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Portfolio 2018-19

High School Academic Reflection


You are now about twenty months away from high school graduation. Over the course of those
months, you will be starting to make decisions about who you are as a young adult, where you
want to be, and what you want to do with your life beyond high school. Take a moment to reflect
on where you have been and where you are going.

Think of a class that you have had success with over the course or your high school career. Why
do you think you were successful in this particular class? What did you do to help yourself?
What did your teacher do? What have you discovered about what works for you as a learner?

A class which I had success in during high school was Photography. I was successful in this
class because it was a subject I enjoyed learning. I discovered taking notes helped me
remember the information better; as well as going over questions I had with my teacher.

Now think of a class that you have struggled with in some way. Why do you think you had a
harder time with this particular class? What did you do/not do that might have impacted the
experience? What might have helped?

One of the classes I was in that I struggled with was AP Stats. I think I had a more difficult
time with this class because the material was all so different than the other math classes I
had previously taken. Something I should have done to improve the experience was stayed
more on top of my at home notes.

At this point, where do you see yourself when you graduate from high school? College, J.C.,
trade school, work world, travel,....?

I don’t know for sure what I want to do after high school. I think I will most likely go to the
JC for two years then transfer to a four year college. I also want to travel but I don’t know
when yet.
Portfolio 2018-19

What goals will you have to accomplish, academically speaking, in order to get yourself to
where you want to be?

I have to pass all my high school classes and graduate to get there.

What SPECIFIC strategies could you adopt over the course of this year to help yourself?

Some strategies I should work on improving over the course of this year are better study
habits, NOT procrastinating, and completing my work more efficiently by improving my