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7 Habits Of
Highly Effective
Network Marketers

By Matt Remorino

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1. Introduction

2. Habit 1 - Be A BIG Dreamer

How To Dream Big

3. Habit 2 - Be The Expert

Becoming An Expert Puts You In Front Of 99% Of Other Networkers

4. Habit 3 - Goal Setting

How To Set Out A Goal and Achieve It!

5. Habit 4 - Take Massive Action

How Taking Massive Action Sets You Up For Massive Success

6. Habit 5 - Be A Leader
How To Be A Leader The Moment You Start

7. Habit 6 - Your Vision

How To Be Who You Want To be Now

8. Habit 7 - Total Personal Responsibility

Why Your Responsibility Will Make You The Winner In Your Business

9. About The Author

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Firstly and most importantly, Thank you! By you taking action you are
displaying one of the most vital keys of your success! You see by being
coachable and having a mindset of willing to learn daily, you will
become one of the most highly effective Network marketers that our
profession has ever seen!

So why 7 habits, simply put without developing these habits your

success will be limited! I do not know any highly successful Network
marketers that do not display all 7 of these habits!

These 7 habits are not a choice of any combination they are a must!
Each one of these habits must be learned and developed by YOU and
within YOU, in order for the type of success that you desire!

This whole series on the 7 habits came from my own past struggles
where with limited success myself I started to search for the reason
why. So through this search I have spoken to many others in our
profession who also struggled and then found success. The one thing I
found was that every single person developed these habits.

So let’s not keep you from them anymore! Read on now and start to
absorb these easy to apply habits so that you can find your success!

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Be A BIG Dreamer

Habit 1 - How To Dream Big

Dreaming big is something we all did when we were younger! In order

to have the success you desire your dreams need to scare you!

A dream of being debt free is not big enough. Your dream has to be
something that will empower you and compel you to want it so badly
that nothing will stop you until you achieve it!

Here is why clearing debt is a great example! We all want to be debt

free and financially free that is true and in itself is a great dream, but
how many people really are? Who do you know honestly that live a
debt free lifestyle? You see everyone wants this but everyone also
accepts that will probably not happen for them as “we live in a borrow,
borrow society”! Therefore accepting that this dream will not come

Your dream needs to be specific and unique to your desire for what you
personally want in life for yourself and the people around you!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 5

Remember when you were a child and you were asked “What do you
want to be when you’re older?” For me I grew up in an age where Star
Wars was massive and Jedi’s roamed our towns and cities keeping us
safe! I remember once answering what I was going to be with “I am
going to be the next Jedi Master travelling through space from world to
world keeping peace and freedom for everyone!”

Now you possibly had similar dreams right! BUT notice something I was
going to be! Not I was going to try to be!

You see there is something for that little green man (Yoda) in The
Empire Strikes Back when he said to Luke who was training to become
a Jedi!

“Try not; Do or Do Not There Is No Try!” Luke was trying and not just
letting himself go and being a Jedi!

Now before I disappear off into a totally different world, your desire,
your dream has to be something that you want, that you know is way
bigger than you, but yet know that once applied you will achieve!

So the first habit is to create that dream so big that it scares you, so
much that you leave no other option but know you are going to achieve

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Be The Expert

Habit 2 - How Becoming An Expert Puts You In Front Of

99% Of Other Networkers

Becoming the expert sounds like a lot of work right?

Now normally we are taught to point prospects or leads to a 3rd party

tool and that are for sure the best way without a shadow of a doubt! So
what does I mean by “be the expert?”

Well simply this, if you are asked a question about your profession say
you’re an accountant can you honestly say...

“Ummm, well I am not too sure I can answer that hang on let me get
someone that can!”

Or can you as a doctor get away with just saying....

“Hey look its ok I just got started in this profession yesterday, but I am
fully motivated and raring to go with your heart operation?”

I should hope NOT!

So we all need to have some level of expertise in our own profession

right! Now this is something in the Home Business profession that is
incredibly simple and easy to achieve an”expert Status”.

