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How to Ensure AMCA-Certified Products Get Installed -GuR An AMCA International White Paper AMCA International 30 West University Dr. Arlington Heights, IL 60004 USA This white paper is available to download at no cost at PUBLICATIONS BANICA.ORG How to Ensure AMCA-Certified Products Get Installed With a Step-By-Step Check ABSTRACT This white paper describes what building industry professionals need to know to properly specify an AMCA- certified product and then ensure that product gets installed. included are a handy step-by-step checklist and several practical examples. BENEFIT FROM AMCA-CERTIFIED VALUE ‘The AMCA International Certified Ratings Program is a globally recognized third-oarty rogram that assures buyers, specifers and other building industry professionals that manufacturers’ pud- lished data for ar movement and control products are accurate. SELECT AN AMCA-CERTIFIED PRODUCT TYPE IFyouwant to specify an AMCA-certiec product, rst verity thatthe product typeis one that AMCA, certifies, For exemple, many of the components within an airhandiing unit can be AMCA certifed, bbut AMCA does not certity ar handing unis, ‘An AMCA Cartifas Ratings Program ‘al rials proce palormanes ‘ala has been veri and rans & rigorous set of sandards STEP 1: SELECT AN AMCA-CERTIFIED PRODUCT TYPE © Agricultural fans © Propeller fens © Louvers: weatharresistart, © Axial fans 1 Air cireulator fans acoustic, sand-resistant 5 Celing ventilators © Aircurtains © Gravity ventions 5 Centrifugal fans 1D Induced flow fans © Spiral duct 5 Energy recovery ventilators © Positive pressure ventilators © Taneverse duct connectors 5 Evaporative coolers 1 Airfiow measurement © Acoustic duct slencers © Jet tunnel fans stations © Mixed flow fans © Dampers: volume control, 5 Power roof ventilators, isolation, economizer FIND AMCA-CERTIFIED PRODUCTS ‘The most reliable way to find AMCA-certiied oracuects is to use our online certified products database at \, which incluces @ drectory of ficensed products. The web address for this online database is Isted in he resources section ofthis document Manufacturers also identify AMCA-certied products in ther Iterature, you select products based on manu facture’ Iterature, itis good practice to verity certifications ere current by checking our online database, ‘Search for AMCA-certfed products in our onine datebase by = Company name + Product type = Country + Lioense type: [AMICA offers the following types of icanses in the AMCA Cerifedl Ratings Program: + Air performance + FEG {fan afficioney grad} + Sound + Poste prassure ventilator + Ai loakage + Aiflow measurement station + Water penetration + Acoust duct sloncor + Wind chivas rain “Indu flow fan + CFM por watt + Oreulating tan + Efcloney