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THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019

W W W. C O U N T Y T I M E S . N E T

2 The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

Dr. Nathan Kimbro is Calvert’s Teacher of the Year and specializes in teaching kids with behavioral



The iconic Solomons Island Tiki Bar is set to open this weekend





Police are still seeking the suspect responsible A medley of Broadway hits
for the bank robbery in Owings last week


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Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times Local News 3

Commissioners Mull Comprehensive Plan

By Guy Leonard fused the issue for residents. experience rural sprawl with a depen- away because of a lack of potential for
Staff Writer Simply calling a community a major dence on either well and septic or pri- water and sewer.
center did not mean growth could no vate treatment facilities. Commissioner Earl “Buddy” Hance
The Calvert Board of County Com- longer occur there, nor did using the Those types of private treatment fa- and Commissioner Steve Weems both
missioners covered a wide range of minor moniker mean that growth had cilities, two of which were already in approved of maintaining a distinction
topics regarding the proposed compre- to occur there, either, Hart said. Dunkirk, would have to increase to between major and minor town centers.
hensive land use plan, known as Cal- “It’s a laughable statement,” Hart make way for increased commercial “Without the designations people
vert 2040, this week but much of their said about comparing Solomons and development. will be afraid Huntingtown will be-
time was taken up by discussion on Dunkirk. “As we go forward, I’d like to However, said Willis, there were al- come like Prince Frederick,” Hance
the future of town centers and whether get a clear definition [regarding town ready business owners coming to him said.
there should be any distinction be- centers.] asking for help in dealing with failing
tween major and minor centers. Currently, the draft comprehensive septic systems; he had to turn them
The purpose of the meeting was to plan has Solomons, Lusby and Prince
discuss potential changes to the draft Frederick as major town centers, while
plan for a future public hearing.
Commissioner President Thomas
Hutchins and Commissioner Mike
Owings, Dunkirk, Huntingtown and
St. Leonard are all listed as minor
town centers.
Southern Maryland Oils
Hart said they believed distinguishing One of the key differentiations be- Healthy Living with CBD Oil
between major and minor town centers tween the two center types was the PAIN RELIEF
served to raise unwarranted concerns presence, or potential, for water and HELPS REDUCE ANXIETY
in the community about what develop- sewer, Jenny Plummer Welker, long Highest Quality FIBROMYALGIA
ment might or might not come to their range planner with the Department of Hemp-Derived DEPRESSION
locales, when town centers had always Planning and Zoning, said. ADDICTION
been centers for commerce. Major town centers either had public
“They’ve always been known water and sewer or could get it, while Pure. Potent. Effective. FIGHTS ADD/ADHC
as towns,” said Hutchins. “We minor town centers either did not have & MANY MORE!
just need to apply that term it nor were there plans to do so.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
[town centers] to all of them.” Planning Director Mark Willis said
Hart said considering Solomons a ma- water and sewer was a key issue for
jor town center, which was largely built the comprehensive plan if the com-
out with commercial development, and missioners expected to redirect growth
Dunkirk a minor town center where into the town centers; without it, he • 301-481-6697
their was still room to grow only con- said, the county would continue to

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4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tiki Bar to Reopen This Weekend

Traditional Opening Bash Scheduled the years when thousands flocked to the
island. He said some of the previous staff
would likely be working there.
Cutair said he and his partners had
heard of the Tiki Bar before exploring
an interest in leasing it. They have a lo-
cation in Annapolis, and he said some of
the people who work there were familiar
with the Solomons Tiki Bar.
This weekend will be filled with the
following entertainment:
Friday, May 17
Chip Wood Band
Come Back Iris - 7pm
Saturday, May 18
81 Run
No Green Jellybeenz -7pm
Sunday, May 19
Trilogy 2pm
Cutair said the Tiki Bar will be open
every day from the opening throughout
the summer. He said some minor chang-
es might be made along the way.

as the place to be to party, will be bigger shuttered for last summer.

Sheriff’s Office
Gearing Up For
By Dick Myers
Editor and better than ever. Now new operators have stepped in

Tiki Bar Opening

The Solomons Tiki Bar didn’t reopen to lease the iconic place, giving it a new
It’s back. After a year hiatus and sev- last spring because of the death of its lease on life. They are the owners and
eral weeks later than usual the spring owner Terry Clarke, 54, and the deci- operators of three Union Jack’s bars in
opening of the Solomons Tiki Bar is now sion by his heirs that they did not want Maryland and also a crabhouse. By Guy Leonard
scheduled. It will be this weekend, May to operate the bar. An attempt to find a Partner Rich Cutair told The County Staff Writer
17-19. And the operators promise the buyer for last year’s April regular open- Times the opening would have “the same
event, which is known around the world ing was unsuccessful and the bar stayed feel” as what attendees experienced over After more than a year of being
closed the Tiki Bar on Solomons Is-
land is set to open this weekend and
the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office
will be there directing traffic and
controlling crowds, said Sheriff
Mike Evans.
“We’ll do what we usually do,”
Evans told The County Times.
“We’ll have plenty of people down
Despite the anticipation of the
reopening, Evans said he did not
expect the same size of crowds as
in past years; the Tiki Bar usually
opened a month earlier to celebrate
the beginning of spring.
The late opening plus the rainy
weather could keep people away,
Evans said.
“I can’t see it as the same re-
sponse as usual,” said Evans.
“We’re not expecting crowds to be
as big as usual.”
The sheriff’s office will not be
closing roads on the island, Evans
said, but they will likely be restrict-
ing traffic in front of the bar to
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times Local News 5

School Board Changes Budget Process

By Dick Myers budget was not released to the pub- In the end, the board decided to
Editor lic in advance. This year only a syn- scrap that special meeting at Cal-
opsis of the budget was available at vert High School, in favor of the su-
The Calvert County Board of Ed- the hearing and no one spoke, caus- perintendent releasing his budget at
ucation has changed the way they ing Curry to suggest that perhaps a board meeting and then a time for
will be presenting their budget next some change needed to be made. public comment on it a month later
year for citizen review. The board, But Curry has continued to de- at another board meeting.
at their May 9 meeting, unanimous- fend the process saying the hearing Claggett said between the time
ly approved a change in their calen- was intended to elicit public com- the superintendent releases the bud-
dar that will allow the public more ment on what they wanted included get and the public hearing, the bud-
time to review and comment on the in the budget so it could be changed get would be posted online so that
budget proposed by Superintendent by the board. the public has time to review and
Dr. Daniel Curry. The proposal as presented at the comment on it.
At the board’s April 11 meeting, board’s May 9 meeting would have Claggett observed at the April 11
new board member Inez Claggett added a second hearing to the one meeting, “I do think that there is a
charged that the board needed to in which the superintendent’s bud- misconception within the commu-
be more transparent in the budget get was presented. The first hearing, nity that the budget is proposed by
process. like what was done this year, would the superintendent, and we may or
“I know that it is a board priority be on February 20 and the second may not ask a couple of questions
for us to increase our community would be during a board regular and then that’s it. I’ve seen many
engagement and I feel as though meeting a month later. questions being asked. I’ve seen a
we’re a little limited in our commu- That would put the release of the lot of analysis regarding what’s in
nity engagement when it comes to superintendent’s budget earlier than the book and I just think that the
the budget process,” Claggett said. this year. Curry noted the last time more we engage the community and
She added, “I’d love for my col- that early release was adhered to the the more we ask the community to
leagues to consider making a con- state changed their budget render- engage with us, it will change that
certed effort to increase our com- ing the proposed budget obsolete. public perception.”
munity engagement in that area.” Board member Bill Phalen ar-
For the past several years, the su- gued that the earlier hearing wasn’t
perintendent’s budget has been the necessary since the public once
subject of a public hearing at Cal- again would not have had it avail-
vert High School even though the able to review and comment on. Inez Claggett

Road Closures for the American

Cancer Society/Relay For Life/ RUN WITH A 1025R
Relay By The Bay

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diesel engine
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0%APR FOR 60 Drive-Over Deck compatible

• 6-year powertrain warranty*

Attention Residents and Business There will be no thru traffic and no

1500 OFF 1,2

Owners - this Saturday, May 18th, 2019 parking allowed on those streets. We

from 9am to 11pm, the American Can- apologize for any inconveniences this
cer Society will hold the Relay for Life may cause any residents or business
along the waterfront. owners over the weekend. Please call us
The following roads will be closed on at the Town Hall with any questions or
Friday May 17th, 2019 from 2pm until
Saturday, May 18th, 2019 at 11pm:
concerns regarding these street closings. RUN WITH A 3025E • 24.7-hp (18.4-kW) Tier 4 diesel engine
• Hydrostatic, 2-range transmission
COMPACT UTILITY TRACTOR • 6-year powertrain warranty*
• 3rd Street from Chesapeake Avenue
Town of North Beach
to Bay Avenue

• 5th Street from Chesapeake Avenue
to Bay Avenue
1500 OFF 1,2

• Bay Avenue from 3rd Street to 7th WITH THE PURCHASE OF TWO OR MORE IMPLEMENTS

In addition, the following roads will In the story entitled “Paid Para-
be closed on Saturday May 18th, 2019 medic Proposal Modified,” on
from 6am to 11pm: Page 3 of the May 9 issue, we re- CARROLLSEQUIPMENT.COM | 301-872-5553
• 1st Street from Chesapeake Avenue ported that $1 million had been 17723 Three Notch Rd, Dameron, MD 20628
to Bay Avenue added into the budget for a dump
• 2nd Street from Chesapeake Avenue
(1)Offer valid on qualifying purchases made between 1 May 2019 to 31 July 2019. Subject to approved installment credit with John Deere Financial, for consumer or commercial use

truck. The actual figure should only. No down payment required. $16.67 per month for every $1,000 financed. Fixed rate of 0% APR for 60 months only. Taxes, freight, setup and delivery charges could increase

to Bay Avenue
monthly payment. Available at participating U.S. dealers. Prices and models may vary by dealer. (2)Offer valid on qualifying purchases made between 1 May 2019 to 31 July 2019.

have been $206,173. The County $800 off implement bonus is in addition to low-rate financing and requires the purchase of two or more qualifying John Deere or Frontier implements. In addition to implement bonus

• Bay Avenue from 1st Street to 3rd

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Times apologizes for the mistake.

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6 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

Commissioners Tackle Affordable Housing

Housing for All’ Initiative Launched
By Dick Myers She also quoted from the 2018 Inter- showed, “Twenty-three percent of youth
Editor national Economic Development Coun- surveyed reported their greatest unmet
cil Calvert County Technical Assistance need was housing.” Moreland said that
The Calvert County Board of County Report: “While Calvert County has a drives many to continue to live at home,
Commissioners (BOCC)is about to tack- healthy economy, several key issues may “And we know that some of those youth
le what is considered by many to be one impede future economic development shouldn’t be living with their families
of the county’s most pressing issues – the efforts. The county is heavily car reliant, because their families are a source of
lack of affordable housing. With the an- lacks walkability, and lacks diversity in some of their problems.”
ticipated adoption of the update of the its housing options. Addressing these is- Moreland came to the county from
county’s comprehensive plan, the county sues is key to fostering a diverse popu- United Way, which is currently focusing
is prepared to press on with the hous- lation, especially in regards to age and its initiatives on a group of people called
ing goals of that plan. To achieve that, socioeconomic status.” ALICE, foir “asset limited income con-
county staff have recommended creation One of the statistics presented in strained, employed.” The population is
of a task force. the presentation showed the declining described by incomes of $26,052 for a
The initiative is being dubbed “Hous- county population in the 24-44 age de- single adult, and $69,672 for a couple
ing for All” and it was presented by mographic. That stood at 22.9 percent in with an infant and a pre-schooler.
Director of the Department of Com- 2016 compared to 31.7 percent in 2000. She said “Thirty-two percent of Cal- Director of Community Resources Jennifer
munity Resources Jennifer Moreland at She said communities thrive on a diverse vert county families are living at or be-
the BOCC May 7 meeting. She said the population. low that threshold. So, this is what we are me repeatedly this past year.” That in-
purpose of the presentation was to show Commissioner Mike Hart said there talking about as bare minimum, that’s cluded loss of affordable senior housing
current housing conditions and lay out was a lot of “fear mongering” about what they need to survive. It’s what they in North Beach, raising of lot rents in
“the next steps to establish a strategic, trying to keep younger people out be- need in terms of food, housing, utilities, trailer parks, and the devastating fire in
data-driven and person-oriented ap- cause of their community impact. “For all the things that it takes to live in our Chesapeake Beach.
proach to housing for all people living in a healthy community you have to have communities.” The commissioners vowed to create
our community.” x amount of young folks, x amount or The deficit of housing stock in the the task force and get to work on the
To underscore the problem, she quoted older folks. You just can’t have the same county has been determined to be 10,765 problem as soon as the comprehensive
from the current Economic Develop- 10 people living on a block,” he said. units for single ALICE persons, 892 plan update is adopted.
ment Strategic Plan update authored by Moreland also noted, “The growing units for two-person households, and 614 Former county commissioner Michael
Anirban Basu: “The cost of living in retirement will cause movement out of units for two people with two children. Moore was in the audience during the
Calvert County is relatively high. This the county, causing declining home val- “Currently in Calvert County, we have presentation and offered his assistance
is largely attributable to high housing ues and taxable income.” And Hart ob- about 700 government funded affordable in the work ahead.
costs. For those households with a mort- served that families wanting to downsize units. Seven hundred! So, it seems like a
gage, median monthly homeowner costs will have a difficult time selling their mountain, doesn’t it?” she said.
are 7.5 percent higher in Calvert County homes without younger people behind She added, “So I have to say person-
compared to Maryland and 40.6 percent them to pick up the slack. ally in my role as Community Resource
higher compared to the U.S.” A state needs assessment for Calvert Director, this housing issue has struck

