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FF-STEEL Frontier Foundry (Pvt) Ltd

Founded: FF-Steel was incorporated in 1986 at Hayat Abad Industrial


Current CEO of FF-Steel is Mr. Nauman Wazir.

Certified as: ISO 9001:2008

Raw Materials: Mild Steel Billets of different sizes.
Processes: The main process done is Rolling (Hot working)
Products: The main products produced at FF-Steel are:
 Deformed Steel Bars
 TMT Steel Bars
 Wire Rod
 Bailing Loop

Standards: (ASTM 615, ASTM 706), (BS 4449/1997, BS 4449/2005)

Rolling Process at FF-STEEL:

The Raw materials for the production of different products produced at
FF-STEEL is Mild Steel Billets which are shown in the figure below.

The Mild Steel Billets are passed through the furnace where furnace oil
is used for burning. The process done in the furnace is hot working
process. Burners in the furnace provide heat with the help of furnace

Mild Steel Billets are passed through 3 zones in the furnace:

 Pre Heating
 Heating
 Soaking

Mild steel billets loaded onto the furnace can be seen in the following
The furnace with burners can be seen below in the figures below:

After passing through the furnace the roll comes out as shown below
Re rolling is done with the help of Roughing Mill which increases length
of the roll and reduces its size which can be seen in the figure below.
Head Cutter and Tail Cutter are used to cut the head and tail of the roll.

Heat treatment process is done with TMT (Themo Mechanical


After Passing through the TMT, the rolls are passed to the conveyer bed
and cut to the required sizes.