ELECTROMAGNETIC Conspiracy In The Cradle Of Civilization Bigger On The Inside Than On The Outside Interval Used In World Wide

MindControl 5/3 Royality/Twins Brothers and Sisters Incest The Mirror Image 9/11 The end of the world and the human race I think the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey states that 9/11 is the end of the world spaceship earth HAL 9000: "I CAN FEEL IT DAVE"

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Bigger On The Inside Than On The Outside

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I have been working on an interval now for the last 10 years of my life. I have suffered horribly, to put this together, and still continue to suffer to this day. If I could describe just one year of the torture I have been through in the past 16 years to a crowed room there, I am sure, would not be anyone in the room after just the first 30 minutes. To meet people, or possibly to hang out in bars like the Library bar on high st. That is the reason Eric Schwing pulled off a trick that I think, if it were takenMankind was able to slowly crawl out of the holes which had been dug for it because the original Masters, had been replaced by a less visible race of aliens. According to ancient Sumerian texts, the Masters had acquired the mineral resources which brought them to this planet and they left the mutated human species to return to their home planet.
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brought back Eric Schwing with them. The place on 16th ave. and you can probably tell I was not very responsible at the time changed, and I had really no source of income so I decided to live in a rooming house where Eric Schwing and Angela Fick lived together as managers of the building which just happened to be right across the street from the Fraternity house where Mike had been President. Do you remember the movie Animal House? Ha ha. No accident that it was made and somehow, even though no one accepts it, had a close connection to my life. It was not until I was living in an apartment on 8th ave that I found out Eric Schwing even had the document that was in our household in the 1950 s at 1458 SW 19th Ave. No one in our household could figure out why it was there even. Regarding our household in Ft Lauderdale, in the 1950 s there was an incident that happened that I have just realized might be something that my mom handled, behind my back, but with the best intentions, because I was having problems in school, that is 2nd grade. In our neighborhood, called Shady Banks, that was called Shady Banks, because there were banks in back of all the houses. The banks were only there to hold back the water if the canals overflowed. That being said it would not be a choice on a document. Eric Schwing trying to tell me he choose Shady Side neighborhood does not make sense, unless, of course, David Svetlick hired him He did say we are the mercenaries . When David Svetlick moved into the neighborhood Mike was called on the phone at 1458 SW 19th Ave and instructed to take me to meet David. When I went there with Mike David was wearing no shoes like I used to do, and probably no one else in the neighborhood did, and putting his foot in his mouth chewing his toe nails. His dad was supposedly a TV repairman like Mr Bridges, who s son was my best friend at the time, but David Svetlick s dad was not a TV repairman. He not only was not a TV repairman he had a picture of Sput Nik on the side of his truck. Fidel Castro, then 90 miles from Miami beach became an issue in our neighborhood, for a reason that is hard to explain. Sputnik by the way if translated from Russian to English translates as Traveling Companion. Why would Russia launch a satellite called traveling companion? I think the first one was launched on October 4, 1957, just about a month after I started first grade. I mentioned that there was an incident that started happening, that I, without anything to go by, did not understand. Suddenly people that had been friends of me, and their parents turned into enemies. I could not figure out why who would guess that someone then, had so much access to telephone systems that they could call any house I was at even though I did not have any idea who they were. People just do not realize, and it has taken me 45 years to figure it out myself that the telephone system is just based on switches. That is ON and OFF switches. There is a book called the I Ching that is made up, basically of 64 hexagrams. If you look at the hexagrams as Yin and Yang only then they could be considered ON and OFF switches. Therefore, even though AT&T will never admit it the telephone system that we use today was invented maybe 5000 years ago. I just mentioned that suddenly friends in the neighborhood

