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Portfolio 2018-19

High School Academic Reflection


You are now about fourteen months away from high school graduation. You’ve had another
semester of school to grow in many ways, including academically. Take a moment to reflect on
your progress.

What academic goals did you set for yourself last fall?

Some academic goals I set for myself last fall were better study habits, not to procrastinate,
and improved focus.

How successful were you in accomplishing your goals? Explain.

I was definitely not successful in accomplishing my goals. I have been procrastinating more
and it has been even more difficult to focus on my assignments and complete them on time.

Has your post high-school vision changed? Explain.

No I still plan on going to the JC and hopefully transferring to a four year.

Looking forward to your senior year, what will you have to do to keep yourself on track to
achieve your future vision?

I will have to push myself to complete my assignments on time and pass all my classes.
Portfolio 2018-19