I once heard a mentor explaining what he felt was an expert in our

industry and this is what he said.

Study 5-10 books/Audios on a niche and take notes in the manner of

wanting to teach it to others!

You see 99% of people won't read more than 2 books or listen to a
couple of audios on average let alone 5-10! So just from your notes
that you take from the 5-10 books or audios etc you will know infinitely
more than 99% of any other person in that profession!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 7

You see by having the knowledge to answer the objections (questions)
of your prospects you will be building credibility and trust with them!

You need to be an expert in the process of providing your presentation

tool or 3rd party tool for sure, but you also need to have the expertise
on how to close them after they have seen your 3rd party information!

If you are to build a team you HAVE to be the expert!

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Goal Setting

Habit 3 – How To Set Out A Goal and Achieve It!

Creating a game plan or Goal is an essential habit not just for the long
end of goal, but for those annual, monthly, weekly and even daily
goals! By developing a specific habit for goal setting you will achieve far
greater results than by just merely setting an over-all game plan or

I learned this particular method of game planning or goal setting from

Matt Morris author of ‘The Unemployed Millionaire’.

No you’re probably thinking right now that Setting goals is Simple

It’s probably that kind of thinking which is why you haven’t achieved all
your goals yet!

Here is the method I learned and now follow which by the way only the
very successful follow!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 9

1. Make your goal a very specific goal

2. Give it a Timeframe for completion

3. Make sure it is Written down

4. Write why you want to achieve that specific goal

5. Develop an action plan to follow precisely

6. Put it somewhere where you will Look and read your goal daily

So they are the 6 sections that you must have in order to have the goal
or game plan specific enough and ready for achievement!

On the next page I will help you physically lay them out on a sheet of

Firstly create 3 sections on the piece of paper.

1. The first section at the top will contain the following...

The specific goal with the deadline to achieve it by.

This really must be very, very specific, if your goal isn’t specific enough
then you will not be able to create the focus needed to achieve that

2. In the second section have why it's an absolute must to achieve

that goal.

E.g. Your purpose the true motivator behind the goal!

Having “earning a full time income” is great but what's the true purpose
behind that and what’s it going to achieve in your life for you?

‘I must achieve said goal because I must be a mentor and role model
for my children so they never have to experience poverty or a hard
life ever’!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 10

By having the purpose it gives the goal further power for you to want to
achieve it!

3. In the final section you must have your specific action plan to
achieve that goal.


1. I am going to get 3 presentations a day

2. Do Personal development for 1 hour a day

3. Enrol 1 new customer or business partner a week

4. Contact my mentor/up line twice a week for help and advice

5. Contact my team members 3 times a week to see what I can do to

help them.

By laying it out in this way and reading it daily you are conditioning
your sub conscious mind and working to a specific instruction that you
find easier to follow!

As humans we want the easiest route to our goal and without a specific
structure to our goal we will find it too hard and stop!

With this specific structure we eliminate any confusion and simply

follow what we have laid out until it is achieved! Like in your job really,
your boss says go and do this specific task and you do!

Your written goal/game plan is your boss!

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Take Massive Action

Habit 4 - How Taking Massive Action Sets You Up For

Massive Success

This chapter is short and sweet!

Very simply here is a tried and tested Success formula inspired by Jim
Rohn and Matt Morris....


That’s it!

Commitment to succeeding your goals has to be 100% nothing less will


To get the same results as someone with ten times the ability as you,
you have to work ten times harder than them in order to achieve the
same result!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 12

Jim Rohn in a very popular training audio goes into the law of averages
and how with the law of averages a ratio will appear!

So in this example Jim highlighted that...

The expert earning 6-7 figures recruits on average let’s say nine out of
ten and you, as someone new to the profession or new to a company is
only getting one out of ten can in fact still beat the expert!

Here’s how

The expert will speak to ten people because that will give him nine new
member’s right! But you speak to a hundred people and get ten!
Therefore by taking MASSIVE action you beat him!

Now this has a compound effect because as you’re speaking to your

hundred people your skill level is increasing because you are repeating
the daily actions to get better at what you are doing! So your ratio will
naturally increase and your skill level will soon match the experts!

