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Introductions ...... Charlotte and Issy 1946 ... 1947... 75 years and counting. Beulah’s smile. tanka for mom set adrift ........ \'Etranger. nature's last act . bound for glory. broken shadows dancing on the edge nevermore... our own space the cello sings crip wabi-sabi. my hands..... god of the sleeptime the pub landlord... the doctor leaves behind.. the girl watering.. a patch on her eye man overboard... sticks and stones for Joy McCall... pain disfigured angels smil telethon. | have no place (a wife-carer’s lament) he was a friend of mine asher yatzer ... the promise nobel Zimmy Ginsberg's eye Jabu Ncube... tree finger SONGS... PaGe 14 Beulah’s smile | recall her warm hands holding mine encircling six year old white boy she called me Billy am | the last remembering her? Beulah’s smile catching the sunlight she called me Billy no, not the last surely her children sing of her never caring that she called me Billy | know nothing a black woman's life 40s LA up from the deep south she called me Billy pale child's Dilsey holding centred love not moaning sound and fury songs she called me Billy when | am gone and my children ask who is she? they now will know that she called me Billy Bit Avert / Paut Levy