What’s Coming to Calvert County use within the existing area previously Frederick Town Center, Village District.
used as contractor supply storage area to Proposed two additional gas pumps with
selfstorage units. This project is on pri- extended canopy. This project is on pub-
vate well and septic. The submittal was lic water and sewer. The submittal was
accepted December 19, 2018. Agent: accepted March 27, 2019. Agent: R.A.
Collinson, Oliff & Associates Barrett & Associates
3) SPR-2018-286, Calvert Gateway, 6) SPR-2019-293, Panda Express,
Lot 4. located at 10825 Town Center located at 815 N. Prince Frederick Bou-
Boulevard in Dunkirk on a 4.3 acre lot, levard, Prince Frederick on a 2.7-acre
zoned Dunkirk Town Center. Proposed parcel, Lot 3R, Chapline Place, zoned
15,890-square- foot building for com- Prince Frederick Town Center, Entry
mercial retail space with parking and District. Proposed demolition of the ex-
site improvements. This project is on isting Ruby Tuesday building and site
private water and sewer. The submittal for redevelopment of a 2,300-square-
The following list of pending site ings contain 96 apartments, a mainte- was accepted December 19, 2018. Agent: foot building with a drive-thru. This
plans was presented to the Calvert Coun- nance building, required parking, utili- Bay Engineering project is on public water and sewer. The
ty Planning Commission at their May 15 ties and recreation area. The project is 4) SPR-2019-291 Scaggs Industrial submittal was accepted April 24, 2019.
meeting. That means that the proposals on public water and sewer. The submit- Flex Space, located at 7620 Meadow Agent: Foresite Group
are on the list for consideration by the tal was accepted September 27, 2017. Run Lane, Owings on a 2.75-acre par- The following Major Subdivision Pro-
planning commission at a future meet- Agent: Bay Engineering cel, zoned I-i. Proposed two multi-tenant posed Project List for Upcoming Review
ing. Those meetings are now being 2) SPR-201 8-285, Maryland Self light industrial buildings totaling 28,920 was also submitted at ten same meeting:
held at the Harriet E. Brown Commu- Storage, located at 8400 Nursery square feet with necessary utilities and 1)SD-2017-047, ShoQpes at Apple
nity Center (HEBCC), 901 Dares Beach Road in Lusby on an 8.3 acre parcel, amenities. This project is on private well Greene, Lots 1 & 2, and Outlot 3, lo-
Road, Prince Frederick... zoned Rural Commercial. Proposed and septic. The submittal was accepted cated on Dunkirk Way within the Shop-
1) SPR-2017-266, Calvert Hills, lo- 75,500-square-foot development for March 6, 2019. Agent: Collinson, Oliff pes at Apple Greene Shopping Center,
cated on the west side of North Prince self-storage units and office space. Phase & Associates on a parcel consisting of 15.47 acres,
Frederick Boulevard and Radio Road in I was submitted as a change in use to the 5) SPR-2019-292, Gott Shell Station zoned Dunkirk Town Center. Submittal
Prince Frederick on five parcels consist- existing building previously used as a Pumps/Canopy, located at 400 N. Solo- accepted July 26, 2017. Agent: Collin-
ing of 22.57 acres, zoned PFTC, Village contractor supply store to office space. mons Island Road, Prince Frederick on a son, Oliff & Associates
District. The proposed five new build- Phase 2 and 3 will expand the proposed 26,421-square-foot parcel, zoned Prince
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times Local News 7

Area Nurses Gather for Annual Awards Dinner

Assistant Surgeon General is Guest Speaker

Assistant Surgeon General of the United States Rear Admiral Joan Hunter

By Dick Myers Regarding opioid addiction, Hunter

Editor said, “The surgeon general ties that into
health and into national security and he
Southern Maryland nurses gathered ties it into health and the economy.”
May 6 during National Nurses Week for Throughout her presentation she cited
their annual dinner and awards ceremony. the positive power of everyone having ac-
The nurses, members of District 9 of the cess to naloxone (NARCAN) and Adams’
Maryland Nurses Association, held the insistence that everyone should have it in Nurse of the Year Maurice Graham is flanked by Miss Maryland Adrianna David and Dr. Melani
event at Middleton Hall in Waldorf. They their possession to administer to anyone Bell, District 9 Maryland Nurses Association Board of Directors representative.
are from Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s and experiencing an overdose. It is available
southern Prince George’s counties. to the general public without a prescrip-
Guest speaker for the evening was As- tion in Maryland.
sistant Surgeon General of the United “No certification is required and as of
States Rear Admiral Joan Hunter. Her last March, there were 124,000 Mary-
boss, Surgeon General of the United landers that were trained to administer
States Vice Admiral Jerome Adams is a naloxone,” she said.
native of St. Mary’s County and Chopti- Hunter presented some staggering sta-
con High School graduate who went on tistics, including, “One person dies of an
to become state health director in Indiana opioid overdose every 11 minutes in this
before being picked for the post in the country.”
Trump Administration. She listed Adams’ priorities: “Number
Hunter said that Adams would have one, opioids and addiction. Number two is
liked to have come to his home turf, but tobacco. So. I’m sure you’ve heard about
he was scheduled for another event in An- the vaping business. You see it coming
napolis. She herself is a psychiatric nurse out of car windows and red lights. It’s a
by profession so she was able to give per- big community health problem.”
sonal anecdotes for the assembled nurses, Also, she said, “Another one of the
particularly about their role in her main surgeon general’s priorities is to demon-
topic, the opioid crisis. strate the connection between health and
She said the main message from Adams economic prosperity and facilitate private
and the Public Health Service about the sector investment in community health.
opioid crisis is “that addiction is a chronic Health and economic prosperity, health
disease and the treatment requires skill, and national security, oral health and
compassion and urgency. And most im- emerging public health.”
portantly recovery is possible.” During the awards ceremony, Maurice
Her advice to the nurses at the end of Graham, who lives In Prince George’s
her half-hour talk: “I know most people and works at Howard University, received
don’t have the time that they would like the Nurse of the Year Award. THE LEONARDTOWN SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL
to have to spend with their patients, but Also, College of Southern Maryland
if you’re getting a red flag, pay attention student Jessica Fantaccione was pre- Kicks off with the U.S. Navy Band Country Current
to it when writing prescriptions. For you, sented with the Nursing Student of the in concert In Leonardtown Square on
nurse practitioners, talk to your patients Year Award. The Grace Brown Educator
about safety.” Award went to Charlene Sparkle Lopez Saturday, May 18th in honor of Armed Forces Day
She added: “I ask you on behalf of the and the Joanne Zwick Caring Award went
Surgeon General of the United States and to Michael Howard. For More Info and the Full Music Festival Schedule Visit:
the Public Health Service Commission Adrienne Jones is District 9’s president.
Corps to be game changers, to make a
difference in your communities.”
8 Cops & Courts The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

Suspect Arrested After Bank Robbery

High Speed Chase Suspect Still At Large
Sheriff’ Mike Evans said Calvert
investigators are still searching for
the suspect in a bank robbery that
took place last week in Owings.
Evans said investigators are still
tracking down leads; it has been
nearly a decade since there was a
bank robbery in Calvert, Evans said.
“We haven’t had one in nine
years,” said Evans.
On May 9, 2019, at approximate-
On May 09, 2019 at approximately In order to stop the dangerous actions ly 1006 hours, the Calvert County
10:29pm Deputy B. Wilson attempted to of the suspect vehicle, deputies initi- Sheriff’s Office received an alarm
stop a red GMC Sierra pick-up truck on ated a precision immobilization tech- from the PNC Bank located at 8190
Maryland Route 260, in Owings Mary- nique (PIT) maneuver causing the ve- Jennifer Lane, Owings, Maryland.
land. The vehicle briefly pulled over, but hicle to leave the roadway. Once leaving The suspect is described as a
then sped off as the deputy approached the roadway the vehicle rolled onto the white male in his 60’s, approxi-
the vehicle. The vehicle, operated by driver’s side. Ms. Booth was given initial mately 6’ tall, thin build, gray hair,
Michelle Booth (6/29/1968) of Hunting- medical treatment and removed from the sunglasses, red and black checkered
town, turned northbound on Maryland vehicle without further incident. Based flannel shirt, white and black work
Route 4. The vehicle reached speeds of on the mechanism of the injuries, she gloves, camouflage hat possibly with
up to 100 miles per hour prior to exiting was transported via ground to Prince “USMC” printed on the front, blue
at MD Route 717 Water Street, entering Georges Hospital Center (Shock Trau- jeans and white Nike sneakers. The
the downtown area of Upper Marlboro. ma). No other injuries were sustained suspect had a black backpack with
The suspect vehicle continued at high during this incident. a blue stripe and was armed with a
speeds attempting to elude deputies. Several charges are pending for Ms. black and silver handgun.
Eventually the vehicle returned to Mary- Booth. Anyone with any additional in- If anyone can identify the suspect
land Route 301 and continued north- formation is urged to call Deputy B. pictured, please contact Det Buck
bound before turning right on Marlboro Wilson at the Calvert County Sheriff’s with the Calvert County Sheriff’s
Pike (MD 725) and continuing towards Office 410-535-2800. Office at Joshua.buck@calvertcoun-
Old Crain Highway. or at 410-474-7015.

Maryland State Police Crime Report

Possession of Tramadol Hydrochloride: On 5/6/19 Possession of Marijuana, Oxycodone & Alpra- DUI Arrests –
at 6:34 pm, Trooper First Class Costello stopped a ve- zolam/Failed to Obey Lawful Order: On 5/11/19 @ Name, Age, Date of Arrest, Address, Arresting
hicle on H. G. Trueman Rd. in Lusby for traffic viola- 08:01 pm, Corporal Oles stopped a vehicle for traffic Trooper
tions. Several criminal indicators were observed and violations on Hospital Road in Prince Frederick. A • Daniel W. Grover, Jr., 36, 05/07/19 @ 09:27 pm,
a K-9 scan was requested. K-9 Kano gave a positive strong odor of raw marijuana was emitting from inside Lusby, MD, TPR. A. Kelly
alert for drugs. A search was conducted and tramadol the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed mari- • Pamela J. Lentz, 51, 05/09/19 @ 10:56 am, Calla-
hydrochloride pills were located. Ashley F. Miller, 20 juana, oxycodone and alprazolam.. Crystal L. Magtutu, way, MD, TPR. A. Kelly
of Lusby was placed under arrest and was incarcerated 31 of Port Republic was placed under arrest. Magtutu • Lanny W. Chapman, Jr., 49, 05/09/19 @ 06:11 pm,
at the Calvert County Detention Center. repeatedly refused to follow orders and originally gave Easton, MD, TPR. L. Woolman
a false name. She was additionally charged with failure • Deontae K.. Coachman, 23, 05/12/19 @
to obey a lawful order and giving a false statement to 01:33 am, Ft. Washington, MD, TFC W. Costello
police. Magtutu was incarcerated at the Calvert Coun-
ty Detention Center.


Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 9

Buy Local Challenge Coming to Calvert

A Festival of Farms, Food and Family Fun
The Southern Maryland Agri- Forrester and John Luskey’s new band
cultural Development Commission ‘FLYT’, carriage rides with the magnifi-
(SMADC) announces the third annual cent Suttler Post Farm Clydesdales, and
Buy Local Challenge Celebration which a raffle with items generously donated by
will be held on Monday, July 29, from participating vendors. There’s also fun
5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Spider Hall Farm in for the whole family; Spider Hall’s play
Prince Frederick. area will be open through the evening
The summer evening celebration will with activities for kids of all ages includ-
be set up outdoors, farmers’ market-style ing a straw bale maze, giant slide, 3 edu-
at Spider Hall Farm, a family-owned cational buildings to tour with hands-on
working 362-acre tobacco, corn, grain activities, the corn box and an interac-
farm that is well known for its memora- tive music wall. Mary’s Go Round Pony
ble agritourism family-friendly Fall fun Rides and Petting Zoo will also be avail-
events and farm stand. able at no cost to attendees. Ticket hold-
The general public is invited to experi- ers also receive an insulated shopping
ence all the food and fun that Maryland’s bag to keep their purchases cool “from
farms can provide; as well as the creative farm to fridge”.
talents of local artists and craftsmen. The The Buy Local Challenge Celebration
event offers the opportunity for consum- is a ‘book end’ event for the statewide
ers to purchase from over 40 Maryland Buy Local Challenge Week (BLC) which
farmers and local artisans selling farm- takes place annually during the last full
raised meats, cheese, produce, seafood, week of July (20- 28). Jointly promoted
baked goods, jams and jellies, honey, ice by SMADC and Maryland Department Economic Development, Maryland De- vance and are available now. For event
cream, handmade soaps and scents, plus of Agriculture, the BLC encourages con- partment of Agriculture, Colonial Farm details and to purchase tickets, visit the
tastings and sales from Maryland’s win- sumers around the state to purchase Credit, Rural Maryland Council, Mary- ‘BLC Event’ page at www.buylocalchal-
eries, distilleries and breweries. Maryland farm products during Buy land Agricultural Education Foundation,
Event highlights include food trucks Local Week. The 2019 Buy Local Chal- Maryland Farm Bureau, and Grow and
with menus featuring locally sourced lenge Celebration event is sponsored in Fortify. Press Release from SMADC
ingredients, live music featuring Ryan part by MARBIDCO, Calvert County Tickets must be purchased in ad-

Taylor Gas Company offers full service installation and repair for a
breadth of propane related systems.
The customer is our top priority here at Taylor Gas. We provide 24 hour
emergency service and deliveries to the Sourthern Maryland area.
Combining extensive training with 68 years of on-the-job experience,
you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best service available.
10 In Our Community The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wentworth Nursery
STOP IN TODAY... See What’s Blooming LSM Class Experiences
Energy, Environment
Aucuba Gold Kaleidoscope Blushing Bloom
Dust Abeleia Bridge Struck

5 Off
$ 00
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Any Endless
Any Proven
Winner® Summer
Shrub Hydrangea

Hibiscus Rose Buddleia Lo

of Sharon & Behold Twist-N-Shout Tradition Blue

Kwanzan Cherry Purple Plum Emerald Gold Arborvitae

6-8ft to 10-12ft Size Ornament pink flowering tree.
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8888ea. *Must be same size

Leadership Southern Maryland Class of 2019 tours Dominion Energy’s LNG facility at Cove

On April 25 & 26, the Leadership & Mixology in Lexington Park. Plant
Select White Dogwoods Yoshino Cherry Redbud Southern Maryland (LSM) Class of 2019 shared his extensive knowledge and pas-
7 gal 5’ to 6’ Size 7 gal Size 7 gal 5’ to 6’ Size participated in the last of nine education- sion for buying local.
al sessions for LSM’s 2018-19 Executive The participants then traveled to
ONLY 89 ea.
$ 88
ONLY ONLY 79 ea.
$ $ 88
Program - Energy and Environment. Hughesville, where they were given a
The two-day event began at the Cal- tour of the SMECO Solar Farm by Tom
Now ScheduliNg For Summer iNStallatioN vert Marine Museum’s Lore Oyster Dennison, SMECO’s managing director
call today to Schedule aN eStimate 800-451-1427 House where the class met with Captain of government and public affairs. Next,
Jack Russell, owner of Fins & Claws. the class was off to Farming 4 Hunger
Russell spoke to the class about the life where they had an opportunity to learn
of a waterman, tools and practices of the about the farm’s mission and were intro-
trade, and challenges facing the industry. duced to tower gardens, one of the orga-
Next, participants boarded a bus head- nization’s newest projects that provides
ed for Exelon’s Calvert Cliffs Nuclear outreach to local schools.
Power Plant where they received a brief Back at SMECO, President Joe Slater
on nuclear energy and had the rare op- along with Dennison and Natalie Cot-
Fountain Sale
Enjoy the soothing sounds of water in your garden. Choose
portunity to take a walking tour of the
ton LSM’11, director of community and
public affairs, hosted the participants at
from Massarelli, Athens, Henri & more. The class then traveled to Dominion the Engineering and Operations Cen-
Over 25 running fountains to choose from. Energy’s Cove Point LNG Terminal, ter, where they had a tour of the facility
where George Anas, External Affairs and educational brief on SMECO. The
SAVE 50 $ 00
Any Fountain Priced
100 00
Any Fountain Priced
Manager State & Local Government for
Dominion Energy and Frank Brayton,
group concluded the afternoon with an
agricultural panel discussion. The guest
$150 to $350 Over to $399 director of LNG Operations spoke with speakers were Plant, of Elements, Shel-
All units are self-contained. Just plug participants about Dominion Energy’s by Watson-Hampton, director, Southern
them in. Professional installation and transition to exportation of liquefied nat- Maryland Agricultural Development
delivery is available. (check store for ural gas. Dominion Energy hosted lunch Commission (SMADC), Chip Bowling,
details) Fountains can be delivered with an educational briefing followed by president of Bowling-Agri Services, Inc.,
and set up the same week as your
Pond Liners Dekorra & Other a windshield tour of the facility and a and Paul Kellam, a commercial water-
purchase. Tabletop fountains, pond
Choose from rigid Decorative stop overlooking the off-shore exporta- man and owner of Kellam’s Seafood.
spitters, and indoor fountains also
& vinyl liners Lightweight Rocks tion pier. The participants wrapped up Leadership Southern Maryland is a
available. Winter covers are available
Save Use in your yard to hide their day with a “behind the scenes” tour nine-month tuition-based program and
to protect your fountain in the winter.
well caps & septic lids. of the Calvert Marine Museum. is designed and dedicated to educate
All fountains need a small concrete 25% Off Save The second day began with a visit and inspire a diverse group of current
slab if they’re not going on a solid Any size or to the Loveville Produce Auction, al- and emerging leaders to create collabo-
surface. Allow 4-8 weeks for style in stock 25% Off lowing the participants to experience rations and partnerships to impact the
Special Orders & Colors
“commerce in action” while observing community needs of Calvert, Charles,
Any size

Wentworth Nursery interaction of the Mennonite and Amish and St. Mary’s counties and incorporates
Prices Good Thru
May 29th, 2019 agricultural community with local res- a cross-section of the region to include
Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick Oakville taurateurs, grocers, and individuals who diversity of geographic location, profes-
purchased from their harvests. This por- sion, ethnicity and gender.
30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, 5 minutes North of Hollywood
Charlotte Hall 20622 Prince Frederick 20678 41170 Oakville Road
Mechanicsville 20659
301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427 tion of the program was facilitated by
SPRING Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-6 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5 Rob Plant, owner of Elements Eatery Press Release from LSM
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 11

Students Win Awards at Calvert Hospice Butterfly

Maryland History Day Release Coming This Summer
Nearly 700 middle and high school stu- School:Plum Point Middle School
dents gathered to present their extensive Teacher: Adam Muffley
historical research at the 2019 Maryland
History Day competition. The compe- Student: Jessica Misiorek
tition, held on May 12 at University of Award: Senior Paper, Second Place
Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), AND Special Prize in Asian History,
is the culmination of a year-long program sponsored by History Department, Uni-
from Maryland Humanities. In 2019, versity of Maryland, Baltimore County Did you know that memorial services loved ones’ names followed by a but-
more than 25,000 Maryland students par- Title: Chiune Sugihara: The Triumph can be an important part of the grieving terfly release. All are invited to attend,
ticipated at the school level. of His Life-Saving Visas During the process? A memorial service allows the and the event is FREE, however, if
Working solo or in small groups, stu- Tragedies of WWII living to celebrate, remember, and grieve you are interested in purchasing a but-
dents create original documentary films, School: Calvert High School those who have died. It is a time to honor terfly in your loved ones’ memory, the
exhibits, performances, research papers, Teacher: Amie Dryer the deceased, share with others who are cost is $25. Please contact our office
or websites exploring a historical topic of walking a similar path, offer support and at (410) 535-0892 or email Peggy Bra-
their choice on an annual theme, which Special Prize Winner: comfort to the grieving, and remember ham at
this year is “Triumph and Tragedy in His- Student: Janetha Shrestha the things we love most about those who with any questions or to order over the
tory.” Maryland History Day sparks criti- Award: Judges James and Constantine have passed away. We hope you will join phone. Butterflies must be pre-ordered
cal thinking and helps develop skills in Kit Sfekas Award for Law and Society, us in honoring your loved ones. by May 20. New this year, you can
research and analysis, writing, and public Junior Division, sponsored by The Hon- Calvert Hospice will offer our annual register and order your butterflies on
speaking. The program is open to public, orable Stephen J. Sfekas and Dr. Eliza- Butterfly Release and Memorial Service our website:
private, parochial, and homeschool stu- beth Sfekas on June 2, 2019 at 2 pm at Kings Land- butterfly-release-memorial
dents in grades 6 through 12. Topic: The Prison Stanford Experiment ing Park. The service includes music,
Category: Website readings, a benediction, and reading of Calvert Hospice Press Release
CALVERT COUNTY School: Calvert Middle School
Advancers to National History Day: Teacher: Julei Darrach
Students: Zari Archer, Anna Ims, and
Ashleigh Lourcey Maryland History Day District
Award: Junior Group Exhibit, Second Teacher of the Year:
Place Caitlin Reid, Windy Hill Middle
Title: The Horrors of Blackwell’s Island School

Sell it - Buy it
Tea, Coffee, Sweets, Gifts, Tea Parties
at 443-646-6392
Real Estate │ Business & Inventory │ Personal Property/Estates 3819 Harbor Road, Suite 106 • Chesapeake Beach, MD
│ Farm Equipment & Machinery │ Livestock │ Storage Units │
Benefits/Fundraisers │ Certified Personal Property Appraiser

Grocery Auction – St. Michael’s School
Ridge, MD - May 18th @ 6 pm

Southern Maryland OF THE WEEK

Spring Consignment Auction
SAT – May 25th @ 8:30 am
Charles County Fairgrounds STEVE
La Plata, MD Deputy Steve is currently the
Equipment – Trucks – Trailers – Farm & Utility smallest adoptable pet we have here at the shelter
Tractors – Attachments – Farm/Garden Items – - but we think his cuteness and energy level puts
Locally-Grown Flowers, Shrubs & Planters – Lawn him on an even playing field with everyone else!
Furniture/Items Come in and meet Deputy Steve today. As Pet
Consignments Accepted beginning Monday, May 20th. of the Week his adoption fee is waived for all
(Auction Conducted & Managed by Cochran Auctions) qualified adopters!
The Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter is located at 5055 Hallowing Point Road in
Prince Frederick. We are open for adoptions Tuesday through Saturday. For more
A Southern Maryland Professional Auction Company information about this week’s Pet of the Week or any of
our other adoptable pets please check out our website or give us a call at 410-535-PETS (7387). Please follow us on our Facebook
Page @ Calvert County Animal Shelter and Instagram
301.904.3402 @ CalvertCountyAnimalShelter.
12 Feature The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

Town of Chesapeake BeaCh

Chesapeake May 25
May 26
May 27
Stars & Stripes Festival 10 am
“reflect, respect, remember” veterans’ park
Stars & Stripes Family Fun Festival
kellam’s field 1 -6 pm
Stars & Stripes Festival 10 am

american Legion Ceremony veterans’ park

June 8 End Hunger Dragon Boat Races

north Beach waterfront 9 am
June 15 Moonlight Cruise
Aboard the Miss Lizzy
with Dr. ralph eshelman

July 3 Fireworks Over the Bay at Dusk
July 5 Fireworks Rain Date
July 19 Moonlight Cruise
Aboard the Miss Lizzy

1970’s vintage night Cruise

Aug 24 Moonlight Cruise

Aboard the Miss Lizzy
music by ross Crampton

Sept 14 A Taste of the Beaches 12–5 pm

all events subject to change without notice. for
more info visit
and search special events. 410-257-2230

Opening May 25!