became enemies, and I just could not figure it out because I had not done anything to them. I recall an incident that happened just before the Svetlicks moved in and opened a trampoline franchise, in which there was a house at the end of 14th ave, on 16th street where they had a trampoline in the front yard. But I had gone there several times before, and they had no problem with me jumping on there in ground trampoline. But suddenly, one day, when I was about 8 years old they came out of there house, and told me to get out of their yard. I wonder to this day what had been said to them, probably over the telephone, just before they came out. I think that incident got back to our mom, and she might have explained that they had been told the wrong information that her son was the nicest person you would ever want to meet. Eric Schwing, 20 years later, living on 16th ave used to use the pick up line in bars to pick up girls I have got someone back at my place that is the nicest person you would ever want to meet . Where did Eric Schwing get that line? You talk about the worst and I mean the worst invasion of privacy I really can t think of anything worse than that happening and repeating something that was hard on me without knowing it really happened at the time. Suppose it were possible that I was somehow a Node? When I was about to leave Columbus in the 1990 s I had given up my telephone because I could not pay the bill. I started using pay phones, and on several occasions someone that could tell exactly where I was at took the quarters from the call I made and caused the telephone to hang up. That caused me to think that I did not know at all what was going on, and this was 35 years, almost, after that same type of thing happened in Florida, but Mike was keeping me from knowing that the document was in our house, so I had nothing to go by. Mike was stabbing me in the back, but he just could not figure out that that was what he was doing because choosing IT was not something Mike understood. I am not speaking about Paul H Gerson Jr that Mike started calling everyday. When I was 9 my mom, our mom was shown how the telephone system could do what it did to me. Behind my back, she was desperately trying to help, but could not figure out why so many people were being called in the neighborhood when I had not done anything wrong. So when I was 9 I was coming in the house and just as I opened the door the telephone rang in our house, and Mike repeated the conversation. The conversation was this according to Mike He had got to stay in the program . Our mom had an absolute look of horror on her face that something like that could happen. This is our mom who had given up Steeple Chase horse riding because of a heart condition caused by Rheumatic fever as a child. She had given her boots that she used to ride with in Dayton to Mike. I think that is when our mom, again without me knowing it was being done, called and said to someone I do not know who my son is, but I know he is not a Nazi. I failed to mention the telephone call that tells it all that Mike took, without me knowing that had been made also. The call was something like this, and Mike has never told me about that call either. He has only suggested it, without really getting even close to the real issue. Mike thinks to this day that somewhere out in space, and I don t think he could even define where space starts or ends that it is somehow a vacuum. I went over to house in New Albany one night for dinner

that Cid had made, and he had a telescope set up. Mike just cannot understand that if someone says to him on the telephone nature says that vacuums can t exist they are not talking about something you can see through a telescope. What used to be vacuum tubes in TV s are closer to what they are talking about. The Purple People Eater song, and the logo that goes with it, shows a vacuum just above the head of some sort of weird looking thing with one eye. When someone says to Mike that they choose it . They are not saying that you can choose something else instead they are saying that they have chosen me as their backstop . After our mom died, and we were living in Plantation together that is the people Mike had met behind my back, and stabbing me in the back without even knowing he was doing that to me. Mike got another call that they made sure I was not in the room for, and Mike decided to pull another one doing the same type of thing. After all the work our mom did before she died Mike just threw out the window. I still to this day do not know who any of the people were that were calling on the telephone at the time. Mike is asked this time what do you want today Mike, and Mike thinks well I did not choose, which he really can t do using that document, vacuums so I am going to say nature, and someone says to Mike you cannot choose nature, and since Mike, and as far as I know everyone else, that is children in the household were playing Monopoly at the time, and since someone says to Mike you have to order, not border, like they should have said, in three s. I think they knew we were playing monopoly from where ever they were calling from, so Mike says OK I have three properties. Paul Gerson Jr and Ruth had already done that in 1957 when I was going with them to Miami beach. They thought a house on Miami Beach was something they really wanted because Ruth had separated from her husband, and needed child support. I think she was about to lose her house. So they said to me, they said he usually sits in the front seat, Milton Berle lives there That of course is not a Milton Bradley game. That is where Dorothy Kilgallen might have found out about Uncle Miltie , and don t touch that dial They always started the TV show off that way. In 1965, without me even knowing Dorothy killgallen even existed died of an overdose of sleeping pills. How many people have died because of that world in some way related to sleep? Or drugs in some way? I said at the beginning of this that I have been working on an interval for the last ten years, and started to figure it out only because Neil had accused me 45 years ago through Mike that I had supposedly killed our mom. Mike even asked if we should take him to court, while living on 4th Court. Neil said, and he knew how easy it was to fool Mike no he s in their world now It would have been easier to fool me at the time, but Neil always would go through Mike as though you Owned It was the issue. Suggesting, of course, that Mike somehow owned me. The interval that proves that I and no one else in the Gates household had anything to do with killing anyone. The interval is 5/3 that is exactly the physical time period between our mom, and our dad s first wife passing away, and Eleanor M. Austin Donnelly married Robert H Gates. Exactly 5 months and 3 days. 23 Skidoo as Pam called it then. Married on the 23rd of August a day after my 12th birthday.

