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MEMORY AMesioly hadrew Lloyd Wilber Tact by Favor iawn efter TS lord Freely J..50 Bh Gm GRIZABELLA Not a sound from the pave - ment. Has the moon lost her all a-lone in the moon light. T can smile at the es a Dm She is smil-ing a - tone. Twas beau- ti ~ ful then. Bb : 7 old light the wi - thered leaves col - lect at my feet. ber the time =I -knew what hap- pi-ness. was, fi. 12. F EVE Bb F BVF Bb Dm = Dm/EbCm/EH Dm = Dm/EbCm/Eb Dm Bhmaj7 C F Fmaj? poco rit. Dm Gm? c Fmaj? Dm Dm/GG? Cc it will be mom- ing. a tempo Day - light I must wait for the sun - rise, I must think of anew life and I must-n’t give When the dawn comes to-night will be a me-mo-ry too. Ebm a Bm