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Assistant City Attorney

City of Shreveport, Louisiana

May 15, 2019

City of Shreveport, Louisiana | City Attorney’s Office

Dear Ms. Creal,

Thank you for the “promotional” reassignment to become the Senior Risk Manager of the City’s Risk
Management division. Although, I do believe, the original promotional reassignment has now been
altered to reflect that I would retain my Assistant City Attorney title and merely “supervise” the Risk
Management division. Nonetheless, upon further consideration, I am declining this reassignment and
tendering my resignation.

I wish the administration much success in locating an experienced and qualified person to fulfill the
newly created position of Senior Risk Manager (or in the alternative the position of “supervisor”) – a
very important role for the City. It has been my pleasure to serve, in a legal capacity, the various City
departments, the staff, City Council as well as the administration.

For the past three years, in my current role as Assistant City Attorney for the City of Shreveport, I
have primarily worked, researched, and drafted ordinances and resolutions for the City Council
members. I am extremely proud of the legal work product I have delivered to the City and have truly
enjoyed my legal service to the City of Shreveport.

It is with great enthusiasm I share with you that I am accepting a legal position in a Texas city
attorney’s office that will afford me the promotion and salary commensurate with my knowledge and
experience. Making the decision to leave Shreveport was initially a difficult one – but nonetheless a
necessary decision to ensure my success and further development of my municipal law career.

My last day of employment will be Monday, May 27, 2019. Please accept my resignation along with
my appreciation for the opportunity to serve the City of Shreveport.


Karen Strand
Assistant City Attorney

Cc: Shreveport City Council Members

Clerk of Council, Mr. Arthur Thompson and Staff
Mayor Adrian Perkins