann Walker’s Bacheeso’s Restaurant Benefit, Oakland Constanza Jewelry
Big Ride for Palestine 2018, UK M. Patricia Davis and
CAAAV Organizing Asian Community, New York City Wesley P. Callender
Congregation Shaariei Shamayim, First Unitarian Society, Jewish Voice for Peace, David Eifler and Rachel Morello-Frosch
Madison-Rafah Sister City Project, Madison, Wisconsin Marie and John Evans
ConnectHER Fundraiser for Maia Project Firedoll Foundation
Constanza Jewelry, San Francisco Hassan and Margaret Fouda
Nizar and Valerie Ghoussaini
Côr Cochion Caerdydd (Cardiff Reds Choir), Wales
Global Fund for Community
Elliot Hostetter’s Yard Sale, Altadena, California
Facebook Fundraisers (over $500): Ali Youssefi, Carol Azar Baillou, Cynthia Ilse Hadda (bequest)
Franklin, Frank Vercruyssen, Jon Jackson, Moureen Kaki, Sam Saliba, Shiva Niazi Ing Foundation
Friends of Khouzaa, Santa Fe, New Mexico Brigitte Jaensch
Maia Project Fundraiser in Memory of Dr. Normandi Omar Hani Kalouti
Rumi’s Caravan Recitation of World Poetry Jill Kirshner
Lindsey & Jon Shaffer Dinner, Annandale, Virginia Omar Kodmani
Madison-Rafah Sister City Project Little Acorn Fund M
Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign, UK Rumi’s Caravan Angela K. Masri
Micky Duxbury’s Party Birthday Fundraiser Recitation of Gary and Betty Massoni
Nawal Tamimi’s Fundraiser, Richmond, California World Poetry The Ohrstrom Foundation
Orchard House Foundation
Palestine-Israel Working Group, Nevada County, California
Norman and Marcella Pedersen
PaliRoots, San Diego
Emily Ratner/The Whuffie Fund
Ravensworth Baptist Church, Rumi’s Caravan, Oakland Jalal and Gabrielle Saad
Samir Moukaddam Peace Center Bothaina Salama and Omar Tawakol
San Antonio for Justice in Palestine, San Antonio, Texas Sparkplug Foundation
San Antonio Jewish Voice for Peace The Tarbell Family Foundation
San Diego Ramadan Iftar Fundraiser Erick, Adrian, and Kaitlyn Thomas
San Francisco Ramadan Iftar Fundraiser Tides Foundation
Service Industrial Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU), Ireland Firoz Vagh
Team Mad Yax, Ireland Zam Zam Water
The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project, Madison, Wisconsin Two Anonymous Donors
WILPF Challah for Gaza Brunch, Tuscon, Arizona
Zam Zam Water, Fremont, California Spoken word artist Remi Kanazi at “Gala for
Gaza” in San Antonio, Texas
CREDIT: Kyle Gillette
$5,000 to $9,999 Daniel and Shawna Brotsky Alison Hicks and Kutay Ustuner Samuel and Martha Peterson
Patricia Ann Abraham Ellen Brotsky and Lewis Williams Law Office of Nancy Hormachea Elaine Piccini
Alice Rowan Swanson Foundation Elaine and John Brouillard Howard Horowitz and Alisse Waterston Winifred and Lewis Pinch
Jamal Amro Helene Byrnes Elliott Hostetter Ellen Posel
Frank and Blythe Baldwin CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities Peggy Hutchison and Michael Elsner Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice
Medea Benjamin Alexandra Chasin Ashraf and Yasmin Imam Ravensworth Baptist Church
Henry and Kathleen Chalfant Ted Chauviere Mark Jacobs Raymond and Irene Wilborn
Brenda Cravens Ava Cheloff Lynn Jehle Charitable Foundation
Cultures of Resistance Network Foundation Eric Cheyfitz Irvin Jensen Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Rosemary Deen Child Aid International Joycelyn and Robert K. Johnson Reem Renno
John and Sara Donnelly Diana Chirita Robert Jurkowski and Steven Carnine Bruce Robertson
Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust (bequest) Christians for Peace and Justice in the Spike Kahn Rachel Ethier Rosenbaum
Estate of Nuha Salem (bequest) Middle East Susan Kanor Alice Rothchild and Dan Klein
Charlie Fisher Tom Clarke Carolyn and Martin Karcher Peter Rubin and Li-Yu Wu
Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin James and Miriam Coady Julian Karmi Namir Saad
Joseph J. Hajjar Coalition for Justice and Peace Diane R Karp SacramentoBethlehem Sister City
Shirley Hamburg ConnectHer Eli and Kavitha Kasargod-Staub Hana Safah and Moustafa Nachebe
Wadie and Vera Khadder Daniele and Christoph Berglar-Stiftung Alice Kawash Mohammad Said
KPFK-FM Radio Pacifica Foundation Mary Hope Dean David Keenan and Alice Mosley Anthony Saidy
Lannan Foundation Kathleen Densmore and David Oberweiser Nihad Khalaf Quaid Saifee
Madison-Rafah Sister City Project Do Right Foundation Hall Kirkham and Marjorie Asfour-Kirkham Adnan and Jacqueline Salah
Monardella Fund Downtown United Presbyterian Church Kesa Kivel Karim and Roberta Salma
Arshad and Lavanya Noor Dina and Giora Dublon Julia Klein Marc Sapir and Sheila Thorne
Mary Norton Elana Dykewomon D’Vorah Kost Helen Schiff
Anne Posel James Eitel Ginny Kraus Steven Seidner
Haiganoush and Barry Preisler Ethel M. Looram Foundation Julie and Marc Kummel Shouky Shaheen
Rana Rezapour Hossam and Skina Fadel Sandra La Framboise and Michael Marken Zafar and Zaheda Shaikh
Marion Seymour James Faris J. Patrick Lannan Cindy Shamban and Marge Sussman
Suhail Shafi and Dilshad Khan Majed and Najwa Faruki Sally Lewis Diane Shammas
Sheffield Hallam University Lenore Feigenbaum and Simon Klein Jody Lewitter and Marc Van Der Hout Marc Shulman
Four Anonymous Donors Judith Ferster Kivel Luckey Justice Fund Genie Silver
Jerome and Helen Finkelstein M. Brinton Lykes Carol Smith
Deborah and Ted First Samer Madanat and Rana Tomaira Rumi’s Caravan
$1,000 to $4,999 Eleanor Friedman Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign Mark Squire
Azam Ahmed
Jane Bedell and Sarah Garrison Stephen Martin Illene Stahr
Mizue Aizeki and Joseph Nevins
Felice and Yoram Gelman Gilbert Martinez Sandor and Faye Straus
Paul Allen
Hadia and Ahmad Ghandour Tom Matson and Jane Bark Alice Sutter
Eyad Ammari
girls just wanna have funD Marita Mayer and David Beatty Jones Colleen Tate
Dean and Amira Amro
Golden Rule Foundation Edwin McAmis Hwei-Ru Tsou
Louise Anderson
Joe Goldenson and Ronnie Jacobs Ralph and Emily McCoy Merry Tucker
Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace
Janice Gonsalves Ray McGovern Ralph Tuscher
Kamrooz Aram and Jessica Lin Cox
Victoria Gray Kate Morrissey, In loving memory Izumi Van Cleave and Robert Seymoure
Deni Asnis and Chaya Gordon
Julie Greene and James Maffie of Kate Simpson Gail and Tony Vander Heide
Sonny Astani
Carol Gross Duraid Musleh Veracity Productions
Rula Atalla
Adam Grumbach Shalini Nataraj John and Mary Voorhees
Jesse and Maria Aweida
Wade Guyton Ruth and Samuel Neff Alice Walker
Amad and Aisheh Awwad
Elke and Robert Hagge Mary Nelson Nina Wallerstein
Joyce Banzhaf
Miranda Halaby Bob and Shari Norberg Monique Weil
Khalil and Ann Barhoum
Mona Halaby Judith Norman and Alistair Welchman Lindsay Wheeler and Richard Makdisi
Robert and Mary Belenky
Katrina Halaby Waddell Sara Norman Phyllis Willett
Waldtraut Betchart
Henry Hall, Jr. (bequest) Kamal and Rosemary Obeid Douglas and Betty Yamamoto