Neil proceeded to torture me with the note our mom left behind for Mike. The note said something like please wake your brother up for school. Neil used the note to physically torture night after night, Mike just could not handle Neil even though there were people, and I do not know who they are that were still calling in Plantation . The interval i found, by accident, starts with the death our mom exactly 5 months and 3 days before Eleanor M Austin Donnelly, by an arranged marriage married Robert Gates on the 23rd of August a day after my 12th birthday. it is just in the last three months I have realized that the interval can actually be fit together in the astrological to show who might be responsible for the assassination plot using a vortex to connect Egypt and the 1950's in the United States. Mike received a telephone call in the 1950's that said something like: Nature says vacuum's can't exist". What the person at the other end did not say was that, in fact, nature says that vacuums have to exist. That can be shown by showing that trajectory is based on the principal that everything has to travel in a spiral fashion in order to travel straight, but if you asked an engineer why things have to done that way they probably would not be able to tell you. There are a lot of things, including sand dollor's that have a golden mean on them that say the same thing in a different way. What Mike has never understood is that a telephone call coming to our household in the 1950's does not mean that I know who it is that is calling. Neil used our household, and ignorance to keep our mom and Mike from ever telling me what was happening. Neil's trick that he used from the time I was seven years old till now is High Tech Stalking, and as far as I know no one that I have had any contact with has ever figured out that it is stalking Pam, Neil and Eleanor used 23 Skidoo to make it look like there was place that the interval had been broken or somehow the interval was not being used. It was not only being used I can prove that the interval has been around since Egypt, and King Tut. Here is the interval, and some of the assassinations associated with it. The first that I can find is our mom Betty Louise Gates The interval in the astrological sense has to do with Leo, and the 5th house, and Gemini, and the 3rd house. I found that the interval even follows a very simple pattern of 5 years seperating and 3 years apart. here a few of the assassinations, other than my mom who's name you would not recognize. they are of course names you would recognize


middle 1962


5 months and 3 days 23 Skodooo Betty Loise Gates caused by Pam Neil and Eleanor and I can prove it! They choked her in an oxygen tent by something like what Mike was convinced to buy, behind my back Convinced I knew the Donnelly's which I did not, nor did i know where they lived Eric Schwing said was the issue 1962 middel 1963 John Kennedy Robert Gates II not related to the Gates family 1967 middle 1968 1969 Robert Kennedy Martin Luther King 1972 middle 1973 1974 salvadore allende (what do you have in your mouth, Chili joke by Neil Donnelly 1963) 1977 middle 1978 1979 george markov robert h gates 1964

Neil Donnelly's Father Josef Mengele supposedly died by mossad in 1978 How Come Josef is back alive. mentioned as part of RIght to Life org The office of the president and the white house can be associated with being King The sign Leo, or the fifth sign of the zodiac is definately associated with anything royal and being king, it is also associated with being on stage the center of attention. Neil would certainly fit the association of wanting to be on stage The sign Gemini, or the third sign of the zodiac is definately associated with communications, the third house is associated with brothers and sisters. Whoever created the zodiac knew something about the evolution of the human race. So, in royal families, and I think in all royal families, even ancient Egypt, practiced incest in order to keep the blood line royal. The third house and sign brothers and sisters. The fifth house and sign, and king. I do not know if incest is still done in the remaining royal families There was an article in National Geographic recently that said the downfall of the egyptian empire might be related to incest in the royal family. King Tut might have been a victim of a conspiracy related to that very thing. The other interval I have just figured out is 9/11 The mirror image or vortex of the 5th sign of the zodiac is the 11th sign of the zodiac associated with waves. In physics that might mean the 4th dimension. Walter Bowart gave a wavey file to all of congress related to mind control The mirror image of the 3rd sign of the zodiac is the 9th sign of the zodiac is the 9th sign associated with international travel international communications. The symbol is the arrow. Archery would be a sport associated with sagitarius Therefore a very good suspect for carrying out 9/11 would be someone that might be associated with archery in some way. Or international terrorism. There is a National Geographic article that was just published that said King Tut might have had something to do with incest. It has been proved that that type of thing, and I can t imagine doing anything like that but it was approved by every royal family even the royal family living in

Hawaii. I think King Tut had a twin sister, and having sex with your twin sister is according to people that practiced that type of stuff way too close. So I think if you combine the 5th sign of the zodiac Royality and the 3rd sign of the zodiac Brothers and Sisters it proves that was the issue then, and it is probably the reason he died at age 12? Can you imagine how many royal families have done and how many conspiracies they have led to in royal families? Scottish royal families have been an issue in this country for about the last 150 years. The Kennedy family has Scottish ties to royality. The kennedy Clan. So the family that relied on the Irish Catholic vote to get elected is actually Scottish. The Nazi s have taken advantage of that issue, and Neil and Pam coming from that area, Lynn Ma are definitely people that have participated in that, and have used me as a fly in the spiders mouth for the last 50 years of my life. But there is also an issue related to Pam and Neil being Irish, as Eric Schwing called it. Pam, Neil and Eleanor s last name was not, and has never been Donnelly. That s a good Irish name isn t it?

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