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Fourth Branch


By: Ingrid Castro & Lizbeth Loeza

What is the form of our local government (for example, mayor-council,
council manager)?

● Mayor city council

When and where does our local government meet?

● The Merced City Council meets every first and third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m., in the
Council Chamber located in the Civic Center, Second Floor, unless otherwise noticed.

Are any meetings open to the public? If so, which ones?

● The County prepares and distributes Board meeting agendas in compliance with the Brown
Act. Agendas are available online and are available at the Board of Supervisors
How long is the term of office for the elected officials in our local

● The term of office for the elected officials in our local government is 2 years.

Are the members of our local government appointed, elected by

district, “at-large,” or some combination?

● The members of our local government appointed, are elected by district

How many members are in our local government? Who are they?

● Merced, the City Council could have three members of law.

● District 4 Councilmember Kevin Blake
● District 6 candidate Delray Shelton
● District 5 Councilmember Matt Serratto
4th branch
Step 3
What is the issue? Describe the problem and give
example. Document why you believe this is a real issue.
Be precise.
● Homeless is a big issue in merced I think this because I see many around the area.
Although it did drastically go down, according to an article “The number of
homeless people in Merced County living in a shelter or on the street was 454,
down 12.5 percent compared with the previous year, members of the Merced
County Continuum of Care said Friday.” This is still an issue and we have long
ways to go too get that rate way down there.
What, if anything, has the local legislative body (example – city
council, borough council) done about the issue? Passed a law etc
● The city has tried harder to offer more shelter for them, let
them know they are welcomed at the shelters.
How has your issue been affected by the
local budget process?
● This issue has been affected by the local budget
process because sometimes not every person can get
into the shelter, not enough food for everyone, not
much funding is being put into these shelters.
What roles have community groups played
in the issue?
● There are groups on social media that get together to
help the homeless in merced. Groups that donate
clothes and food. Funding.
● This article /website was created by a committee in merced to help and
talk about homelessness issues

In conclusion I believe that the best solution for this issue is to create more
more food drives, clothes donations. Help the homeless feel safe and
comfortable within the shelter so that they can keep going and staying off
the streets. More committees should be made, volunteer work should be
provided as well. There should also be more funding for shelters, to build a
few, or to make the current one bigger. So that there’s money for basic
things that will be needed within the shelters.
4th branch
Step 4
Another issue that we have in our community is that we have a lot of stray dogs in

Ways citizens share interest in local government

● Go to any open meetings

● Contact city animal control
● If you want to adopt pet, contact Merced county animal shelter
● Download app to make complains
Our plan
- To get our voice heard about there being a lot of stray dogs we would got to any
meetings and ask about what is being done about the dogs in the streets. Someone
can address our issue and give us more information about what we can do about it.


- Some stray dogs are dangerous due to rabbies