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C r e at e y o u r o w n f u s i o n b y p i c k i n g a n d m i x i n g
o u r m a i n s a n d s i d e s t o m a k e y o u r p e r f e ct m e a l !
Coconut Rice and Served on a plate or in a box. Opt in for slaw please!
Add plantain, dumpling or steamed veg for 1.20
Jerk Chicken 8.95 Mixed Peas (V e) 3.00
Our six-stage Jamaican Jerk Chicken starts with a secret marinade that includes pimento,
scotch bonnet and thyme. It’s then flame-grilled the traditional way over coal, basted Fried Dumplings (v) 3.25 The Hench Box 14.00
twice, flung in the oven to cook through, to be returned to the grill to crisp up with one
more layer of jerk basting sauce. It’s finished with chicken pan gravy, mango and coriander.
Fried Plantain (V e) 3.50 Choose any 2 mains:
Curry Goat / Jerk Chicken / Peppered Steak
Curry Goat 9.25
This Indo-Jamaican, one-pot wonder will knock your socks off! We’ve left the Garlic and Ginger / Ackee and Saltfish or Curry Veg
- with plantain, dumpling, slaw, coconut rice ‘n’ peas.
classic flavours there and finished with mint-cucumber yoghurt, pomegranate and
coriander. It’s all in the long marinade; deeper flavours are reached through the
Steamed Veg (V e) 3.50
Skin-On Chips (V e) 3.00
slow cooking of meat on the bone. This is goat on the bone, big bones.
The Vegan Box 13.00
Lamb Chops 12.50
Marinaded in ginger, chilli, garlic, cumin and black pepper, served with mango Sweet Potato wedges (V e) 3.00 Curry veg, sweet potato mash, mango and coriander
and coriander salsa, avocado hummus and pumpkin seeds. Grilled how you’d like! salsa, avocado mash, pumpkin seeds, salad slaw and
We recommend medium-rare. Slaw 3 Ways: Classic, Red Cabbage coconut rice.
Pepper Steak with spinners 10.95 and Super Veg (v) 3.00
Cooked-down, spicy steak stew with potatoes, peppers, carrots and spinners The Hench Veg Box 13.50
(boiled dumplings) flavoured with bay, thyme and paprika. Finished with a mango
salsa and spring onions. Traditional Jamaican dish. Curry veg, haloumi, sweet potato wedges, plantain,

Ackee and Saltfish 9.25 GRAVY dumpling, slaw and coconut rice.

The Health Box 13.50

Salted Cod sautéed with ackee, onions, tomatoes, garlic, black pepper and
pimento finished with thyme, pumpkin seeds and dill.
Chicken Pan Gravy 1.50
Fried Hake with Escovitch 14.50 Jerk Chicken, Halloumi, Steam veg, sweet potato
Silver Hake steaks seasoned with garlic and black pepper on a bed of spicy
Curry Goat, Coconut Gravy 1.50 wedges, slaw, coconut rice ‘n’ peas.
tomato sauce and hot, spicy, sour pickled vegetables; escovitch.
Peppered Steak Grav y 1.50
Jerk Halloumi (v) 8.90 Fish Box 15.50
Marinated in jerk bbq sauce, ginger, chilli, garlic and grilled. Accompanied by Hot Jerk Pimento Sauce 1.50 Fish curry, Ackee and Saltfish, plantain, dumpling, slaw
mango and coriander salsa, avocado hummus and pumpkin seeds.
and coconut rice.
Curry Veg (V e ) 8.00
Sweet potato, peppers, onion, spinach, carrot, cabbage, tomato, coconut cream Caribbean Steak and Chips 16.50 Steak and Chop Box 18.50
and coriander fried in our chilli and ginger spice paste. Finished with coconut
milk, dill and lime. Health food on steds. Choose your spice level!
Choose your spice level!
Thyme and garlic coal-grilled 10oz steak with twice-cooked chips,
Feta, Olive & Avocado Hummus Salad (v) 7.50 pan fried broccoli and a spring-onion peppercorn sauce. (add blue 6oz Steak, (2pcs) Lamb Chops, plantain, dumpling,
Cucumber, red onion, dill and coriander – this works well with all other mains, cutting
cheese for 50p) Tell us how you’d like it cooked; slaw and coconut rice.
through the rich dishes like a machete-wielding jungle warrior; this could be you.
we recommend medium-rare.
Ca ri bbean food is a fusion of
african, amerindian, european, east indian
and arab cuisines.
Our mains and sides are designed for shari ng. ( a ll oth e r ma i n s sti ll se rve d)
C r e at e y o u r o w n f u s i o n b y p i c k i n g a n d m i x i n g
our mains and sides. Reggae Roast 13.50
M a tc h y o u r o w n f o r t h e p e r f e c t m e a l , o r d o (Lamb Chop Roast add 4.00 / Steak Roast add 6.00)
y o u r o w n t h i n g a n d g e t a b i g p l at e !
Lemon and thyme roast Jerk Chicken, carrot, sweet
potato mash, plantain, rice ’n’ peas, mac ‘n’ cheese and
spicy gravy. This is our Anglo-Caribbean take on a roast.
EARLY BIRD Rasta Roast 12.80 (v) (Gluten Free) (Vegan)
(Se rve d u ntil 6p m) Add mac ‘n’ cheese for 1.00
Served on a plate or in a box.
Roast pumpkin with a pepper, spring onions and olive mix (and feta
Add plantain, dumpling or steamed veg for 1.20 cheese for part-time rastas) with roast carrot, sweet potato
Jerk Chicken Box 8.95 wedges, fried plantain, rice ’n’ peas, and wholesome veg gravy.

Jerk Chicken, slaw 3 ways and coconut rice ‘n’ peas.

Curry Goat Box 8.95

Goat, slaw 3 ways and coconut rice ‘n’ peas.
Veg Curry Box 8.95 (V e)
Fresh Fruit 5.00
Curry Veg, slaw 3 ways and coconut rice ‘n’ peas.

Bit heavy all that! This will sort you out.. a mix of whatever
(For Vegan please request Vegan slaw.) we’ve got in fresh.

Ackee and Saltfish Box 8.95 Chocolate Festival & Hot Gnash for Two 7.50
Ackee and Salted Cod, slaw 3 ways and coconut rice ‘n’ peas. A sweet dumpling made with cornmeal filled with chocolate
served with our milk chocolate and rum sauce.
Pepper Steak Box 8.95 Serves 2 People.
Peppered Steak Stew, slaw 3 ways and coconut rice ‘n’ peas.
Ballin’ Banana Fritter 5.75
Banana fritter with fancy ice cream, gnash, nuts, strawberry
sauce and condensed milk

Food Allergies and Intolerances: Please speak to our staff before you
order your food and drinks, to know more about our ingredients.