Season Passes available now for
Calvert County Residents


4079 Gordon Stinnett Ave Chesapeake Beach MD
(410) 257-1404
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times Feature 13

‘No Greater Calling’: Calvert County’s

Teacher of the Year Dr. Nathan Kimbro
By Dick Myers just come through the county and then they just needed
Editor the support. So, each had their own kind of a different
Dr. Nathan Kimbro wasn’t expecting it. The Hun- He added, “It depends on what they need. Some have
tingtown High School behavior development teacher had very intensive behaviors that have required some
showed up at Rod N’ Reel in Chesapeake Beach with intensive services and then they’ve matured so they can
the candidates from the county’s other schools with low relax some of those services and bring them into my
expectations. He had been previously humbled starting program. And some have just had one thing.
10 years ago by failing five times in a row to make the “I tell people all the time, you’ve got to remember that
cut as the Huntingtown Teacher of the Year. schools are built for kids. Kids aren’t built for schools.”
He said, “I was frustrated looking back now because As an example, he said some “kids that aren’t wired to
I wanted validation. It was perfect that I didn’t win that. necessarily sit down and be quiet for 45 straight min-
So, I ended up pursuing my doctorate. Now the doctor- utes and do work. But that doesn’t mean they’re not
ate itself is a piece of paper that’s hanging on my wall. good kids and they’re not good students. They might
What I became in the process of pursuing the doctorate need to walk around a little bit. I don’t mind. I’m a
was in internal growth. My validation came from in- product-oriented guy. If you get the work done and you
side. And that’s what I had learned through this process need to walk around a little bit, you need to go take a
is that you don’t find validation externally. You find it walk around the school one time and you go get some
internally.” water, do what if you need to do, bro.”
Kimbro was originally from Greensboro, North Car- He added, “You need something to eat, we’ll provide
olina. He had a slightly older mentor. “He had lost his you food; you want something to drink, we’re going
best friend in a car accident and he had made a decision to provide you something to drink, we’re going to set
that he was going to change people’s lives.” you up for success. That’s the whole point. One of the
Kimbro and his friend Jeff had created a puppet show things I like about education right now is that it’s evolv-
that played at their church. Kimbro was 18 and Jeff was Dr. Nathan Kimbro ing. It is not the sit-and-get mentality that we probably
21 and Jeff got the idea to take their show to St. Jude’s all got when we were in high school.”
Children’s Hospital to cheer up the kids there. It took actually looked at it as a foot in the door and that I was He was asked how he gauges the success of what he
some coaxing, but the administrator allowed them to going to be able to use it to get in and then I would does. “One of the ways I gauge my success is through
do the show, but only for the kids on the first two floors. transfer into what I would eventually want to get into. student impact. And I’ll tell you how I gauge that. I’m
The sicker kids were on the upper floors. After meeting the kids and developing a relationship not a fan of Excel sheets and using grades as a way
During the show the father of one of those kids above with some of my students, I realized that it was actually to determine impact. I am a fan of inspiring students
the second floor approached them and asked for them a golden opportunity rather than a foot in the door. So, versus instructing them. I am a fan of making an im-
to perform for his son who had heard about the show. I have spent the last 15 years using different strategies pact on the student. One thing about my kids is I get
They did so and before they left, they learned the boy to connect. I’m a big believer in teacher-student rapport them for four years. I’m one of the only teachers in the
had died. and having rapport with students in order to optimize school building that gets the loop. When my guys walk
They were breaking down the stage and Jeff told him your opportunities with them.” across the stage having lived these sermons and they
to get up. At first, he didn’t, but the tone of his voice He added, “If you don’t have a relationship with the see me standing there, they’re crying and I’m crying
told him he should. The boy’s father was walking to- kids that have behavior problems, you will never reach there, their parents are crying, and they walk over and
wards them. “At 18 and 21 we have no idea what to tell them. And if you don’t reach them, it doesn’t matter we hug. That’s when I know and that’s how I know
a man who just lost his son to cancer. So, we didn’t say what grades they have gotten on their tests, they won’t I’ve made the impact and that’s how I know that I have
a word,” Kimbro said. “And he walked up, and he put live a life of significance, then they won’t know what taught them the most important lessons in life.”
his arms around both of us to the point where it felt like their true purpose in life is, which is really what I harp In addition to his teaching he also mentors a group
he was going to squeeze our neck off. on.” of African American males. He’s often asked what’s a
“And he said this, he said, ‘I just want to thank you He explained, “We do it a little bit different here at white guy doing working with a group of black boys?
for making a difference in the last week off my son’s Huntington. We have what’s called a cohort, which “I say because I finally found a group in the school that
life.’ And after, I knew I was going to plug myself into means I don’t just teach kids with behavioral develop- I have a lot in common with.” And he follows up when
something in some way where I could have an impact ment program anymore. I also teach children with au- they ask what he means by saying, “I love the kids that
like that on a regular basis and at 18 years, I didn’t tism. Most behavioral development programs will only I teach. I love the population especially, but sometimes
know this. I didn’t know it was going to be at Hunting- teach that population.” when I’m teaching children with autism and I’ll talk
town High school in Maryland. I didn’t know it was He further explained: “We have children with au- about the Super Bowl, they might not really know what
going to be sitting in this classroom, but I knew I was tism and children with behavior problems all being in the Super Bowl is, and they might not know about the
going to do that because there was no greater calling classes and being taught at the same time by the same sports. When I come into my guys, my club, I can talk
than that right there.” teachers and getting their support. What that does, it about all my interests. The only thing that we have that
Kimbro went to University of North Carolina-Wilm- allows us to have less subjects and it allows us to really is different, it’s just what everybody notices. They no-
ington, majored in psychology and met and married a kind of harp on their IEP (Individual Education Plan, tice the only difference, not what we have in common. “
Calvert County woman who had been a volleyball play- designed for each special education student) goals and He said, “I tell my guys all the time, the saddest peo-
er. She got a job teaching at Calvert High School, and objectives. So that really helps a lot too.” ple in adult life aren’t the people that never found their
Nathan started working construction with her father. On his wall he has a quote from Mark Twain: “The purpose. It’s the people that found their purpose and
Kimbro explained, “Dave Taylor, who was going two most important days in your life are the day you they allow somebody to talk them out of it because that
to be a vice principal at this new school when he was are born and the day you find out why.” He said, “My person was negative. Don’t ever let anybody take that
the current vice principal at Calvert at the time. And job, my obligation is to help every student. Then I help from you.”
he was a regular. They came into Adam’s Ribs and I them find their why. I feel like there’s no greater educa- He said, “I make sure they all know they’re special,
happened to be working down there a lot. And he just tion than that.” making sure they all know they have gifts and making
asked me one time, he liked my disposition. He asked Kimbro was asked if his students would have been sure that those are used to give back. “
if I had a college diploma and he said, ‘Would you ever in special schools before inclusion. He said, “There’s “They have absolutely changed my life,” Kimbro
think about teaching?’” no blanket answer to that. I’ve had whole classes that said of the students he’s impacted over the 15 years of
Kimbro said he responded, “Ironically, I felt like I’m have been what’s called ‘on the box’. They’ve all been teaching and undoubtedly many of them have also said
supposed to be a teacher my entire life. And he said, on house arrest at the same time. I’ve had students that that about Calvert County’s Teacher of the Year.
‘well, I’m going to tell you the only job we have avail- have been to juvenile detention centers. I’ve had stu-
able is for kids with behavior problems’.” dents that have been in other really intensive, nonpub-
And the rest as they say is history, for 15 years. “I lic placements. And then I’ve had students that have
14 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019


