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transport specility Traffic control

Finance Demand forecasting

Goods transport logistics

Weather Monitoring forecast based AI


Face Emotion
Recognition personel attributes
hand writting


AI Tutor
Teaching Aide
AI teaching assistant

'Luka' – best adviser.

Medical: 'Babylon

Chat Bot Assitant Education: 'Duolingo'

AI apps|virtual assistant customer service

DataBot Assistant

Home Surveillance

Enterprise fraud detection

Saftey & Security
Spam filter google spam filter in email

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Application's Description
Detects the object by taking photo and giving their name correspondingly on diffrenet languages.

By analyzing data from multiple sources AI can predict customer behavior such a show likely they
will register, open an email, purchase a product, or churn. Using this information AI can build
propensity model which can identify customers who will be more responsive to organization
marketing and loyalty programs.
To maximize their resources by reducing the time and money spent on figuring out how, where and
when to send a package to a certain place.

Weather Forecasting in Retail, Agriculture, Disaster Prediction

personal secure thread, Recorded voice was cloning then speak any of words by that voice.

Detects the kind of emotions by face muscle movements. And output representations either emojis or words

Computers extract meaning from static handwritten text by processing an image, including
separating characters from background noise. Processing text as it is being written often takes
account of pen movement and uses special tablets

boimetric scan and security

Online tutoring & automate basic activities in education via either an app or by robotics.

“ jill Watson ” : Georgia Tech's first AI teaching assistant

The app is a place where humans & bots can meet and talk about things like restaurants, weather,& recents news.

Users can chat with the app about their symptoms 24/7, and get fast and accurate medical advice.

Teaching and training for new languages

Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces

This virtual aide is equipped with its own voice pack and is ready to answer any user questions,as
well as provide an overview of the latest world news

Converts the image into text fo blind peoples and speak that text loudly where by using phone's camera
Mr. Number is a dialer that makes it easy to block unwanted calls as well as identify & stop spam, scam and fraud.
Control by recording.Monitoring and surveillancing to avoid thread or cautions

Protecting from the fraudlant trancstions.

concepts for monitoring and avoding the unwanted emails where pinned as spams.

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hone's camera
am, scam and fraud.

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