Effectively giving you this equation!


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Be A Leader

Habit 5 - How To Be A Leader The Moment You Start

Everything rises and falls on your ability to lead others. Becoming the
leader you want to be is vital!
This is where you set yourself apart from the rest! This is where you
perform to the highest level that you can so that others will do the

You set the bar Ralph Waldo Emerson once said....

The speed of the leader determines the pace of

the pack.

So here are 5 top points to make a note of and to implement right

away, even if you are new or don’t even have a team yet! These 5
points are vital to your future leadership skills and qualities!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 14

1. Dream larger than those you lead or are around!

2. Have your Attitude bigger and more positive than those you lead
or are around!

3. Always display the highest level of commitment to integrity and

character. Do the right thing all the time without stopping!

4. Personal growth. Develop daily! Matt Morris said, “You are either
spiralling upwards or spirally downwards. When you’re green
you’re growing, when you’re ripe you’re rotten!” STAY
Learn daily on how to develop you into a better version of what
you were the previous day!

5. Be more Persistent and determined than those you lead. It takes

time to be successful! Always find your way around anything!

“Champions aren’t made in a day,

but they are made daily!” ~ Scott Ross

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 15

Your Vision

Habit 6 - How To Be Who You Want To be Now

Build your vision. Vision is NOT your goals.

Vision is how YOU see yourself, what you expect of yourself and who
you want to become. Vision determines your success!

Constantly talking about where you are now will keep you right there!
Your true vision is trained by your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind takes everything it can from your thoughts and
carries out exactly what you’re thinking whether true or not, so fill your
subconscious mind with nothing but positive affirmations and

You can change your vision to create successful results.

Can you change...

1. What people say about you? NO

You can't do much about that apart the obvious don't hang around
those that don't speak highly and positively of you.

2. The results you experienced in life? NO

You can't do much about results in the past so focus and celebrate
your current achievements!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 16

Here by far is the most powerful way to shape your vision...

3. What you say and what you think about yourself. Every word
action and thought is an imprint in your subconscious mind.

Everything put into it produces a result whether it's a negative or a

positive one! Put in negative get negative out, Put positive in get
positive out! Every word, thought, and action will create who and what
you are.

Now here is the key ok, you ready for this?

Your subconscious mind completely controls your success it is infinitely

more powerful than your conscious mind! It believes and takes action
on every single thing that is put in there! Whereas your conscious mind
can control and stop it from certain actions!

So if you tell your subconscious you’re broke, you’re tired etc it will find
a way to make that a reality! When you start telling it your happy,
energised and wealthy it will do everything it can to create and make
that a reality!

You see your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between a
lie and a truth; it simply acts on whatever it’s being told!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 17

When you tell yourself in your conscious mind that you are the best,
sexy, beautiful, handsome person etc your conscious mind says "yeah
right, you’re full of it!" But what your subconscious does is it says right
ok this is what we are so let's make us that!

The trick is to constantly fill your subconscious with positive,

empowering and motivating commands (Affirmations). The reason it's
so hard to switch round is because we have a common
misunderstanding of how we should live day to day.

Here's what we are told and taught to believe. Most live by this
philosophy of “have and then be”. An example would be...

“If I can just find the woman or man of my dreams then I will be
completely happy about by life!”

Whatever you want to attract you have to become that person before
you have the results. Your dream partner is dreaming about wanting to
be with someone who is already happy with life, so until you become
the sort of person who will attract them, you will never have that

So remember it is not a situation where you can have and then be. You
must be, and then you will have!

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Total Personal Responsibility
Habit 7 - Why Your Responsibility Will Make You The Winner In Your

100% personal responsibility and nothing less!

Now you can talk to a complete stranger and in less than 5 minutes
determine exactly what that persons level of success is, based on
asking one question "what is your biggest failure in life?"

Now if they go on and on about how this person or that situation

dropped them in it or that someone did something wrong or anything
like that, basically passing the blame onto another person then you can
instantly know that that person is nowhere close to where they want to
be in life because they are holding themselves completely powerless!

