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You’ve learned a lot about ratios and rates. Let’s put our 
knowledge to use in the best way possible...WITH FOOD!!! 

Your project choices

● Write a story about your favorite recipe. It can be non-fiction or fiction. (Comics and graphics are OK.)
● Make a Google slide presentation telling the story of your favorite recipe.
● Make a video about your favorite recipe.

What your project must include:

● A recipe that includes
○ At least three different amounts (for example, ​6​ apples, ​2​ cups of flour, ​½​ cup of sugar)
○ The number of people it can feed. ​(VERY VERY IMPORTANT!)

● You must show your understanding of the following vocabulary:

1. Equivalent Ratios
2. Unit Rate

● You must show your knowledge of these two learning standards

○ I understand the concept of a ratio and equivalent ratios. I can use this knowledge to solve
problems in a real-world context.
○ I understand the concept of a unit rate.

To meet expectations, you should be able to check EVERY box below. 

Did I DEFINE and show my Did I:

understanding of: ▢ Write a comparison “for every” statement?
▢ Write a ratio statement about the recipe?
⃞ Equivalent Ratios ▢ Use equivalent ratios to find the amount I need of an
⃞ A Unit Rate ingredient of my recipe ​for more people?
▢ Use equivalent ratios to find the amount I need of an
ingredient of my recipe ​for fewer people?
▢ Write ​at least 3 ​unit rates involving my recipe?

DUE DATE​ - ​The project must be PRINTED and HANDED IN in class on 
__________________.​ Attach the rubric with highlights/underlines and 
a grade you gave yourself for each standard! 
RUBRIC - ​When you finish your project, grade yourself using the rubric below.

1 2 3 4

I understand the Doesn’t define Definition of Defines and shows Defines and shows
concept of a ratio equivalent ratios or equivalent ratios is understanding of understanding of
and equivalent doesn’t show incomplete or equivalent ratios. equivalent ratios.
ratios. I can use understanding of doesn’t show Definition is Definition is complete
the true meaning of complete complete with with examples and
this knowledge to
the term. Doesn’t understanding of examples and show shows a thorough
solve problems
include a the meaning of the a thorough understanding of
in a real-world comparison term. Comparison understanding of the ratios. Includes
context. statement or ratio statement or ratio term. Comparison several accurate
statement. statement is statement and ratio comparison and ratio
missing or statement are statements
Doesn’t apply incorrect. accurate. expressed in different
knowledge to real ways.
world by changing Changes recipe for Changes recipe for
recipe for different different amounts more and fewer Changes recipe for
amounts of people. of people, but people. Calculations more and fewer
doesn’t include are accurate and people for several
proof or some proof is shown. ingredients. Includes
calculations are complex ratios and
inaccurate. creates more
complicated uses of
MY GRADE: ratios than the ones
on the checklist.

Calculations included
are accurate,
complex and
challenging. Proof is

I understand the Doesn’t define unit Definition of unit Defines and shows Defines and shows
concept of a unit rate or doesn’t show rate is incomplete understanding of understanding of unit
rate, and I can understanding of or doesn’t show unit rate. rate.
use ratio and the true meaning of complete
the term. understanding of Definition is Definition is complete
rate reasoning to
the true meaning of complete with with examples and
solve real-world
Doesn’t create unit the term. examples and shows a thorough
problems. rates or unit rates shows a thorough understanding of the
are mostly Unit rates are understanding of the term.
MY GRADE: inaccurate. mostly accurate, term.
but mistakes are Calculations included
present. Calculations are are correct, complex
_____________ correct and proof is and challenging.
shown. Proof is shown.