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Unit 7 Test TOP SECRET Name: sssisst May 9/10, 2019 Directions: You may not use a graphing calculator. For multi-step problems, your solutions need to show a clear process for obtaining your answers, and all answers must be given in simplest form. There are 12 problems and 50 points possible on this test. There is one bonus problem. Good luck! —— ee in logarithmic form. (a) Solve for x. (b) Fill in the blanks 3. (8 points) Evaluate each of the following expressions. 4. (2 points) Fill in each blank with a natural number 5. (4 points) Let x = loga log, and z= loge. Rewrite ee in terms of x,y, and z. 6. (4 points) Rowe a single, fully simplified logarithm. 8. (4 points) To study for this test, Henry made up the following problem: Show how Henry set up and solved the problem. (When you're done, you'll know the value of a, b, and c.) (3 points) Captain got overly excited (as she is wont to do) Briefly explain to Captain why this is not possible. 10. (2 points)