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Helwan University Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo Architectural Department Subject: Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo - Helwan University Architectural Department’s Course Description ‘Name of Graduate: Five academic years from: General Grade: x Subject contents: Hours / Week I Academic year: I-A Architectural Design. w 1-B Pattern and Design Principles. 4° 4-C Drawing and Sculpt 2 1D i struction. 2 1-E Descriptive Geometry. 4 1-F Mathematics. 2 1-G Chemistry. 2 IsH Physics. 2 1-1 History of Art. 2 LJ 2 i 2B Pattern and'principle Design. 2 Building Construction. 2 2D Perspective. 4 2E Architectural Theories. 2 2-F Building Materials. 2 2 4 2 2 2 .2-G Computer Aided Design. 2-H tructures Calculations. ¥ of Architecture: cae nd Aesthetics. Helwan University Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo Architectural Department Hours / Week 3 Academic year: 3-A Architectural Design. 10 3B Perspective. 2 3-C Working Drawings. 2 3D History of Architecture. 2 3E Architecture Theories. 2 3-F Survey. 4 3-G _ Reinforced Concrete. 4 3H History of Civilization. 2 3-1 Soil Mechanics Foundations. 2 3S Steel Structure. 4 3K English Language. 2 ZL Building Legislations and Planning Theories. 2 4" Academic year: 4A — Architectural Design. 10 4-B Town Planning. 4 4-C Working Drawings. 4 4-D__ Interior Architectural Design. 2 4-E Industrialized Bui gs Systems. 2 4-F Technical Preparation. 4 4-G Architectural Theories. 2 4-H History of Architecture. 2 41 Environmental Treatment for Buildings. 4 5 Academic year: 5-A Architectural Design. 12 5-B Town Planning. 6 5-C Working Drawings. 6 5-D Housing and Site Design. 4 SE _ Environmental Studies. 2 : SF Quantities an¢ Specifications. 2 5-G Business Administration of Communication Theory. 2 5-H Final Project. 30 SUL SC a a ‘Helwan University Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo Axe ‘Department 1 Academic Year 19-1? (Preparatory year) 1-A Architectural Design: (10 tnr/week) General drawing training with pen and ink Design Methodology: investigation of special quality light, color and texture in buildings. . Development of students’ imagination relating to volumes and masses through the 3 dimensions drawings Srtcentation (plans, sections, photographs) of comprehensive analytical study through ve tripe ofan Islamic architectural monument ‘Application or conventional techniques ‘model making, orthographic projection, pectand perspective, (non dimensionally axonometicy presentation) Solving small problems through to small projects Pattern and Design Principles: (4 hnr/week) Recognizing formal art in general, studying its elements (Harmony, Symmetry. Contrast ..etc.), reading and analyzing ‘classical and updating works. Line Architecture -plan Architecture -volume “Architecture, relation between man, space and buildings (environment). Weekly exercises for application and slide leetares ° given. Drawing and Sculpture: | (2 hr/week) Develop freehand skills with pencil Learning with pencil the main principle laws of light and shadow. Learning with pencil the technical aspects ‘of solid nature elements of geometric forms. pridies with pencil the ancient buildings and its ‘omaments of different civilizations (Pharonic, Coptic, Islamic) Building, Construction: @ nriweek) Learning the architectural expressions used it the field Trtroduction to different kinds of brick construction. Methods of walls and foundation placement on Si ‘and the important precautions aust been observed, applications through detailed drawings, Wood construction, element, design, treatments ‘walls, roofs, trusses, detail connections. Spigerent kinds of finishing (walls, wooden and marble floors, insulations, stairs an Techical preparations electrical and sanitary) ‘vith practical application through detailed drawings