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Risk Assessment (Page 1 of 2)

A risk assessment form must be produced for EACH new filming location

Production title: Welly Against the World

Filming Dates: 01/05/2019
Equipment being taken:  Tripod Location Address: Wellingborough town & Swansgate Centre

 Nikon DLSR 500

 Røde Microphone

Detailed description of production activities: List of personnel in attendance:

The recording of the beginning scene featured at the start * Cai Gausden
of the film and opening credits; this includes narration of * Luke Johnson
the town, plus panning camera. After gang tackle camera * Paul Piggott
and beginning credits role, featured credits role with the * Ben Brady
gang moving around town as a pack, intimidating people * Kush Thankey
and thinking that they are the centre of attention when it
comes to their lives and what they do in a day, compared
to everyone else going about town.
Please tick any of the hazards (the potential to cause harm) that apply to your production
1 Access/egress blocked/restricted 4 Slips, trips, falls 7 Flammable materials

2 Animals/insects (wild, performing

etc.) 5 Manual Handling 8 Special needs/children/elderly/disabled

3 Audience safety/public/
crowds/violence/ civil unrest 6 Water/proximity to water/tanks 9 Vehicles/motorcycles/speed

Risk Assessment (Page 2 of 2)

Hazard Main Risks Identified Existing & Additional controls to manage risk By whom
number Who might be harmed and how? Indicate the risk state after control initiatives are introduced. Specify who is to ensure the additional measures
(Describe risks as High, Medium, or Low) (H/M/L) are implemented.

1 (Low) Dropping camera on the Bring a camera bag to put the camera in, instead of I will bring my camera bag, since it came
concrete floor. placing it on a surface where it can get damaged. with my camera.

2 (Medium) Rain fall during filming Bring camera bag along to quickly stop shooting and I will bring my camera bag, since it came
will damage camera pack up quickly. with my camera.

3 (Low) Trooper played by Ben, might Have the character wear thick clothing and fingerless Ben will bring these since he is always
be hurt when shoved to the ground gloves, to prevent grazing to the skin; also advising Paul supplied them, due to being a mechanic
by The Bully played by Paul. not to shove Ben very hard to prevent limbs twisting

Producer’s Signature: CLG02 Date:14/05/2019