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Boigneville center,

To my friend,Rhinobones.

KAISER GENERAL 1914-1916 V 0.3




Kaiser general is a new campaign for PGdos based on WWI simulation.

It contains 33 new scenarios ,new units ,new unit's design, new environment, new
briefings. So the total file is a bit heavy to download!


Rhinobones is a great developper of Panzer General who published in

his homepage and on Tortoise Page numerous scenarios based on a precise
reconstitution of WWI for Panzer General.
When i discovered his great work and played it,it appears to me that new unit icons
would be necessary to offer the players a instantaneous vision of the battlefield
and help them to know which WWI units they have under their control.So i began to
draw them....
The great number of scenarios designed by Rhinobones gave some of my friends he
idea that i could try to assemble them in a campaign for PG.
So with the help of Rhinobones himself, Gerold Treitler- well known for his
campaigns and manipulated saves for PG -and Santiago Vidal's great spirit i began
the work you can actually test.
I have modified a few scenarios for campaign purposes, introduced the primitive
aviation of WWI in the limits of my knowledge,i fear that some scenario
continuation are a bit irrealistic, but first i wanted to make a game, second i
will be glad to know if you think in playing it i have succeeded..

After extraction(here you are)place the KAISER folder at the first level of your
PGdos floppy version instalation.Open the folder and run PG modified english
campaign with the "KAISER"launcher.
Original PG is temporarely modified ,after playing,exit the game and the original
PG files are replaced.


Testing a modified game of the size of PG is very long,and as if friends joined me

to do so, bugs can still exist. So for avoid them in
your playing i recommand to play with the animations turned off,and to make saves
at the end of battles. By this way any bug in a battle don't
affect your entire campaign play and dropping me a line to describe the problem
will allow me to send you a repair of it! I hope it will be not necessary !

You can actually play in Kaiser 5 campaigns, as in PG original but, due to the
possiblity of doing later a second part with 1917-1918 scenarios
the last battles of your campaigns are only empty maps where you can deploy your
core units,overstrengh them and make a saved game which could be used in a second
33 scenarios campaign.
You can also play Kaiser in scenario mode.

All your comments ,remarks and questions can be dropped to: upgrade this game!

For my pg design you can consult too my homepage:

Hope you will enjoy,

Phil Champ