Faras Bilto
Shirley Hall PaliRoots Zaitlin-Nienberg Family Fund
Garth Bixler
Claire Hamady Kathy Partridge and Ira Chernus Anonymous in memory of Nellie, Walid,
Verna and Bill Boland
Renate Hanauer Paul W. Clark Family Foundation and Didi
Carrie Branam
Harvard Society of Arab Students Karen Peterson 19 Anonymous Donors
Lorie and David Brillinger
Robert Heiniger Martha Peterson
Edward Briody
$500 to $999 Nancy E. Fleischer Webber and Christina McKinney Wendy Smith and Jeff Monkman
Charles and Rosalina Abboud Judith Frank Rosemary and John McKinnon Kirk Snavely
Huma and Vasmi Abidi Steven and Meg Freedman Sylvia and John Melrose Pauline Solomon
May and Yousef Abudayyeh Aida Abboud Friedenreich Adrian Mettler Paul Statt and Amy Kaplan
Shahid Abulbashar Ameen Ghannam Barbara and Ken Miles Thomas Stock-Hendel
Dania Ahmad and Louis Cordone Daniel Gillmor Marlene and Richard Millikan Bob Stone
Samira Al-Qazzaz Sheerna and Marvin Gluck Edward Miner Steven Zrucky and Roberta Stovitz
Ahmad Alayoubi Lou Gold Maury Keith Moore Debra Stuckgold
Adil Ashraff Akhil Gopal John Morgan Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA
Isam Awad Judith C. Green Thomas Moseley Michel and Cathy Sultan
Halla Ayla Elizabeth Greenberg Elizabeth Muller Paul and Emily Tai
Nauman Azhar and Ayesha Waheed Susan Curtiss and John Gresham Nancy Murov and Julie Starobin Eddy Tamura and Susan Wagner
Phyllis Babcock Rachel Groman Veronica Murphy Bahram and Susan Tavakolian
Alice Bach Marta Guttenberg Charles and Paula Murray Debbie Taylor
Carol Balfe Estella Habal and Hilton Obenzinger Sammy Nasr Anita Trachte
Zeina Barakeh Larry Hamilton and Ann Hicks Sandra Nasser Union of Sisters of the Presentation
Suzanne Barksdale Peter and Carolyn Harley Hythem Nawaytou of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Matt Baron John Hartman Osha Neumann Corrie and Mat Van Thiel
Anita Barrows Zyad Hasan Lawrence Newberry Thomas Van Thiel
Kip Waldo and Joan Berezin Yousuf Hasan Martin Nicolaus Margo Viscusi
Denise Bergman Sumera Hayat Carolyn Norr Leon Wofsy and Gail Weininger
Sandra Berrigan Merna Ann Hecht Henry Norr and Jean Tepperman Carol Wells and Theodore T. Hajjar
Katherine Bisharat Kay Heikkinen Joseph Norris Cynthia and George Willauer
Guy Blais Erik Hetzner Charles and Jacqueline O’Keefe William and Maria Iberti
Maarten Bosland and Marsha Love Nancy S. Holland Joseph Norris Charitable Foundation
Louise Bradford Helen Homans Barbara Olson and Jamal Kharbush John Wills
Mimi Brubeck and Siggy Zerweckh Mary House Dean Pasvankias WILPF - Tucson, AZ
Judith Butler Emad and Suha Hreish David Paul Kimberly Young
Jeanne Butterfield Benneth Husted Jeff Pekrul Kevin Young
Lisa Carlin Adela and Bashir Idilbi Sally Pincus Polly Young and William Veale
Robert Castleberry and A. Joyce Thomas Sarah Jacobus Daniel Pines Rashid Zaffer
Salvador Cefalu Dina Jarrar Helen Raizen and Kathy MacDonald The Zahn Family
Church of Reconciliation Mary Ann Jones Sandra Ramini Dorothy Zellner
Deborah Condon Ahmad Kaki Kate Jessica Raphael 11 Anonymous
Michael and Theresa Cooper Omair Kamil Raka Ray
Owen Cooper Kathy Kenny and David Bracker Priscilla Read and Thomas Weiss
Sari Khayyal Theresa Rebeck
$100-$499: 1,263
Linda Cozzarelli
Gloria Michael Khoury Mary Regier $1-$99: 1,629
Carol Cravens
Rose Crawford Tony Khoury Rashid Rehman
Barbara Dane Haifa Khoury Anne and George Retzlaff Monthly Children’s Circle
