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CONSIDER ME Dear Faher, [know thar sometimes you yell and mostly curse at me alo, but 1 get Bur do you get how that hues me ery wo teat these times as lesions, but what I want ia ber elationship with you wane you to tore cfr who Tare dont wat ts hve change incre eh youtere, ‘As Took back through my if chink aboue who I would have been ifiewerent fr you, Yess know you can somesimes get angry because of how 1 quit forbll, yet Tunderand, Ihave ied vo do chings your way and do whac you wanted me odo, but you stl were not pleased. What ‘an Ly? Thar same rage you have was created within cach blood eel thar flows in my body: Sometimes you rally can bring out the worst | te, burgess ha jus omething need ro work on ook back, ad ll Telly wanted was hug and some encouragement. For yout ite ‘up and noe put me down, 'No good memories can be found in my head about you IFyou just scratch the surface of my head you can ee eats and fel al of rhe Lies you have told. How che hurt zo deeply. IF you would oaly stop fora second and jst consider bow fed, woud esc gpd memory, but eis all dream, Bad memories can bure, but they cam also teach you valuable lwon. Bur the ones have can tar me apt paper in he rain. Jos like che ain chat happened ac cat focal game when [was trying my hardest o impress you, but yu nse on calling mea bth, Do you eemenber ll of those days Tried otto got fatal practic It you deagge ie thee stnywiy? Do you remeber ll done days «tied about ging. and yet you jus ook tha as another excuse a cll me apr ra won Er beng ftom? ‘Can you remember thos ies you tok me nor wo believe ia what 1 cannot sc? Well, explain wo me how I can eyo, and yer Fil cannot Ills yin. Why sit se hand? Ido nt re, Maybe yu ean bp sme ith tae ‘But you know what? I admire the facr that you have the courage © live your everyday lfeand nocregrec every single hing you hav eve sad to ne Hw canbe tl? Such ter pron with egret? Threat be mcrorate IFT could wets god ecrory, E would be acting as simple as your hugging me afer my game, eling me that | did a good Job and jus toy ail ard like al the other dads did, Buc you did Icjusc hurts everytime I see you, But all the bitemes you have and all he ghey ewe inside om cred se tm be ne thingy sg. Maybe wil ane this for ween day. Maye sometimes you cou have jas considered haw Tele “All of chose fetngs wer given o me by a man whote fice has satura mean mug. Kind ofl pg. You areas allacatie but you get nothing bur bitter apples fom underneath, I can remember thos: days srl ou cela snd make ole and wool wccallyIught Da yon remember that I remember the times you would give me compliments tnd T would ane, bur yee Ucannot. Now, every out L wear Is se another opportunity for you to sid ina comment chat hares These ‘small hing have crus me be sich serious and biter eran, Can you ust pictre mein the years o come’ often ask che questions, "Will orget you? Wil sil love yu air everything you have done?” Tce eV ait conised wa aly Sr gat by ney how you make me fe. guess you do know now, uk? ‘sincerely, Your son Khalil