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In today's society, Unemployment has become a big issue for economist to tackle in Commented [R1]: work on your thesis of statement

third world countries such as, Rwanda, Burundi, Jamaica, DRC Congo, Niger, Mali, Ethiopia,

Zimbabwe, Zambia, Afghanistan, Uganda, Haiti, Senegal, South Sudan etc.. Unemployment

rate in third world countries is caused due political instability within the country. For

instance, " unemployment rate in South Africa decreased to twenty seven percent in the Commented [R2]: citation

fourth quarter of 2018 from 27. 5 % in the previous period. By Gender rates, 25.1 % for Commented [R3]: citation
Commented [R4]: make that you put it into your own your
women and men 25.9" ( Carvalho, 2019). Moreover, unemployment creates hardship, family words..
Commented [R5]:
breakdown, poverty, lower demand, increase in crime rates. The aim of this paper is to
Commented [R6]: make sure that you have strong thesis of
identify the effects of unemployment in third world countries and major solutions.
Commented [R7]: In each section, make sure that you always
refer back to the thesis of statment.....


Unemployment creates poverty mostly in third world countries such as, Rwanda,

Burundi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Niger, Senegal, Haiti, and South Sudan. In Africa, poverty is a

has became a big issue, mainly due to the political stability and the levels of unemployment.

According to the WHO, more than 300 million of people starve in today's world and this Commented [R8]: citation

caused due higher unemployment levels. Moreover, according to the world bank " less than Commented [R9]: citation

1.25 dollar is earned ", thus making more difficult for people to survive in the long-term.

"Poverty in Africa has been there for ages and will continue to be there", many countries in Commented [R10]:

Africa are showing any major steps to tackle down the issue of poverty.

The African Union was created in order to promote prosperity and drive its citizen

towards dynamic force. The members of African Union involves, Angola, Algeria, Benin, Commented [R11]: citation

Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi,

Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tome & Principe, Senegal, Sierra
Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, and Zambia. This is an example of

effect of unemployment in third World countries. Commented [R12]: expand more

Increase in Crime rates Commented [R13]: make sure that you provide appropriate

Unemployment can create increase in crime rates, and prostitution. The problem of

crime rate has been a constant issue in today's society. Crime is an act which is committed

when people violate certain rules and regulations. Many unemployed young people are to

engage into criminal activities because they have been isolated by their communities. For

instance, failure of parent monitoring their children of negative habits that can lead a huge

role in crime.

Within society, we know family is place where they socialize children both primary

and secondary socialization. Primary socialization refers to the process where children learn

from their parents. This is where children learn how to walk, talk, smile, greetings, and other

essential values that are beneficial in the long run. Secondary socialization is the process of

learning norms and values from small group or large community. For instance, at school and Commented [R14]: give more facts and evidence....

university NGOs address the issue of illicit drugs and health impacts it can have on the

consumers such, heart attack, lung cancer, HIV, stroke etc.. It very important that parents

emphasize these socialization otherwise, children and youth may end up having bad habits

such as, prostitution , robbery, joining gang, theft, forgery, homicide, kidnapping, etc....

Economy effect Commented [R15]: talk about the economy... how can
unemployment affect the economy ??? give more details

Unemployment can have a big effect on the economy. When unemployment rate Commented [R16]: write about 3 pages

rises, and the government suffer and it also have to provide benefits to unemployment

people. For instance, paid pension, disability income protection , social security, education,

and infrastructure of roads. Second unemployment, leads to lower in demand occurs when
the price of a quantity falls down, when unemployment rise people are more likely to spent

less on goods because they cannot afford it. For instance, unemployed people may lack

education and health care simply because they cannot afford it. Lower demand will result in

lower productivity in the long run. For instance, When a country has a higher level of

unemployment people are more like to immigrate to another territory because their country

origin is currently facing economic hardship.

Political Instability Commented [R17]: write about 3 pages

In today's business word, political instability has become a serious problem in third

world countries .Political instability occurs when there is violence, assassination, or

demonstration within a country. In most third world countries unemployment can led to

political instability due economic development of that nation. Moreover, other factors that Commented [R18]: Expand more

could lead to political instability include, historical factors, tribal system, and segregation.

