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Rudolph C.

Benito BSED – Soc Stud 1

Foundations of Social Studies Essay

The curriculuim guide or syllabus of Araling Panlipunan presented 7 themes derived from
the National Council of Social Studies which presented ten themes of their own. The seven themes
of AP are (1) Tao, Lipunan at Kapaligiran, (2) Panahon, Pagpapatuloy at Pagbabago,(3) Kultura,
Pagkakakilanlan at Pagkabansa, (4) Kapangyarihan, Awtoridad at Pamamahala, (5) Karapatan,
Pananagutan at Pagkakamamayan (6) Produksyon, Distribusyon at Pagkonsumo and (7) Ugnayang
Panrehiyon at Pangmundo. The themes will serve as a guide for the whole AP curriculum and a basis
for teaching.

The themes are very significant for the curriculum, teachers and students for they work
together. The curriculum will not have a foundation if the themes are not included. An AP teacher
that is not knowledgeable about the themes for this will not become efficient and effective inside
the classroom and if the teachers doesn’t know the themes the students will be affected badly. The
themes themselves possess different significance but they also complement each other. The first
theme Tao, Lipunan at Kapaligiran is about the individual where he belongs, have sense of direction
and know the mobility of people. The first theme can be associated with the third theme Kultura,
Pagkakakilanlan at Pagkabansa, and vice versa, it is about how culture affects the identity of a
certain individual or group. The two are associated with each other because a person can know his
identity if he knows his location and how culture can play a major factor in his self, the community
and surroundings. The fifth theme Karapatan, Pananagutan at Pagkakamamayan is also related on
the fourth theme Kapangyarihan, Awtoridad at Pamamahala. Through the help of power and
authority, there can be implemented laws that practice rights and responsibilities. The sixth theme
Produksyon, Distribusyon at Pagkonsumo, can work with theme seven Ugnayang Panrehiyon at
Pangmundo. The knowledge about theme seven can impose how crucial economics is to the
different countries. The seventh theme Ugnayang Panrehiyon at Pangmundo, can be linked to all,
because forming a person with a global view and perspective cannot be done if the other themes
are not inculcated to this theme.

The themes of the AP Curriculum are important. They make an identity of a certain matter
to be taught in AP. The themes complement each other for they are dynamic and flexible. The
themes will create a path for a better teaching instruction in the classroom.