the Dream Network SECOND TIME AROUND
Focus to Strengthen Student Success What are pre-nups? These are What about other assets each party
The College of Southern Mary- pre-nuptial agreements entered into might own individually? The pre-
land (CSM) today announced that it has by prospective husbands and wives nup addresses those as well. For ex-
joined Achieving the Dream (ATD), that set forth how the couple wants ample, suppose one party has a valu-
a network of more than 220 colleges to manage their assets in the event able stamp collection that they have
in 43 states dedicated to improving one of them dies or there is a divorce. promised to a grandchild. The pre-
student success. As a Network institu- Some people consider pre-nups to be nup will make it clear that the stamp
tion, CSM will innovate to implement, anti-romantic. However, others rec- collection is the sole property of one
align, and scale cutting-edge reforms, ognize that these days, when so many party and will not be distributed or
work with ATD coaches to build institu- people get divorced or whose spouses divided up on the death of that party.
tional capacity and connect with peers to have died and then get re-married, The pre-nup addresses property
foster learning and share information.  pre-nups play an important role in owned by each party individually pri-
“Achieving the Dream is a network of taking care of children from a prior or to their marriage. But, what about
people across the country that will sup- marriage and protecting the assets property the soon to be married
port us as we focus on what it is we need Arizona in June to plan the launch of their of those who have been previously couple acquire after marriage? This
to do to help our students in finding their ATD work. Murphy outlined CSM’s con- divorced. too is addressed in the pre-nup. Or-
paths and finish what they started. This is centration will be on student success to Not long ago, we were approached dinarily, the couple decides that they
something that is going to be very pow- solidify a shared vision that will allow the to create a pre-nup for a wonderful will split any assets they acquire after
erful for Southern Maryland,” said CSM focused, evidence-based work to fulfill couple in their mid-80’s. The couple marriage, fifty-fifty. So, if they buy
President Dr. Maureen Murphy. “CSM is the goals of the college’s strategic plan. met in an assisted living facility, fell a house together as joint tenants with
joining Achieving the Dream for three This includes improving student progress in love and decided to get married. right of survivorship, and one of them
years, and the ultimate result is that our and completion, providing targeted pro- Both of them had been married and dies, the other takes complete owner-
students will be so much better off. They gramming to meet regional needs, and to had adult children and grandchildren ship of the house. In the event of a
will help us identify exactly what we need function as one regional college. from their prior marriages. Rather divorce, the other has a claim for 50%
to do. We will really understand what our  “Our focus areas are going to be than create controversy in the fam- of the value of the house. Of course,
students’ needs are and we can shape around guided pathways, something ily about inheritances, the couple de- there are lots of other factors that are
our programs and services around their we’ve started already by mapping our cided to make it clear in their pre-nup involved, but you get the picture.
needs. Most of all we can help our stu- curriculum. We’ve also connected our that each of their children and grand- In a pre-nup, each party exchanges
dents find their paths and finish what they guided pathways with our short-term children from prior marriages would personal financial statements with
start in a timely manner that improves workforce training because we know that continue to receive the inheritances the other. These financial statements
their lives, the lives of the families and sometimes that’s what our students need they were expecting from their parent must be complete and detailed so that
really enriches our entire communities.“ more than a degree,” Murphy said. “CSM or grandparent after marriage. With one party can never accuse the other
“The strength of local and regional is the primary cog in the economic de- the pre-nup signed, the children and of hiding any assets.
economies, our ability to rebuild the velopment engine in our region when it grandchildren of the couple were able A pre-nup is a contract between the
middle class, and the possibility that a comes to developing the workforce. Our to celebrate the new marriage with no parties. As such, it is enforceable in
new generation will achieve their goals students will be able to identify their ca- concerns about what would happen a court of law. Some people think
depends on community colleges,” said reer paths and their career goals, how that when their mother/grandmother or that their Will or a Trust has decided
Dr. Karen A. Stout, ATD president and connects those high demand occupations father/grandfather died. In this case, who owns what assets after death, but
CEO. “Colleges that join the ATD Net- right here in Southern Maryland, and we both parties had assets to protect for whatever you have decided in those
work show an exceptional commitment to will be supporting them all the way until their children and, by creating the documents is not enforceable because
becoming the kind of institution that will they achieve those credentials.” pre-nup, both parties helped create the surviving spouse can execute
lead the nation into the future.”   ATD Network colleges report data family harmony with their new ex- a new Will or Trust after the death
ATD offers a capacity-building frame- using metrics that answer critical ques- tended family members. of the other spouse that completely
work and companion self-assessment that tions about who attends college, who Pre-nups are commonly used to changes the distribution of the prop-
allow colleges to pinpoint strengths and succeeds in and after college and how protect children from a prior mar- erty. People that use pre-nups are
areas for improvement across seven insti- college is financed. To advance goals riage. What does a pre-nup involve? concerned about this. Even if your
tutional capacities in areas such as lead- of social mobility and equity, the met- Primarily, each party exchanges fi- potential spouse has an excellent re-
ership and vision, teaching and learning, rics provide information on how low nancial information with the other. lationship with your children from a
and data and technology. ATD’s approach income and other underserved students One of the primary assets a person prior marriage, when you die, how
integrates and aligns existing college suc- fare. These metrics are categorized into has is their retirement account. When can you be assured those children
cess efforts and offers valuable support in performance metrics, efficiency metrics a person marries, their new spouse will be protected? Not with a Will or
preparing for accreditation, fostering con- and equity metrics at points during the has a legal claim on the retirement a Trust—only through a pre-nup.
versation about goals, and making bold, student experience from access through account of the other spouse. Particu- To those who claim the pre-nup is
holistic institution-wide changes because post-college outcomes.  larly in cases of a second marriage anti-romantic because it addresses
initiatives that don’t reach most of a col-  As colleges in the new cohort progress, where children are involved, most what happens on divorce or death,
lege’s student body have not shown strong they may apply to participate in initia- parties want to preserve their retire- think again. Divorce may not be in-
results.   tives supported by philanthropic funding ment accounts for their children. The evitable but death is. If you want to
“Achieving the Dream brings together and managed by ATD. These initiatives pre-nup makes that clear—each party truly protect your children the second
everybody across the college. We’re all help incubate new ideas that help colleg- agrees they will not claim against the time around and preserve family har-
in it,” Murphy said. “Every single one es refine practices based on evidence of retirement account of the other in the mony, both parties should welcome
of us is responsible for student success what works and allow ATD to dissemi- event of death or divorce. the opportunity to do so in a pre-nup.
in a very different way. It’s not just in nate knowledge to the broader network Similarly, if one party owns a Join me for a discussion of this and
the classroom. It’s not just with the advi- and the field. New initiatives address the house, upon marriage the other may other matters on Thursday June 20th
sors. Every single one of us touches these challenge of engaging adjunct faculty assert a legal claim to ownership of at 11 am at our offices at 8906 Bay
students on their journeys and we can more deeply as key members of colleges’ one-half of the house. Under the pre- Avenue, North Beach, MD 20714.
help make a difference in where they go. workforces and implementing degree nup, each party clearly states that Call 301-855-2246 to reserve your
Achieving the Dream helps us identify programs using only open educational when they marry they will not as- seat. See you there.
those things more clearly.” resources/ sert any claim to the house the other
A team from CSM will meet with lead- owns. By Lyn Striegel
ers from 15 other colleges in Phoenix, Press Release from CSM
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times 15


THE COTTAGE BOUTIQUE & TEA HOUSE And you thought we just sold apples.
Sit, Sip & Shop

Loose Leaf Teas • Pastries • Ceramics • Shabby Chic

Nautical & Rustic Home Decor • Country Chic • Clothing • Jewelry
Wreaths • Bath Products • Handicraft Workshops • More!
Tea served every day. Special Events every month!
Open Wed, Thur & Sat 10:30am - 5pm • Fri 10:30am - 4pm • Sun 11am - 4pm
Located just west of CSM entrance on Rt. 231 27056 Mt. Zion Church Rd, Mechanicsville,
Mechanicsville, MD
2440 Hallowing Point. Rd. • Prince Frederick | 301-884-8118
240-299-4349 Antiques | Fine Jewelry | Home Decor | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

More Upcoming Events

TheAppleBasket - CTimes_05.16.19.indd 1 5/14/2019 9:46:18 AM
Homemade | Homegrown | Handcrafted | Vintage | Baked Goods


Crafters Wanted MAY 25 • 2PM-8PM

Summerseat Farm

Artisan Market

June 2 • 10am - 3pm JUNE 8 • 8AM-1:30PM
Free Parking| Rain or Shine ARTISAN MARKETS
Shop Handmade 1 ST

Shop Local
Vendor Admission Form Available on Website DECEMBER 7 • 11AM-3PM
All donations are fully tax deductible. VISIT WWW.SUMMERSEAT.ORG FOR
Summerseat Farm, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the estate’s historic splendor & natural resources.
Run entirely by volunteers, the farm relies heavily on grants, memberships, donations, & fundraisers to keep the farm running. ADDITIONAL DETAILS AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE.
16 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

Students Win Awards for Public Service Announcements

Having won accolades and prize money, nine CSM students will now have their award-winning public service announcements about vehicle theft prevention air throughout the year across
the state of Maryland. The winners pictured with their professor from left are Tionte Smiley, Joseph Neal III, Kevin Poole, CSM Associate Professor and Program Coordinator Olaniyi Areke,
Stephen Gardner, Jacob Buchanan, Jillian Roberts, Christian Pomponio and Dylan Fox. Not pictured is winner Michael Baranowski.

Nine College of Southern Maryland (CSM) students also won a top spot in the same competition in 2016 hicle Administration offices and be broadcast on radio
recently won accolades and prize money for producing – and the team of Christian Pomponio and Jillian Rob- and television stations around the state.”
public service announcements (PSAs) about prevent- erts splitting a $1,500 purse. And tying for first place Careers in digital media production, marketing,
ing vehicle theft. The digital media production students and splitting the $3,000 grand prize purse were Jacob graphic design, art and history education, public rela-
wrote, filmed and produced 30-second PSAs that of- Buchanan and the team of Kevin Poole and Joseph tions, library science and much more can begin with
fered warnings and tips to Maryland motorists to help Neal III. the Arts and Humanities Pathway at CSM. This associ-
them avoid having their vehicles stolen or broken into. While the competition is open to all, developing and ate’s degree pathway lays the groundwork for a bach-
This is the third year that CSM’s students have par- submitting an entry into the annual competition is a elor’s and then even a master’s degree. CSM has many
ticipated the PSA contest sponsored by sponsored mandatory assignment for students enrolled in CSM’s guaranteed admissions agreements with a variety of
by The Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council Digital Media Production (DMP) 1010 Class taught by universities to help you achieve your goals. Learn more
(VTPC), Maryland/DC Anti-Car Theft Committee and CSM Associate Professor and Program Coordinator about the program by visiting
Maryland State Police (MSP). The CSM students took Olaniyi Areke, MFA. programs-courses/pathways/arts-humanities/.
honors in both video and audio categories and won a “It is a service learning opportunity for the DMP stu- The CSM student-produced PSAs will be aired on
combined $4,800 of the $7,000 in prize money being dents to do a PSA on real issues that impact our com- social media, on WBAL-TV and on the VTPC and
awarded. munity,” explained Areke. “This exercise teaches the MSP websites. To view all of the videos, visit https://
Earning runner-up in the audio PSA category and students to work together as a team and allows them to
winning $300 were the team of Dylan Fox and Stephen compete – and win – against students from four-year NqG-hQ8Pa5gJLv34G.
Gardner. A three-way tie in the video PSA category institutions. It also gives students great exposure be-
resulted in Micheal Baranowski, Tionte Smiley – who cause their PSAs will be shown at Maryland Motor Ve- Press Release from CSM

Real Estate
Child Care
Vehicles General Merchandise CLASS.SOMD.COM
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times Sports 17

Plagge Earns All-CAC

Second Team Honors
A Marvel-ous Ending
By Ronald N. Guy Jr.
Contributing Writer

The view from the bleachers is melancholy, but satisfied. It is also hope-
ful that the sheer majesty, and both the regretful but exhilarating feeling
manufactured by this climatic event, didn’t blur or diminish the great end to
the most spectacular superhero experience – ever.
With the spoiler prohibition now lifted discussing “Avengers: End Game”
is fair game. Although, if you are still clinging to ignorance, worry not
– this is more about what we mere mortals can take from this departing
franchise than any particular “End Game” scene. Oh, and it has nothing to
do with traditional sports.
I have come to appreciate my generation, the relatively small and over-
looked Gen-X, for this fact: We will be the last generation to remember a
pre-internet/information age and were its first navigators. That said, the
humble comic book was my introduction to superheroes. It was a good
day when I could talk my folks into buying me a pack of Topps baseball
cards and a comic book from the old High’s store in Leonardtown. I vividly
recall the anticipation while holding a new comic in my hands. What over-
Bowen Plagge ‘20 | Photo Credit: Bill Wood
whelming challenge would the hero defeat? How would the world…or the
universe…be saved? Beautiful artwork. Suspenseful storyline. Humanity’s Bowen Plagge, a member of the St. centage (.463), and slugging percentage
fate in the balance. All of it for just 35-cents. Mary’s College of Maryland baseball (.714).
That probably sounds antiquated (or altogether lame) to today’s kids, who team, earned All-CAC Second Team His numbers also stacked up well in
have grown up on adrenaline-inducing blockbuster superhero movies. It’s a honors, the league announced today. the CAC with a variety reaching the top
fair assessment, but I’m still glad to have a connection to comic books, for This is the second consecutive season ten of the conference. Plagge finished the
that is how superheroes first captured our imagination. the Seahawks were represented on the 2019 season ninth in hits, eighth in tri-
I am equally grateful for the technology that has enabled comic book All-CAC team. ples, eighth in stolen bases, third in bat-
heroes and villains to properly transition to the big screen. That technol- Plagge, a junior transfer by way of ting average, eighth in on base percent-
ogy brought the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life - and what a ride it has Towson University, made an immediate age, and fourth in slugging percentage.
been. Starting with “Iron Man” in 2008 and now culminating with “End impact from the plate for the Seahawks The 6-2 catcher particularly excelled in
Game” in 2019, Marvel has taken us on a decade-plus, 20-ish film adventure this season. The Leonardtown, Maryland conference play, leading the way with
that would have been unimaginable to my 10-year-old self while flipping native led the Seahawks in a number of a conference best .410 batting average
through an early 80s Spider-Man comic. offensive statistical categories, including against CAC foes and recording 34 hits,
Now the future is uncertain. More movies will be made, of course, and runs (32), hits (56), doubles (12), triples good for third in the league.
the franchise and the remaining characters will evolve. But this run by Mar- (3), home runs (7), RBI (35), stolen bases
vel, and the Avengers movies in particular, was a cultural apex for comics (12), batting average (.421), on base per- Press Release from SMCM
and superheroes that will be difficult to repeat. The coalescence of heroes