According Statista, Zimbabwe has the highest political instability ( 8.8 %), Chad 8.5 % ,

Democratic Republic of Congo 8.2 %, Cambodia 8% , Sudan 8 % , Irap 7.9 %, Ivory coast

7.8 %, Haiti 7.8 % , Pakistan 7.8%, Zambia 7.8%, Central Republic of Africa 7.8 %, North Commented [R19]: citation

Korea 7.7 % , Boliva 7.7%, and Ecuador 7.7% ( Raking 15 countries with the highest

political instability in 2009/10 ). For instance, Pakistan is a country that is known for

terrorism and ethnic diversity violence. Most of the US troops are still operation various

provinces of Pakistan in order to fight the Houthi rebels groups. For this reason, the Pakistan

economy has slowed down and unemployment is about 5.9 %.

Major Solution Commented [R20]: 3 pages

Government and NGOs need to implement policy of sustainable development that

can eliminate unemployment in the long run. These policies involves such as, training of long

term unemployed, employment subsidies, cutting minimum wage, flexible labour market.
First, it extremely important that university students and unemployed people often undergo

training for a specific field. It essential that to undergo a working experience as they acquire

more knowledge, and clarification on the job detail. Second , the government and NGOs

should encourage diversity fields. It very extremely important to encourage diversity fields in

the economy of a country , thus this will enable people to be provide more opportunities.

However, that is not the case in most African countries where people being discriminate at

work due race, gender, or religion. For instance, a country like Rwanda still having tribal

issue due the civil. Rwanda economic condition has been unstable over the past decades

mainly due to the civil war. The civil war killed almost estimate of 800,000 Rwanda people

and destroying many houses and buildings. Due this reason, the Rwandan economy had

challenges in recovering over the past decades. Moreover, Rwanda is country that still

discriminate based on tribe issue, the majority of position within the government in the

government are ruled Tutsi, and Hutu own less of it. According to Trading economics, in

2017 the Rwandan unemployment rate is was estimated about 16.7%.

Third, governments and NGOs should implement effective policies that can eliminate

unemployment. These policies include, Monetary policy, Supply policies, and Fiscal

policies. Monetary policy occurs when the government attempts to control the economy. An

increase of aggregate demand can increase GDP growth and reduce the level of

unemployment in the long run. Fiscal policy involves the use of government's tax and Commented [R21]: citation

spending policies to achieve government objectives. Fiscal Policy can decrease

unemployment rate by increasing the aggregate demand supply. For instance, in a country

like USA the unemployment rate can go down if the government cuts taxes and increases

government spending. Moreover, fiscal policy is promoted when public saving is reduced. In

the long run, this will lead to creation of more jobs and reduce unemployment rate. For

instance, a country like Canada has low unemployment rate because agriculture plays a huge
role and in the long run farmers might invest more on capital, which allows them to increase

the income.

Alternatively, another major solution to end unemployment in third world country in

through migration of young people moving to western countries such, Europe, Canada, US,

Australia, and New Zealand. In my own point of view, I think it is extremely essential to

encourage the younger generation from low developed countries to immigrate to western

countries such as, Europe, Canada, US, Australia, and New Zealand. Thus, in the long run it

reduces economic problem that they face back home. In western countries, immigrants have

to the right study, work, live, and apply for residency.

The main reason for immigration includes, employment opportunities, social

benefits, employment reasons, human and cultural reasons. First, employment reason is when

Immigrants leave their countries to seek better working conditions or new employment

opportunities in western countries. According to Pew Research center, 40 % of immigrants Commented [R22]:
were from sub -Sahara Africa residing in US had achieved a Bachelor degree or higher

education requirements. Second, social benefits involves when immigrants move to wealth

nations in order to gain more social benefits and better life expectancy. For instance,

healthcare, housing, low income support, unemployment benefits, disability, regional aid, and

tax savings. As an illustration , in Europe and North America International students from low

developed countries can work part-time during school session, and full-time during regular

breaks . Moreover, this will allow them to financially support themselves and pay their tuition

fees. Last, demographic reasons. Canada and new Zealand recently implemented

immigration policies that allow to bring in more educated and qualified professionals

through, Permanent residence, Student visa, Visitor visa, Business visa, and other various

work visa program. Moreover, the Canadian Government encourages immigrants to apply for

residency which can obtain after residing in Canada for a period of three years.
Conclusion ( 2 pages )

In summary,