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The cell phone is the technological device that has revolutionized

everything. It was impossible before. With this purpose, the cell phone
was born. These are the main advantages and disadvantages of the cell
Advantages of the cell phone:
● Necessary in case of emergencies.
● Text messages on the cell phone are a very useful tool to send short
and concise texts.
Disadvantages of the cell phone:
● It is a gadget that can cause us a lot of addiction and then create a
priority in front of it when in fact it is used so that it can be used to
establish a communication.
● If used excessively, the person will be dependent on the technology
affecting their mental health.
Cellular telephony is a reality that we can not avoid. To the extent that
cell phones provide us with an effective tool to have a better quality of
life as this type of technology will gradually be part of our daily lives.
This is a progressive evolution until we are given the same name.

Hi Max,
I am writing to invite you to go to the cinema with me this weekend. I
would like to go see Now See You Me.
This is a mystery film starring Louis Leterrier and has received mixed
reviews from specialists and maintains 50% approval on the Rotten
Tomatoes website based on sixty-four reviews. It's a film about four
cunning wizards - J. Daniel Atlas (illusionist and leader of the riders),
Henley Reeves (escapist), Jack Wilder (illusionist with nimble hands and
a cartomancer), and Merritt McKinney (mentalist) - join by initiative of
a mysterious benefactor, and, a year later, they appear in Las Vegas as
"The Four Horsemen", sponsored by insurance mogul Arthur Tressler. I
heard that the acting is brilliant.
We can meet in front of the Cinemark Mall Plaza at 5 o'clock on Sunday.
Would that be convenient for you?
Best wishes,

Dear Max,
I’m just writing to check your travel plans for your visit
next week.
What time’s your flight due to arrive? The airport is just
outside the city, so it’s probably best to get a taxi to
the office. It should cost about €30. Have you got the
When you get to the office, I’ll introduce you to
everyone and go through the schedule for the week.
Then I’ll take you to your hotel. In the evening, we’ll all
go out for a meal.
Look forward to seeing you next week.
Best wishes,

Dear Mr Ashton,
I’m getting in touch about your advertisement for
volunteers at the zoo.
I’m very interested in animals and conservation. I’ve
worked as a volunteer on a number of conservation
projects. In 2004, I spent 4 weeks helping out at a
turtle conservation project in Greece and last year,
I took part in a project to protect birds in my local
I would be grateful if you could send me more
information about your volunteer programme.
Lisa Weston.