The Tackle Box Fishing Report

allowed for complex storylines, seemingly omnipotent forces of evil and I-
can’t-get-enough-of-this, keep-you-coming-back-for-more battles – and the
big screen was the big stage it all needed. Even I’ll admit that a modest
comic book would never have done it justice.
Beyond the struggles between good and evil (a predictable plot), what By Ken and Linda Lamb size, and sighted some that were in the
Avengers always got right, and what should be its lasting legacy, is the power Contributing Writers mid 30 inch range.
of collaboration. It took a lot for all these powerful characters to coexist and Catfish are most everywhere in the riv-
adopt a common cause. I would imagine (because that’s all I can do), that At last! a weekend forecast coming ers and even on the bay shore at Point
if you can fly, possess great strength or are legitimately a god, it’s hard to up with sunny days, warm temperatures, Lookout. A fisherman landed four cat-
check your ego and operate within a team structure. and light winds. fish off the public pier in Piney Point at
The Avengers storyline always included that struggle and, ultimately, In addition, the rockfish minimum the St. George Island Bridge in about 45
their collective realization – sometimes at the passionate urging Nick Fury falls to 19 inches on Thursday the 16th, minutes last Friday in mid afternoon on
- that they were far more powerful united than separated. The diversity and more areas are open to fish. The cut bait. White perch should turn on in
of the heroes - in skill-set, background, generation, nationality, race and mouth of the Patuxent will be available earnest this week as we get some normal
gender (and even life-form) - was certainly no mistake either. The imme- up to Point Patience, and the Maryland temperatures. Crabs will be very active
diate message: No one is strong enough, not even Thor or Hulk, no one is tributaries of the Potomac open up, those to make up lost time as the cold has set
smart enough, not Tony Stark or Shuri, and no gender or race is singularly are the most important factors for our them back at least two weeks.
adequate to defeat the challenges ahead. The lasting message for the mere region. Surf casters on the Naval Air Station
mortals: We all need each other. More good news is that rockfish in the found willing young stripers all around
The choice Avengers leaves us with is simple, yet enormous. It is a ques- 19- to 24-inch size are in pretty good Cedar Point on the rocks and in the
tion for all humanity. Are we going to do this together? Are we going to supply as both trollers and lure casters mouths of creeks.
unite and solve global issues like climate change and national issues like have been successful in any areas catch- Fresh water fishing is excellent in the
income disparity, racism, sexism, homophobia and gun violence? Or will ing and releasing these smaller fish while lakes and ponds. The extended cool is
we close ranks and cordon off society based on petty differences? If we seeking the trophy size of 36 inches or just right for crappie and limits of 15 per
choose the latter, a “Thanos” of some sort will ultimately win our end game, better. There were good catches of rock- day have been common at St. Mary’s
for unlike the comics, real life doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. fish in the mouth of the Patuxent by fish- Lake. Pickerel, bass, bluegill, and even
ermen throwing Bomber Wind Cheater yellow perch are very active. Live crick-
Send comments to (swimming plugs) around structure and ets, minnows, and lure (Beetle Spins are
the wrecks. Jiggers at the Power Plant great) are all producing.
Discharge found stripers in the 22 inch
18 Obituaries The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

In Remembrance
The Calvert County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Shirley Schellin Dorothy “Dottie” Davis, and many lov-

ing grandchildren, great-grandchildren,
Anja is survived by a son Eric Winter,
Born March 6,
1920 in Burlington,
Shirley Schellin, 83, nieces, nephews, other family and family- a daughter Emma Longfellow, and a son NJ, he was the son of
of Chesapeake Beach, like members and close friends. She will Wade H. Pierce IV. the late Shreve “Rog-
MD passed away at be missed so very much. er” Oliver and Ame-
her home on May
9, 2019 after a long Lillian Marie Griffith lia Roberta (Dunn)

hard-fought battle Jonathan Alan Wessels Lillian Marie Griffith,

Dave graduated
with cancer. Shirley Jonathan Alan Wes- 82, of Lothian passed from Burlington
was born on June 4, sels, 28, of Port Repub- away May 8, 2019 at High School in 1936, Peddie School in
1935 in Washington, lic, MD passed away on her home surrounded 1937, and from Swarthmore College in
DC to the late John and Violet Davis. May 10, 2019 in Balti- by family. She was born 1941. He married his wife, Charlotte Ma-
She grew up in the DC area and attended more, Maryland. He was March 27, 1937 in Cal- rie (Bolgiano) Oliver on August 16, 1941
Oxon Hill High School. She moved her born on June 2, 1990 in vert County to Thomas in Towson, MD. Dave served in the U.S.
family to Fairhaven, MD in the early Cheverly, MD to David Muriel and Lavinia Army from May 7, 1943 until February 4,
1960’s. After many wonderful years in R. Wessels and the late (Beverly) Cochran. Lil- 1946. During his service, he received the
Fairhaven they moved to Chesapeake Karen D. Wessels. lian was raised on her family farm in European Service Medal and the WWII
Beach, where she also loved to live. Shir- Jonathan was an extremely devoted Owings and graduated from Calvert High Victory Medal. Dave was a Petroleum
ley and her husband Bob owned and op- father to his son whom he loved dearly. School in 1955. She married Earl Eugene Economist with Atlantic Refining Com-
erated The Happy Hamburger Restaurant He loved music and played the drums and Griffith on October 11, 1958 and they pany and the U.S. Department of Energy
in Lexington Park, MD for many years. guitar. He loved to joke around and make lived on their family farm in Lothian. Lil- and enjoyed tennis and woodworking.
She then worked and became Manager other people laugh. He always brightened lian was employed as district manager for Dave is survived by his children, Char-
at the Morrison’s Cafeteria in Annapolis. the room and was a joy to be around. Anne Arundel County Soil Conservation lotte Diane Davies (Hugh) of Lusby, MD,
Shirley’s most recent job was as a greeter Jonathan is survived by his fiancé Eri- District, retiring in 2001 after 35 years of David Robert Oliver, Jr. (Gay) of Indian
at Walmart in Prince Frederick, where ka Bowers, son Tyler Robert Wessels, his service. She was a member of Maryland Land, SC, Bruce Richard Oliver (Kristi)
she loved talking with her customers and father David Robert Wessels and his sib- Farm Bureau, and Wesley Chapel United of Fairfax Station, VA, Elizabeth Anne
co-workers. She often talked about how lings, Joseph David Wessels, Joshua Au- Methodist Church where she served as the Mariani of Chesapeake, VA and Mi-
much she missed working there and the gust Wessels, and Hannah Elizabeth Wes- youth choir director. After retiring, she chael Preston Oliver (Ilene) of Aurora,
friendships she had made. Shirley trea- sels. He is also survived by his maternal served as supervisor on the Anne Arun- CO; fourteen grandchildren; twenty eight
sured spending time with her family. She grandparents, Betty and Joe Markauskas del Soil Conservation Board of Directors. great-grandchildren; and brother, Philip
loved the cookouts and the many holiday and parental grandfather, August Herman Lillian loved flower gardening and would Richard Oliver of Hainsport, NJ. He was
dinners she shared with them. She was a Wessels. spend hours gardening, weeding and per- preceded in death by his wife, Charlotte
diehard Redskins fan. She loved living The family will receive friends on fecting her flowerbeds. She also enjoyed Bolgiano Oliver on January 11, 2013; and
by the beach, walking on the boardwalk, Thursday May 16, 2019 from 11 AM cooking, entertaining and spending time his siblings, Jane Oliver Newberry and S.
crafting, gardening, painting, watching till the time of services at 12 the with family, especially her grandchildren. Roger Oliver.
Y&R and movies on Hallmark. She also Rausch Funeral Home, 4405 Broomes Is- Lillian was preceded in death by her Family will receive friends on Friday,
loved to travel, especially on the cruises land Road, Port Republic, MD. Interment husband Earl Eugene “Sonny” Griffith on May 17, 2019 at Rausch Funeral Home,
her and Bob took. Shirley also loved her will follow in Chesapeake Highlands February 20, 2019 and her sister Leona Lusby, MD from 9:30 – 10:30 am. The
trips to Williamsburg, talking with peo- Memorial Gardens.Memorial contribu- Robertson. She is survived by her son funeral service will follow at 11:00 am
ple and sharing her memories. She always tions may be made to the Carol M. Porto Jeffrey W. Griffith and wife Chris of Lo- at Middleham Chapel in Lusby, MD, fol-
had a kind word with everyone she met. Treatment Center. thian, grandchildren Kayla M. Griffith of lowed by a reception in Smith Hall. Con-
Shirley was preceded in death by her Lothian and Jeffrey E. Griffith and wife tributions may be made to Middleham
husband Robert “Bob” Schellin, daugh-
ter Patricia “Pat Withers, grandson Gene Anja Thora Sigurdsson Amber of Edgewater, sisters Alberta Wil-
liams of Owings and Lorraine Hutchins
& St. Peter’s Parish, 10210 H.G. True-
man Road, Lusby, MD 20657, Asbury-
Hutchinson, stepchildren Karen, Michael, Anja Thora Sigurdsson, 47, of Chesa- of Hawthorne, FL and sister-in-law Vir- Solomons Benevolent Care Fund, Attn:
and Marc Schellin, sister Phyllis Rogers, peake Beach, MD passed away April 27, ginia Schmitt of Lothian. Heather Mattingly, 11100 Asbury Circle,
brothers John Davis, Jr., and William, 2019. She was born June 4, 1971 to Mari- Solomons, MD 20688 or Calvert Hos-
Lewis, and Charles Franklin. She is sur-
vived by her children JoAnn Faber, Nor-
anne (Geiger) and Ivar Sigurdsson. She
was raised in Prince Frederick and Ow- David Robert Oliver, Sr. pice, P.O. Box 838, Prince Frederick, MD
man Faber (Jeannette), Brenda Talbot ings, and graduated from the Calverton David Robert “Dave” Oliver, Sr., 99, Condolences to the family may be
(Donnie), and Carol Faber O’Dell, son- School in Huntingtown. She was a self- of Solomons, MD and formerly of Lake made at
in-law Mike Withers, stepchildren De- employed hairdresser, and in her leisure of the Woods, Locust Grove, VA, passed
nise, Julie, and Matthew (Julie) Schellin, time enjoyed playing piano, music, art, away on May 4, 2019 at the Asbury-Solo-
brother Mervin Franklin, sister-in-law dining out, and spending time with her mons Health Care Center.

