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Nowadays, sports seem to play an important part of our life, especially in the young

person’s life. It has a lot of positive effects such as stress reduction, health benefits.
First and foremost, it is scientifically proved that sports prevent many students from
the study pressure. Some students join in different sports clubs at school in order to
ease the tension. In addition, it also helps some parents to relieve stress from work,
playing sports makes them feel relaxed after a hard working. Secondly but not less
importantly, not only is sports just played for fun, but it also has many health benefits
such as stronger bones and muscles, increase life expectancy or even reduce
cancer and obesity. As you can see, most sports players looks healthy and strong.
The one playing sports is absolutely much stronger than the one who plays nothing.
Along with that beneficial effects, sports is the easiest way for the obesity to maintain
weight. Moreover, it is an undeniable fact that outdoor sports such as footbal, tennis,
basketball improve physical health. Indoor sports like chess increase concentration
on something. Last but not least, according to some scientists, sports is believed to
provide teamwork, confidence and the ability to deal with something. In short, sports
doesn’t have any serious negative problems, so we necessarily take up sports as a
hobby right now to have a healthy life.