You see when you blame others you become completely powerless.
Have you ever heard anyone say, "my team is just not doing
anything?" Now I am sure you have never said anything like that
yourself right! But maybe you have overheard someone say it. Now
here's the thing, your team will never do anything until you stop
putting the blame on the team and start putting the blame on yourself.
By shifting the responsibility to something/one else you are being a
very weak person.

So here's the secret to the most powerful people in the world ok?!

They take 100% responsibility for everything in their life! Have you
ever heard "There just isn't enough time in the day?" I know you
wouldn't ever say that either right!? BUT I used to say it all the time!
7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 19
And you know what I never ended up with enough time in the day to
get things done!

Do you really think Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Donald Trump and
many, many others whine about not having enough time in the day? Of
course they don’t!
When you learn the secret to power is in 100% responsibility you
suddenly have plenty of time because you work out a way to get
everything done. You stop making excuses and start creating results!

When you can’t get your up line on the phone, you take responsibility
and become successful anyway. When your team isn't producing, you
take responsibility and found another group that is.

Here's another way to start taking 100% responsibility if you want to

achieve any goal your first step is to declare it and take 100%
responsibility for creating it! Then clear out all the words like hopefully,
can't, maybe, and the killer word "try.” This is a horrible word!

Remember Yoda "Try not; do or do not there is no try!" When someone

says they are going to try and do something I know pretty much that
they won't do it! Try is nothing more than a front end excuse!

It's what you say when you have no commitment to your goal. All
words like those are signs that you don't believe in yourself enough to
make it happen for yourself and you’re using your own power against
you! You see if you put all that energy into I am going to do it the
chances are you will do it!

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 20

We all have the same amount of power remember we are all born
equally! It's up to us to decide whether we use our power negatively or
positively! And how much we use in each case!

So from right now realise that when you make excuses you are making
yourself powerless and basing your results and success of your freedom
and your life on something else. When something else other than you is
in control then you are weak to be able to overcome it because you
have no power.

Now when you take 100% responsibility you have the power and gain
the upper hand in any situation and have the ability to control your

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About The Author

Matt Remorino was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Since the
age of five years, his family chose to live on the South Coast of
England. This area continues to be where Matt makes his home, except
now he shares it with his beautiful wife and three incredible children.

Like many others, Matt began his working life within the family
business but began to feel that the world offered more opportunity so
he set out to find a 'career'. Still not totally satisfied, Matt began to
question was there more to life than this? Having now experienced the
life of a family business and that of a “job”, he began to question,
“What if I had my own business?”

To build more practical experience, Matt was able to return to the

family business where he worked on specific projects that allowed him
to develop skills and grow personally. These projects uncovered talents
that have led him to where he is now… a Network Marketing
Professional, Business Coach and Trainer. Not only is Matt able to
realise his own dreams that he shares with his young growing family,
but is assisting others to achieve their dreams as well. Matt’s biggest
achievement has been to find ways through his Business Coaching and
Training’s to share his new found knowledge with clients so they too
can achieve their goals with little effort.
7 Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketers Copyright 2015 Page 22
Since 2010 Matt has developed various different Home Based
Businesses from Social Media Membership sites, traditional affiliate
marketing, private membership business training sites where he
opened the back doors to his successes, to what has always been his
favourite past time of Network Marketing!

Network marketing is where Matt finds most enjoyment and relaxation,

due to the incredible people that are involved in this aspect of Home

Having met many industry legends like Ray Higdon, Matt Morris,
Richard Matharoo and a host of other renowned Network Marketing
Professionals, it is here that Matt has grown his skills and experiences
of a true lifestyle that Matt had envisioned when he found that the
family business and the “job” just weren’t enough for his future!

Matt discovered that the lessons and methods he teaches have allowed
him to be at home, providing the opportunity to share in the children’s
growth along with his continued business growth. He has found that he
prefers this style of living better than being at a job that only allows
him to peer into the lives of his family once and a while!

If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It!

To learn more about Matt Remorino and his business go to

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