Now Offering... Visit the OASIS,

our beautiful, new
RAUSCH CREMATORY P.A. cremation garden
Calvert County’s Premier Perpetual Care Garden Cemetery
Calvert County’s
ONLY On-site Crematory Traditional or Cremation burials
Family Estates & Cremation Niches
Where Heritage and Life are celebrated. Interest-free financing for pre-need

Serving Calvert, Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, and Prince George’s Counties Beautifully designed and conveniently
located on Broomes Island Road,
Lusby Owings Port Republic just off of Rt. 4.
20 American Ln. 8325 Mount Harmony Ln. 4405 Broomes Island Rd.
410-326-9400 410-257-6181 410-586-0520
Serving Southern Maryland since 2005 • 410.257.0544

Description: CHMG Chesapeake Current Flower Ad

Prints: Full Color
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times Entertainment 19

Broadway is Back F & G A M E

u n
The Newtowne Players present their fourth year
there 12. Space station

of “A Night on Broadway: Sight, Sound and Song”

41. Ridicules 14. Gene
43. Allied Powers vs. Central
19. Satisfy
23. Livid
45. Produce 24. It comes after “et”
47. Ancient kingdom near
Dead Sea
25. More (Spanish)
26. Electronic data processing
1. __and her sisters
49. Hebrew unit of liquid
27. Buffer solution to separate
DNA and RNA 2. Smear or rub with oil
50. Type of sword
55. “Sin City” actress
28. Primate
29. Scattered 3. Holy places
56. Female reproductive cells 34. Evergreen tree
57. Afflicted
59. One point north of
35. What engaged couples
will say
4. Indicates position
60. Garland
36. Barbie’s friend
37. Midway between south
5. Drives around
61. Spiritual leader
62. Negative
and southeast
39. A position from which 6. Price
63. Tooth caregiver progress can be made
64. Cheek 40. Showed up 7. Semiaquatic mammal
41. Insecticide
1. Form of “to be”
42. Type of milk
44. Verandas
8. With three uneven
CLUES ACROSS 17. Type of horse
1. Sacred bull (Egyptian 18. Volcanic craters 2. A hand has one
3. Thought
45. Annoyingly talkative
46. Abba __, Israeli politician sides

myth.) 20. Type of graph (abbr.)
5. One-time European money 21. Supporters 4. Physical body 47. “Heat” director
9. Sacrifice hit

5. Removes 48. Plant genus
8. Disfigure 22. North and South are two 51. Swiss river
6. One who perpetrates
11. Polish city
13. Move quickly on foot
25. Spread
30. Adjusted wrongdoing
7. Make one
52. Prejudice
53. Actor Idris
12. Covers a wound
14. Landlocked West African
31. Vietnamese offensive
32. Nazi architect 8. Kate and Rooney are two
9. __ Ladd, “Shane” actor
54. Freedom fighters (slang)
58. Criticize
13. Jaguarundi
15. Used in aromatherapy 33. Nigerian peoples
16. The greatest of all time 38. When you hope to get 10. Makes fun of
17. Works produced by
skill and imagination
19. A way to improve
20. River along India and
Eddie Carter takes the lead in “Be the Hero” from the musical Big Fish. (Photo by Stacey
Nepal border
CLUES ACROSS 37. It grows on heads 21. Hairnet
1. Maintains possession 39. A Spanish river 25. DePaul University
of 40. Boundary athletes
4. Other side 41. Contains music 29. Bachelor of Laws
10. Comedienne Gasteyer 42. Causes to feel sorrow 31. Game of skill
11. Lawn buildup 48. Used to restrain 32. Holy man
12. Southeast 50. Fictional kids 33. Cylinder of tobacco
14. Negative character 35. Most ingratiating
15. Greek temple pillar 51. South American 38. Repeats aloud
16. Blue country 41. Red wine
18. Pointless 52. Devote resources to 43. Debilitating tropical
22. Complete 53. Beginner disease
23. Supervisor 54. Everyone has one 44. Entirely lacking
24. Where kids bathe 55. University worker 45. Female sheep
26. Radio frequency (abbr.) 46. Where a bird lives
Sarah Gravelle and Autumn Mallory kick off the song “Be the Hero” from Big Fish. They are
joined on stage by Christine Kalil (far left) and eventually the full ensemble. (Photo by Stacey 27. Cruel Roman emperor 56. Resist an attack 47. Stalk that supports the
Park) 28. Young woman 58. Unifying Chinese capsule
(French) dynasty 49. Cutlery
By Jeni Coster The evening opened with an energiz-
59. Blood-sucking African
Graphic Designer ing performance by the ensemble of 30. Within 56. Symptom of
“There’s No Business Like Show Busi- 31. Civil Service fly withdrawal (abbr.)
The Newtowne Players are at it again, ness” and closed with their outstanding Commission 60. CNN’s founder 57. Delaware
bringing Broadway hits to life in their performances of “Thank You For The 34. Sarongs
latest production. The Three Notch The- Music” and “Ain’t No Mountain High
atre is currently presenting “A Night Enough”. I was particularly mesmerized 36. Father
on Broadway: Sight, Sound and Song,” by the choreography and performance of
written by Thomas Espostio and Diane “My Shot”, also by the ensemble. Other
Trautman, and directed by Esposito. numbers that I found remarkable were LAST WEEK’S PUZZLE SOLUTIONS ON PAGE 23
This year’s gifted cast is starring Ed- “Wishin’ & Hopin’” by Gravelle and the
die Carter, Marina Broome-Eason, Erich women, “Only Us” by Mallory and En-
Engel, Sarah Gravelle, Christine Kalil, gel, “Butter Outta Cream” by Engel and
Autumn Mallory, Hunter Martin, and Martin, and “When I Marry Mr. Snow”
Stephanie Taubert. Taubert was not pres- by Kalil. Overall the entire cast did a
ent at the show I attended, but her songs wonderful job really getting into their
were covered by Mallory and Gravelle. roles and moving the audience.
The musicians are Tommy Chedester, With more than 30 musical perfor-
Stephanie Gleason, Erin Moss, Joe Scrit- mances, you’re bound to hear many
tore, Ed Delmoro, and Diane Trautman. songs you know and love; and you may
The songs range from top hits and not even discover something new to delight
as well known songs from Broadway you. The show runs now until May 19th,
shows including: Fiddler on the Roof, Fridays through Saturdays at 8 p.m.,
Something Rotten, Guys and Dolls, Sundays at 3:30 p.m., doors open one
Hamilton, Jekyll and Hyde, Motown the hour prior to the performance. Tickets
Musical, Catch Me If You Can, Shout are available at www.newtowneplayers.
the Mod Musical, Frozen, Beautiful, org/tickets Adults $18, Seniors/Students/
Aladdin, Dear Evan Hansen and more. Military $15, Children $13. This show is
There are more than 27 different Broad- appropriate for all ages.
way musicals represented in this years
lineup, something for musical lovers of
every age.
20 Calendars The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

Community Calendar
To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

PFVRS Open House strumentalists from Calvert and Hun-

ONGOING Saturday & Sunday, May 18 & 19 Prince Frederick Volunteer Rescue tingtown High Schools. Benefit the
Calvert Artists’ Guild May Awards Squad, 755 Solomons Island Road, Sheldon E. Goldberg Center for Breast
Friday Night Farmers’ Market, Art Show South Care. Visit: CalvertHealthFounda-
Classic Car Cruise-In and Art Fair Southern Maryland Sailing Asso- 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM or call
See you in North Beach every Friday ciation, 14990 Solomons Island Road, See the new building and celebrate 410-414-4570.
from 6:00-9:00 PM! Solomons Emergency Medical Services week!
Bay Avenue between 3rd and 7th Sat. 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Sun. 10:00 Meet the volunteers that serve our com-
streets. AM - 5:00 PM munity. Fun activities. 443-432-3004. Tuesday, May 21
Enjoy and purchase the artworks of
talented artists of Southern Maryland Steak Night at the Legion
UPCOMING in watercolor, acrylic, clay, textile, and Barbecue
American Legion Post 206, Chesa-
jewelry. Jan Barr 443-404-5746 fuji- Huntingtown United Methodist
peake Beach or Kate Dinnel, 410- Church, Cox Road and Rt 4
Summer Camp at the Boys & Girls 5:30 - 7:00 PM
586-3375, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Club Order your steak from the Grill-Mas-
Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Barbe-
“Be The Next …” Six and eight week ter Chef and get what you ordered. $17
cue Chicken. Proceeds benefit “Farming
options: June 24-August 2 and June
24-August 16. Monday-Friday.
Saturday, May 18 for Hunger.”
includes all the trimmings and a bev-
erage. Lower-level dining room. Pub-
Field Trips included. 9021 Dayton Av- lic welcome. 410-257-9878. www.AL-
Breezy Point Blast-Off
enue, P. O. Box 413, North Beach MD Warrior 5K Fun Run/Walk
Breezy Point Beach & Campground,
20714. 410-257-0007 or 410-286-9880 Solomons Island 5300 Breezy Point Rd., Chesapeake
8:00 AM registration. Race starts Bingo
9:00 AM North Beach VFD, Rt. 261, Chesa-
4:00 - 8:00 PM
Friday-Sunday, May 17-19 Patuxent Habitat for Humanity. $30. peake Beach
Opening day at Breezy Point Beach.
A Night on Broadway Info/register: 6:00 PM
Enjoy food, games, music and fireworks.
Three Notch Theatre, 21744 S. Coral 301-863-6227 x16 Join friends and neighbors and sup-
Free. Hosted by Calvert County Parks
Dr., Lexington Park port your local first responders. Games
and Recreation. 410-535-1600 x2649.
Fri. & Sat. 8:00 PM, Sun. 3:30 PM County Resident Paper Shredding at 7:30. Food and drinks for purchase.
The Newtowne Players present a Huntingtown High School, 4125 Solo- Jackpot - possible prize $1000.
Relay by the Bay
fourth edition of “A Night on Broadway: mons Island Road Boardwalk & Pier, North Beach
Sight, Sound and Song.” $18 adults; 8:00 AM - Noon
$15 seniors, students and military; $13 The Calvert County Department of
4:00 - 10:00 PM
The American Cancer Society Relay Wednesday, May 22
age 12 and under. Purchase online: Public Works, Solid Waste Division for Life is a non-competitive walking, or call hosts this FREE paper shredding event event for people of all ages and physical Drug-Free Workplace Training
301-737-5447. for County residents. Rain or shine. abilities. Free. Open to the public. Lumi- Harriet E. Brown Community Center,
naria ceremony after sunset ($10 dona- 901 Dares Beach Rd., Prince Frederick
Fossil Field Experience tion suggested). Nancy Miller, 512-490- 9:00 - 11:30 AM
Friday, May 17 Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons 8764. Email The Calvert Alliance Against Sub-
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM stance Abuse (CAASA), and Calvert
Explore the fossils of Cove Point. Tour Texas Hold’em and Cash Games County Overdose Intervention Team
Ham Dinner the paleo hall and fossil prep lab and the
American Legion Post 206, Rt. 260, Julie Rogers Studio of Dance, 4120 free training to educate local busi-
museum at your leisure! Ages 8 and Old Town Rd., Huntingtown ness owners on the signs and symp-
Chesapeake Beach up. $20. Space limited. Pre-registration
5:30 - 7:00 PM 7:00 PM toms of substance abuse. Register/info,
required; 410-326- Benefit the Patricia Leone Rogers Ed- 410-535-3733.
Hosted by the American Legion Aux- 2042 x41.
iliary Stallings Williams Post 206 in the ucational Scholarship Fund. Doors open
lower level dining room. $12 all you can Shoppes at Asbury Sale
6:00. Buy in $80. Early registration ex- Thursday, May 23
eat. Public invited. 410-257-9878. www. tras. Food, beer and sodas included!
Asbury Solomons Retirement Com- munity, 11100 Asbury Circle, Solomons Little Minnows
Maritime Performance Series
9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
“Betty’s Closet” - resale of gently
Sunday, May 19 Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons
10:30 - 11:30 AM
Harms Gallery, Calvert Marine Mu- used clothing and accessories. “Library This month’s theme is World Turtle
seum, Solomons Committee” - books at fabulous pric- Spring Family Fun Day Day! Ages 3 to 5 years and their caregiv-
7:00 - 9:00 PM es. “Granny’s Treasures” - furniture, Northeast Community Center, Chesa- ers. $5. CMM members free. 410-326-
Al Petteway and Amy White’s eclec- housewares and miscellaneous items. peake Beach 2042.
tic repertoire of original, traditional, Proceeds benefit the Benevolent Care 1:00 - 4:00 PM
contemporary Celtic- and Appalachian- Fund. 410-394-3466 Sponsored by the Chesapeake Beach
influenced music. Doors open 6:00. Railway Museum. Free event includes
Beer and wine for sale. $20 online: bit. 2
H O Today games, crafts and a family-friendly
ly//MaritimeConcerts. $25 at the door. Jefferson Patterson Park and Muse- show.
410-326-2042. calvertmarinemuseum. um, 10515 Mackall Rd., St. Leonard
com 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Karaoke At The Legion
This exhibition explores the diver- Monday, May 20
sity and challenges of our global water
American Legion Post 206, Rt. 260, sources and promotes conversation,
Chesapeake Beach CalvertHealth Foundation Spot-
creativity, and innovation across disci- light Music Series- Motown
8:00 - 12:00 PM plines. Free and open to the public. 410-
A good time in the Lower Level Mamma Lucia, Dunkirk, 10136 South-
586-8501. ern Maryland Blvd. 7:00 - 9:30 PM
Lounge. No cover charges. Public in-
vited. 410-257-9878. www.ALpost206. The Musical Performance Motown
org and More. $50 includes a three-course
meal. Performed by vocalists and in-
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times Calendars 21