Nancy S. Diehl Pete Klosterman Mickie and Neil Richardson
Pamela Kobusch Syed Ridhwaan
Danielle Dixon Chris Abdul
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Ronald Dudum Ellen Levine Abdul Rahim and Nazneen Rydhan
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Micky Duxbury and Steve Thomasberger Marcy Liston Dianne Safholm
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Gary Doupe Pantea Javidan Bianca Polovina Nora Wiltse
Hilda Dunn Cathleen Jay Haiganoush and Barry Preisler Lorie Wood
Dianne and Jurgen Eckstein Elaine and Ronald Johnson Ryan Pryor Yeo Hui Qi
Bernie Eisenberg Ms. Mary Ann Jones Raymond Brown Rye Young
Yoav Elinevsky Tarek Kalzia Anne Retzlaff Ruth Zalph
Aida Elkadri Dania Kanafani Denise Rickles Dorothy Zellner
Kristina Elmasu Carolyn and Martin Karcher Burt and Margo Riskedahl Henry Berrien Zettler
Elsadig Elsheikh Dana Kardoush Cecilia Rivera David P. Zide
Gene Engene Karima Bondi Roberta Roban One Anonymous Donor
Tony Ernst Julian Karmi Richard Romanus
Randal Farrar Amal Karzai Constancia Romilly
Johanna Ferman Marion Katz Alana Ryan Donations of Goods and Services
Marlene Fink and Stephen Lebbert David Keenan and Alice Mosley Mohammad Said Charlie’s Café
Jerome and Helen Finkelstein Peter Klosterman Henry Salameh and Vanya Erickson Element 5
William Fleitz Brett Knupfer Carla Schick Jos Sances
James Forman Carol Landsman Sarah Schmitt Justice Grace Winery
Steven and Meg Freedman David Lazik Holly Severson Lalime’s
Aida Friedenreich Nora Lester Murad Karen Shain and Jody Sokolower Zeitoun Restaurant
Robert Gelbach Lynn Levey Abigail Sheats
Felice and Yoram Gelman Ellen Levine Susan Sherman
Bernhard and Naomi Geyer Marcy Liston Catherine Shields and Carl Stromsness
Mirene Ghossein Mark Ludwig David Skinner
Sarah Glaubman Sandra and David Lyons Patrick Smith
Marvin and Sherna Gluck Robert MacConnell Wendy Smith
Rabbi Borukh Goldberg Samer Madanat and Rana Tomaira William Snavely
Anna Gomberg Amal Mahfouz Soheila Bana
The Middle East Children’s INCOME
Alliance Staff Individual Donors $1,514,975 61.00%
Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch, Benefits & Fundraisers $240,662 10.00%
Executive Director Foundation Grants $217,558 9.00%
Deborah Agre, Development Director Sales of Palestinian Crafts $197,384 8.00%
Wafaa El Derawi, Events $116,657 5.00%
Gaza Project Assistant Miscellaneous Income $74,044 3.00%
Dr. Mona El-Farra, Children’s Circle (monthly donors) $63,488 2.50%
Director of Gaza Projects Bequests $41,753 1.50%
Nancy Ippolito, Financial Director TOTAL $2,466,521
Barbara Lubin,
Co-Founder and Director Emeritus
Ghada Mansi,
Maia Project Coordinator
Patrick O’Neill, Bookkeeper and
Administrative Coordinator
Penny Rosenwasser,
Special Events Coordinator.
Projects for Children $742,554 33.50%
Jos Sances, Art Director
Humanitarian Aid $349,568 15.50%
Josie Shields-Stromsness,
Fundraising $327,424 14.00%
Program Director
Education & Cultural Programs $260,249 11.00%
Susan, Office Manager
Administration $212,284 9.00%
Jody Sokolower, Coordinator of
Maia Project $182,762 8.00%
the Teach Palestine Project
Shop Palestine/Bazaar $109,656 5.00%
Nawal Tamimi, Volunteer Coordinator
Scholarships $99,084 4.00%
TOTAL $2,283,581

Board of Directors Support MECA’s profit making business!

Sherry Gendleman
Howard Levine
Osha Neumann
Gus Newport
Jos Sances
Michel Shehadeh
PERMIT #8265
phone # 510-548-0542• fax # 510-548-0543• email