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Livingston County Highway Dept.

2019 Road and Bridge Projects

All projects and schedules are subject to change pending weather, contractor/supplier schedule and emergencies.
Weather has already been a major setback.

Already/still going:
Various roads, County-wide: Tree work, ditching

CR-18 River Rd in the Town of Leicester- drainage work

CR-77 Brokaw Rd in the Town of Nunda, from Kendall to Scipio: Tree work ongoing, drainage work starts this week
(5/13). Cold In-Place Recycle (CIPR) and culvert replacement expected late July/early August

BR-93 Faulkner Rd in the Town of Ossian: continue backfill, install new beams, bearings, deck and rail, construct new
alignment. Expected opening late Fall.

BR-02 Papermill Rd bridge replacement in the Town of Avon: (C.P. Ward) finished paving, re-opened road last week,
grading/seeding to be completed in next few weeks

Pennemite Rd bridge replacement, Town of Livonia: (Ramsey) finish paving, re-open road- expected to open 5/31

BR-75 Applinville Rd bridge replacement in the Towns of Sparta and West Sparta: (Ramsey) install new deck, complete
new alignment, expected to open early July

CR-50 Federal Road in the Town of York, from NY-63 to York Rd West: drainage, shoulders, pavement repairs- starting
May 20th

CR-2 Groveland Hill Rd in the Town of Groveland, from Lattimore Rd to Hunt's Corners: milling and paving- starting late
June/Early July

CR-11 Rock Spring Hill in the Town of West Sparta, from Presbyterian to Kysorville-Byersville Rd: Full depth recycle and
culvert replacement late July/early August

Chip Sealing, with prep work ahead of time:

Scheduled for 3rd week in June:
CR-26 Rochester St, Avon
CR-21 Iroquois Rd, Caledonia
CR-61 Middle Rd, Caledonia
CR-56 Federal Rd, Livonia
CR-50 Federal Rd, York

Scheduled for last week in June:

CR-30 Dutch St Rd, Mt. Morris
CR-72 Presbyterian, Mt. Morris/W. Sparta
CR-49 McCurdy Rd, Ossian
CR-1A Springwater Rd, Sparta