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Food Project Final

Recipe: Tacos
Tofu and basmati rice with taco seasoning
Black beans (that I refried)
Taco shells (corn)
Zucchini (fried a bit) and blueberries (on the side, separately)

I chose to make my taco recipe healthier by adding zucchini and blueberries to the side to make
half of my plate fruits and veggies.

Budget: $20
Basmati Rice: $2.59
Black Beans: 75c
Taco Seasoning: 99c
Taco Shells: $1.99
Tofu: $1.99
Zucchini: $1.99
Baby Crispy Green Leaf Lettuce: $3.99
Blueberries: $3.99
Total: $18.28

Images below:
The cake in the cake stand was not a part of this meal. Commented [1]: Haha awesome! This all looks great!!!