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Reagan Dunn
Councilmember, District 9
Metropolitan King County Council
May 13, 2019

Allan Thomas
L23 Roosevelt Avenue E

Enumclaw, WA 98022

Sent via regular mail and certified

Dear Messrs. Thomas and Olsen:

Despite my repeated requests for documentation or other evidence to show that the positions on the
Drainage District 5 board of commissioners are not currently vacant, I have received nothing substantial
from either of you. As I have repeatedly advised you, my office, in consultation with the King County
Elections Department, can find no record that since the statutory scheme governing drainage districts
went into effect in 1986 any candidate has filed for a position on the Drainage District 5 board or that an
election has taken place.

Based on these facts, under the applicable provisions of RCW chapter 85.38, all three positions of the
District's board of commissioners are vacant and I am moving forward with an appointment process to
fill them. You, along with other qualified voters, will be receiving a letter to that effect. I intend to
move as expeditiously as possible to fill these vacant Drainage District #5 commissioner positions.

Best Regards,

Reagan Dunn
Vice Chair, King County Council
District 9

cc: Kennet Olson