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HealthWay Hosts First Community Health Fair

Encouraging healthy lifestyles for the Baltimore community

BALTIMORE, Dec. 6, 2018 – HealthWay is set to host its first health fair on Dec. 15 at the University of
Maryland School of Pharmacy to further its mission of encouraging healthy lifestyles in the communities it
serves. The fair will feature professional speakers, free blood pressure screenings, free massages, exercise
classes, cooking demonstrations and flu shots.

The event is open to the public and admission is free. Health Way will host this event because it is passionate
about building positive relationships with its surrounding community. The health fair is geared towards
educating the community on healthy lifestyles, and HealthWay leadership hopes to interact with event
participants to have genuine familiarity with community members.

“Taking care of one’s health is one of the best investments a person can make. It’s the little steps and
changes that we make in our lifestyles that can make a drastic change in our future health,” said Marsha
Robinson, chairwoman of HealthWay. “Taking care of our present selves is taking care of our future selves.”

As for these little steps and changes, Health Way deemed it necessary for the community to hear from
medical professionals. These local speakers have extensive experience in their field and have had some form
of community engagement, whether it’s hosting community events or volunteering in local areas. The topics
will include healthy lifestyle habits to adopt, prevention of minors abusing prescription medication, the
opioid crisis and how to have a healthy relationship with food.

The following are the speakers who will be featured at the event:

● Heather Smith, University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy

● Jason Scott, University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy
● David Fitzgerald, Johns Hopkins Medical Center
● Mark Kim, Johns Hopkins Medical Center

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HealthWay will offer discount flyers and information sheets about health insurance for event participants as
well. HealthWay aims to play a role in encouraging purchases of necessary health products by helping
customers through discounts and education on how finances work with different insurance plans.

Prior to planning out specific details for the event, HealthWay conducted a brief survey to gauge what kinds
of topics the community would want to hear about at the health fair. Whenever customers would make a
transaction, they would be asked to answer a quick survey about what they would want to see at a
community health fair.

“HealthWay has always made an effort to engage with the community,” said frequent HealthWay customer,
Tom Johnson, 36, who participated in the survey. “I’m really looking forward to the event because I’m
confident that HealthWay has a genuine concern for the health of our community. With this authenticity, I
know that the event will be actually helpful for me to live a long, healthy life.”


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Stephanie Skolka
Public Relations Director