Thursday, May 16
Teens’ Favorite Things: Ice Cream
For more information & to register for events visit

Bounty, North Beach, 410-535-0291 or YoungatHeart By Office of Aging Staff

and Library Stuff. 6:00-8:00pm. Come
share your opinion on a favorite (or least
Tuesday, May 21
favorite) book, movie, game, or music Board of Library Trustees meeting. Health Coordinator Job a.m. Continental breakfast and box
4:00-5:30pm. Calvert Library Board lunch for pre-registered participants
and enjoy ice cream! Calvert Library Opportunity only. Registration deadline is May,
Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410- of Trustees monthly meeting. Calvert The Calvert County Office on Ag-
535-0291 or 301-855-1862. Library Prince Frederick, 850 Costley 31.
ing is looking for a part-time Health
Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862. Coordinator. Position will rotate
Calvert Pines Senior Center
Friday, May 17 Tween STEM Workshop: Motorized
throughout our three senior centers,
Celebrate summer with us,
two or three days a week. $25 hour/
On Pins & Needles. 1:00-4:00pm. Coloring Bots. 6:30-8:00pm. Tweens grant funded. Contact Ed Sullivan, Wednesday, May 22, 11 a.m. There
Bring your quilting, needlework, knit- will use common household materials Program Manager for more informa- will be outdoor games and a cook-
ting, crocheting, or other project for an and simple motors to create a motorized tion at 410-535-4606, ext.121. out, corn hole, croquet, and much
afternoon of conversation and shared bot that can create art on its own! Please more.
creativity. Calvert Library Prince Fred- register. Calvert Library Prince Freder- Trips Join us for Lunch and a Movie,
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or ick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or Take a trip to Toby’s Dinner Friday, May 24, enjoy the movie,
301-855-1862. 301-855-1862. Theater Wednesday, July 17 to see 11:15 a.m. Monster-in-Law, an outra-
Grease, a revival of the greatest high geously funny movie featuring Jane
Saturday, May 18 Book Discussion- (Mamma Lucia’s).
6:00-8:30pm. The Alice Network by
school rock musical ever written. Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. Pre-reg-
ister for lunch.
Friends of Calvert Library Book Sale. Fee: $90 (Includes transportation
Kate Quinn. Historical novel featuring a and dinner theatre).
9:00-3:00pm. Thousand of used books female spy recruited to the real-life Al- North Beach Senior Center
available at great prices! Calvert Library Enjoy the musical South Pacific,
ice Network in France during World War at the Riverside Center Theatre, The Charles County Show Troupe
Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410- I and an unconventional American so- will be joining us Wednesday, May
535-0291 or 301-855-1862. Wednesday, August 28. This award
cialite searching for her cousin in 1947. winning musical features such well- 22, 10:30 a.m. Enjoy skits with their
Dinner at Mamma Lucia’s at 6pm. Dis- loved songs as “Some Enchanted show “Comedy Central”. Don’t miss
Saturday, May 18: Garden Smarter: cussion at 7pm. Calvert Library Prince it.
Tour of the MG Demo Gardens. 10:00- Evening”, “I’m Gonna Wash That
Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535- Man Right Out of My Hair”, and Are reverse mortgages too good
12:00pm. Tour the gardens and learn 0291 or 301-855-1862. to be true? A Reverse Mortgage Pre-
the importance of native plants. Some many more. Fee: $93 (Includes
lunch, show and transportation). Call sentation will be held Thursday, May
native plants will be available for pur-
chase. Community Resources Build- Wednesday, May 22 410-535-4606 for more information. 23, 11 a.m. A representative will an-
swer any questions you may have.
ing, 30 Duke Street, 410-535-0291 or DLLR Veteran Assistance. 9:00-
301-855-1862. 11:00am. Representative from DLLR June 14 is World Elder Abuse
Awareness Day Southern Pines
Disabled Veteran Outreach Program will
Saturday, May 18: Brain Games: Mah- be available from 9-11 am to meet with Elder abuse is a significant public Senior Center
health problem. Each year, hundreds Join us for fun conversation and
jongg, Scrabble & More. 12:00-3:00pm. veterans seeking employment. Registra-
of thousands of adults over the age a tasting for Fresh Conversations,
Want to learn Mahjongg? Hope to make tion encouraged, but not required. Cal-
of 60 are abused, neglected, or finan- Monday, May 20, 9 a.m. Discuss
your Scrabble skills killer? Games are a vert Library Prince Frederick, 850 Cost-
cially exploited. Join us Friday, June foods that help healthy gut bacteria
great way to keep your brain sharp while ley Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862.
14, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Calvert and why it’s important to our health.
having fun! Join us! Please register. Cal-
Pines Senior Center for interactive Enjoy great food and fun games
vert Library Prince Frederick, 850 Cost- Brain Games: Mahjongg, Scrabble
workshops. Limited space is avail- at our Memorial Day Celebration
ley Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862. & More. 10:00-1:00pm. Want to learn
able. To pre-register please contact while listening to the amazing music
Mahjongg? Hope to make your Scrabble
Patrice Brooks at 443-550-6947 or of Doo Wop with Jimmy, Tuesday,
Monday, May 20 skills killer? Games are a great way to
keep your brain sharp while having fun! email Patrice.Brooks@maryland. May 21, 12:45 p.m. Pre-registration
Dyslexia-Friendly Book Club. 6:30- gov. Pre-registration check-in at 8:30 for lunch required.
Join us! Please register. Calvert Library
8:00pm. Join us for the first Dyslexia- Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410-
friendly book club for Tweens. The event 535-0291 or 301-855-1862.
will kick off the club with reading (and

Eating Together Menu

ear-reading!) the book The Invention of
Hugo Cabret and trying our hands at Thursday, May 23
making automatons. This book club is JobSource Mobile Career Center.
open to tween readers of ALL abilities. 1:00-3:00pm. Stop by to visit the Job-
Mark your calendars for the 2nd meet- Source Mobile Career Center for your Monday, May 20 Salad w/Dressing, Italian Green
ing on June 17th at 6pm to discuss the job search needs! Get job counseling and Pork Stir Fry over Brown Rice, Beans, Italian Bread, Strawberries
book and watch the movie! Please reg- résumé help, search for jobs and connect Spinach, Dinner roll, Pineapple
ister. Calvert Library Prince Freder- with Southern Maryland JobSource. No Chunks Thursday, May 23
ick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or registration. Calvert Library Southern Chicken Salad Sandwich, Lettuce &
301-855-1862. Branch, 13920 H. G. Trueman Road, Tuesday, May 21 Tomato Slices, 3-Bean Salad, Cubed
Solomons, 410-326-5289. Tuna Salad in a Pita Pocket, Lettuce Cantaloupe
Calvert Eats Local Potluck (Chesa- & Tomato, Mediterranean Chick Pea
peake’s Bounty NB). 7:00-8:30pm. Teen Book Club - Frankenstein. 4:00- Salad, Sliced Cucumber & Tomato Friday, May 24
Calvert Eats Local takes it’s potluck on 5:00pm. Drop-in book club that meets Salad, Fruited Jell-O Turkey & Swiss Cheese Sandwich,
the road! North Beach Chesapeake’s up on the fourth Thursday of the month Lettuce & Tomato, Tossed Salad w/
Bounty (an excellent source for local – highlight your favorite parts, think of Wednesday, May 22 Dressing, Crushed Pineapple
food) will host. Members will bring some discussion questions, or just come Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce, Tossed
their dish made with local ingredients, listen to what others think. Calvert Li-
their plate, utensils, cup and napkin for a brary Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Lunches are served to seniors, aged 60-plus, and their spouses through Title IIIC of
truly green experience! Bragging rights Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862. the Older Americans Act. Suggested donation is $3. To make or cancel a reservation call:
Calvert Pines Senior Center at 410-535-4606, North Beach Senior Center at 410-257-2549,
to those who bring the dishes with the or Southern Pines Senior Center at 410-586-2748. Lunches are subject to change.
lowest # of “food miles.” Chesapeake’s
22 BusinessDIRECTORY The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019




Cross, Wood
Cross, W & Wynkoop
ood & Wynkoop
And AssoCiAtes, inC.
and Associates, Inc.
46924 Shangri-La Drive • Lexington Park, MD 28231 Three The
Road, Suite 101 •Since 1994 MD 20659
301-884-5900 (office) • 301-934-4680 (office) • 301-884-0398 (fax)
301-863-9497 Group Health Insurance • Individual Market Health Insurance GROUP & INDIVIDUAL HEALTH • LIFE INSURANCE
Dental • &Vision
Life Insurance • Short & Long Term Disability
Payroll Services
Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr.
President Vice President
Call 301-884-5900 • 301-934-4680 • Fax 301-884-0398 •

Fax 301-884-2884

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Editor the writer’s full name, address and daytime phone number. Submissions must be deliv-
Dick Myers
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Graphic Designer for that week. After that deadline, the Calvert County Times will make every attempt
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County Times
published, due to time or space constraints.
Thursday, May 16, 2019 The Calvert County Times ClassifiedADS 23


Subcontractor Prequalification Opportunity Southern Maryland Paints LLC
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company has been awarded the construction of the
University System of Maryland- Southern Maryland (formerly Southern Maryland 23976 Point Lookout Rd.
Higher Education Center), USM-SM - New Building #3 on the California, MD campus. Leonardtown, MD 20650
We invite subcontractors to submit prequalification’s to participate in pursing the trade
package(s) listed below. Please note that all subcontractors must be pre-qualified by 301-475-0448
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company for their proposal to be considered.
The project is a new two-story, 84,381 SF academic and research building, including
classrooms, laboratories, conference spaces, and faculty offices. The building will have a
concrete substructure and a structural steel superstructure. The skin consists of curtain
wall, brick veneer, composite panels, and corrugated perforated metal screens. The Cash Paid For Farm &
Construction Equipment
project has a range of interior finishes, including your typical items, with specialty items
such as lab flooring, polish concrete, fabric wrap panels, and sound absorbing panels.
The project also includes items such as accordion fire door, operable partitions, lab
casework and equipment, anechoic chamber, and RF shielding. MEP systems include
new HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, fire alarm, and complete low voltage
systems for AV, Security, and Tele Data. Call 301-536-6039
Bid Packages:
01A - Surveying 01D - Construction Waste 05A - Structural Steel
01B - 3rd Party Independent Removal (Dumpsters) 07A - Waterproofing
Testing & Inspections 01F - Construction Fencing 31A - Earthwork


01C - General Trades (General 01G - Temporary Site Power 33A – Site Wet Utilities
Labor & Cleaning) 03A - Concrete
Additional Bid Packages to be Announced on Future Ad
Prequalification Period: April 29, 2019 to May 13, 2019 - Deadline to receive
prequalification statements is by May 13, 2019 by 5:00pm
Bid Period: May 15, 2019 to June 5, 2019 - Bids due on June 5, 2019 by 5:00pm
Construction Start: Planned start October 2019
(Anticipated - 24-month construction schedule)
Interested parties should contact Greg Shotto
( at (410) 365-0037
for further information.



Join our Technical Recruiting Team

MIL dominates in the field of engineering-oriented support

that results in world-class solutions to government clients
in Southern Maryland and beyond.

Take advantage of:

> Executive Compensation > Flexible/Compressed Schedules
> Telework Opportunities > Medical & Retirement

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Our growing workforce offers you the opportunity to manage the full recruiting
lifecycle from sourcing to onboarding. So bring us your savvy skills and innovative
ideas and get ready to meet the MIL challenge!

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24 The Calvert County Times Thursday, May 16, 2019

3rd Annual
Green Manor
Farm Show
Awards for:
Best In Show Tractor
Best In Class Engine/
Best In Class
Antique Truck/Car

June 1 & 2
Bring your family and enjoy all of the
farm tractors and other items that will be on display.

Antique Tractor Pull & Mini Rods Pull Garden Tractor Pull
10 am Saturday June 1 10 am Sunday June 2
Registration starts at 8:30 am Registration starts at 8:30 am

Great Food • Vendors & Flea Market

For more information find us on Facebook or call Jeff at 301-861-7738

38250 New Market Turner Rd. • Mechanicsville, MD 20659