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Purpose: Social messaging applications have seen a massive soar in community

as the consequence of the appearance of smartphone and the subsequent
explosion of mobile apps. While the extend of using them for marketing
purpose is growing rapidly, there is little academic research in this area in Viet
Nam. This paper conducted a survey of young Vietnamese consumers to
illustrate the factors affecting them toward mobile instant messenger .

Design/methodology/approach: The research collected the customer data by

quantitative research and deductive approach and tested the model by Statistical
Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The 152 respondents, who are 18- 25
years old, were investigated on their perception of informativeness,time
conveinence, entertainment and interaction approach messeaging apps.

Findings: The analysis show that all four hypothesized antecentdents of

advertising value having positive effect on young consumers’ attitude towards
mobile advertising and purchase intention. Furthermore, interation was the most
significant factor affecting respondents’ attitude toward mobile ads (40.9%),
followed by entertainemnt and time convience at 33.1% and 31%
correspondingly and information accounted for the lowest rate (26.4%).