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A Study OF Perceptions Of Students In

Using Digital Wallets.

The methodology being used is Questionnaire approach of about 25 questions.

Educational qualification:

1. How much time do you spend over the internet

o 3 hrs
o 3-6 hrs
o 6-9 hrs
o More than 9 hrs

2. Do you purchase any products or services over the internet?

o Yes
o No
o Some times

3. How frequently do you shop over the internet

o Always
o Never
o Sometimes

4. How familiar are you with Digital wallet concept?

o Know extremely well
o Know Fairly well
o Know a little
o Know just name
o Never heard it

5. Which Digital Wallet do you use the Most

o Paytm
o Mobikwk
o MoboMoney
o Others
6. What type of transaction do you shop over the internet
o Recharge Mobile
o Buy Books
o Buy Home products
o Buy Entertainment products
o Other ……………………………………………
7. From which location(s) do you access the internet? Select all that apply.
o Home
o Work
o other location

8. Your yearly income lies in which range?

o Rs 1 lakhs – Rs 3 lakhs
o Rs 3 lakhs – Rs 6 lakhs
o Rs 6 lakhs – Rs 9 lakhs
o More Than Rs 9 lakhs

9. From which device(s) you access internet mostly?

o Smart phones
o Laptop
o Desktop
o Tablet

10. Would you like most of the transactions to be digitized and cash-less.
o Yes
o No

11. For which purposes would you like to have digitized transactions? Select all that apply.
o access to a basic store-of-value account;
o payment connections to peers;
o payment connections to institutions, like utility companies, enterprises, and
o access to enhanced financial services

12. Do you feel rural people are being left over from digital transactions advantages?
o Strongly agree
o Somewhat agree
o Agree
o Somewhat disagree
o Disagree
o Strongly Disagree
13. What can be the causes for above question? Select all that apply.(urban ppl cannot
answer this question..we need to think on this..)
o No internet access in rural areas
o Language problem
o No bank accounts with rural people
o Others……………………………………………

14. Do you agree with a concept of branchless banking in rural areas that is though mobile
o Strongly agree
o Somewhat agree
o Agree
o Somewhat disagree
o Disagree
o Strongly Disagree

15. Are you satisfied with privacy provided by online digital wallet?
o Completely satisfied
o Very satisfied
o Fairly well satisfied
o Somewhat dissatisfied
o Very Dissatisfied

15. How do you go about buying products online?

o Research online and buy products online
o Visit a store first and then purchase online
o Research online and visit store to purchase
o research online visit store to view the product , then return online to purchase

16. which characteristic do you like the most about online delivery?
o On-time
o complete
o damage free
o Complete and accurate documentation
o Product Information
o Social validation
o Inventory information
o Competitive pricing
o Convenient pricing
o convenient fulfillment
o Convenient returns
17. Which channel of shopping do you like the most
o mobile devices
o computers
o brick and mortar
o television
o catalog

18. Does the online shopping experience help you understand your brand
o Yes
o No

19. While selecting the brand while you shop online which feeling you experience for
yourself the most?
o Your brand of choice makes you look and feel good.
o Let the brand you love tell the world who you are o
Be empowered by the brands that lead the way.
o Let a brand with a difference make a difference to you
o Fun brands that are just to enjoy

20. Do you agree with the statement that Internet of things applied in stores can enhance your
buying experience?
o Strongly agree
o Somewhat agree
o Agree
o Somewhat disagree
o Disagree
o Strongly Disagree

21. which mobile feature will benefit you the most?

o Digitizing paper items
o organizing on your smart phone
o managing point balances
o time sensitive offers
o automatically updated items
o Location aware results
o No benefit
22. Have you used mobile wallets for small transactions?
o yes
o no
If yes than for which of the below items
o books
o games
o songs
o tickets
o mobile recharge
o domestic based products

23. The priority reason of using the mobile wallet for you
is.? o The utility it provides
o The value it provides you
o the tech savvy status it adds to you
o The knowledge it provide you about information you require location, prices etc.

24. Would you like to use digital wallets in future for large transaction as big banks are tying
up with e-wallet technology providing companies?
o Strongly agree
o Somew
agree o
o Somewhat disagree
o Disagree
o Strongly Disagree

25. The priority risk factor related to digital wallet usage according to you is?
o The security and privacy concerns
o The trust factor
o The less usefulness
o ease of use with other useful credit-debit payment alternatives