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PPMP20007 Assessment-2 Coversheet

Assessment 2: Part 3 (Week 6 workshop)

Student ID 12086472
Student Name Fadlan Fathurrizky Thaufik
Campus Melbourne

This coversheet must be completed with your submission.

1. Please check (X) to indicate that you have satisfied these requirements

☒ This work is my original work and no part of it has been copied from any other student’s
work or any other source except where due acknowledgement is made.

☒ No part of this work has been written for me by other person/student except where such
collaboration has been authorised by the tutor concerned.

☒ I have taken proper and reasonable care to prevent this work from being copied by another

☒ I have carefully read the assessment criteria that will be used to evaluate my work.

☒ I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to check that the file(s) submitted is readable and
fully complete.

☒ I understand that Plagiarism is ‘the presentation of work, ideas or data of others as one’s
own, without appropriate acknowledgement and referencing’.

☒ I understand that plagiarism also includes the act of assisting or allowing another person to
plagiarise or to copy my own work.

[Further information relating to academic misconduct procedure and penalties to plagiarism can be
found at below link. This file has been made available on Moodle under ‘useful links’ section.]
Following is a template for part 3 – week 6 workshop. Check the items and also provide description
where necessary for activities finished. Some items have no description required. This workshop is
worth 2 marks. Your answers in this template must correspond to your mpp file.

Practical 3:

Item Status Description

1. Set up lag(s) ☒

2. Adding a new milestone ☒ Double-click on the task that is going to be made as

a milestone, go to advance tab, tick the “mark task
as milestone”
3. Displaying the critical path ☒

4. What tasks are on the critical ☒ Task Name

path(s) for your project? New Billing System
Requirements Analysis
Information gathering
Define Requirements
Disk Storage Upgrade
Software Modifications
Database Changes
Design Programs
Program A
Program B
Code program B
Unit test B
Program C
Program D
Program R1
Advertising Brochure
System ready
5. How many critical path(s) are ☒ There is one critical path
there in this schedule?

6. What is the slack for the non- ☒ Purchase: 31 days

critical tasks? Install: 31 days
Design DB changes: 6 weeks
Modify DB: 6 weeks
Code Program A: 3 weeks
Unit test A: 3 weeks
Code program C: 1 week
Unit test C: 1 week
Code program D: 1 week
Unit test D: 1 week
Code program R1: 3 weeks
Unit test R1: 3 weeks
Design: 9.6 weeks
Print: 48 days
Mail out: 48 days
7. Comment on the sensitivity of ☒ The network is insensitive because there is only one
the network? critical path and

8. Example of a chain where you ☒ Purchase has 0 day of free slack and 31 days of total
observe TS and FS slack
Install has 31 days of free slack and 31 days of total

*** Do not forget to save practical3 mpp file in a safe place. You need this file for practical4 ***