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the wake of art criticism, philosophy, and the ends of taste A series edited by Saul Ostrow Now Available Seams: Art at Philosophical Context "says by stephen Mele ated and introduced by Jeremy Gibert-Role capacity: History, the Wo Essays by Thomas MeEviley Commentary by 6. Roger Denson and the Self tn Contemporary Art and Criticism Media Research: Technology, Art, Communication "Essays by Marshall Metohan ated and witha Commontaryby Michel A, Moos Lueratare, Media, tnformation Systems ‘Essays by Friedrich A iter ited and itrodaced by Joh Johaston England and les Aesthetes: Blography and Taste ‘ssys by John Ruskin, Walter Pater, and Adrian Stokes ‘Commentary by David Carver ‘The Wake of Art rit Essays by Arthur C.Danto Selected and with aCeeal inoducton by Gregs Horowitz and Tom Hubn Reauty 1s Nowhere: Ethical Issues in Art and Design Edited and Introduced by Richied Roth and Susan King Roth Forthcoming Titles Music/tdeology: Resisting the Aesthetic Edited and with a traduction by Ady Kris ‘Commentary by Henry Klumpenkouwer Critical Vices: The Myths of Postmodern Theory Essays by NieholasZarruge Commentary by Warren Bur Difference/indifference: Musings on Postmodernism, Marcel Duchamp and John Cage Introduction, Essays, Interviews bed Peformance by Molva Rath ‘Commentary by Jonathan D. Kate Footnotes: Stx Choreographers Insribe the Page ated apd witha Commentary by Elen Alexander teuroduction by Jil Johnston When Down Is Up: The Desublimating Impulse Essays by John Mller Edited and with a Commentary by Ut Woggenig Practice: Architecture, Technique and Representation Essays by Stan Allen (Commentary by Dia else Te ae courtney bane ny ied ih arthur c. danto essays the wake of art criticism, philosophy, and the ends of taste selected and with critical introduction gress horowitz tom huhn