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Portfolio 2018-19

Personal Artifact
Future career interests (if known):

Targeted soft skills you chose for this year:

1. ​Self Advocacy
2. ​Self Management

Description of Artifact (​*The personal artifact may be anything that demonstrates growth, skills, interests, discoveries, and/or abilities
from your experience this last year -- can be school-related or not.)

Photo I entered into the Citrus Fair through photography which I won first place.

Why did you choose this as one of your artifacts?

I chose this as one of my artifacts because I worked hard on the picture and I was proud of

How did your experience with this artifact change or impact you?

My experience with this artifact impacted me because at first I was procrastinating doing it
but I actually completed it on time.

Did you see growth in your targeted soft skills through the course of working on this artifact?

I saw growth in my targeted soft skills. I used self advocacy by asking questions when I
needed clarification and self management because I got myself to stop procrastinating and
completed it.
Portfolio 2018-19

Provide an example of how the skills you practiced or the knowledge you gained via this artifact
may also be used in a career in which you are interested.

These soft skills will help because I will need to communicate and stand up for myself in
any career I choose to go into and I will need to know how to manage my time well.