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This main objective of the Hospital Management System is to computerize the

maintenance of the patient details and appointment section in the hospital. This system has been
developed to form whole management system including Employees, Doctors, Patients, and
appointments etc. Admin having the rights to create doctor, employee, equipment details,
appointments and user management. These details are secured and only admin can edit and update
the details. There are a lot of benefits to the Hospital and doctor by placing the system at their
registration and doctor appointments. At the same time the patients are also benefited using this
system. The Hospital management system can get much out of the system. The system is used to
enter the patient details and to enter the details about the hospital equipment and the details about
the in-patient and out-patient in detail and about the reports of the patients. Doctor appointments
also managed in this application. Using the system is as simple as using the personal computer. It
is beneficial to both hospital and the patients. Every step is clearly defined and help is provided
through out the application to the user.

Fig: Home Page Fig: Home Page

Project Team:

Vishal Tyagi Pritish Raj Nirbhay Kashyap

(Student) (Student) (Faculty)