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Professional Misconduct under the Advocate's Act and the Lawyer's Duty

to Self
The lawyers being part of the legal system holds great importance as well as responsibilities
towards the society as whole. Non-ethical practises by a lawyer will affect the client, opponent
and ultimately himself. The professional misconduct is governed under the Advocate’s Act and
whatever loopholes the act has, they must be taken care by the lawyer himself.

1. What are the provisions under the Advocate’s Act?

2. What are the types of misconduct carried out by a lawyer? And the cases which gives
more clarity over the Act and the effect?
a. Solicitation of work remarked as misconduct
b. Contempt of court as misconduct
c. Furnishing false information
d. Professional negligence
e. Breach of trust
f. Fraud
3. What are the loopholes of the Advocate’s Act?
4. How they can be controlled by the lawyer himself?
Keywords: Professional Misconduct, Advocates Act, 1961, Lawyer’s Duties, Legal Ethics
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