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Child passenger protocols to follow

Parents and caregivers take various mea- • Booster: This is a seat that elevates and
sures to safeguard their children around their positions the child so that the vehicle’s seat
homes. The same attention to safety also ex- belt fits properly over the child’s body.
tends to when families leave the house. Rules Seat belts are used when children outgrow
in place concerning vehicular safety are de- boosters. They should lie across the upper
signed to keep kids safe on the road. thighs and be snug across the shoulder and
Car seats, boosters and seat belts provide chest.
protection for infants and children when used Each type of safety seat has subsets that fur-
correctly. The National Highway Traffic Safety ther customize the fit and positioning for the
Administration states that car crashes are a child.
leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13.
The NHTSA’s General Estimates System states When to use a car seat
that, in 2016, 394 children age 5 or younger died First and foremost, visit a governing agency
in car crashes. However, in that same year, 328 website to determine the laws where you live
were saved by using car seats. in regard to car seats. Transport Canada indi-
The right car seat can save lives, but parents, cates each province and territory may have its
especially those expecting their first child, can own age, height and weight restrictions. Con-
easily become overwhelmed by the various sult the website for your province or territory
types of seats on the market. Understanding for more information.
the different seats, and when and how to use The automotive agency AAA provides a
them, can help parents navigate their options. state-by-state and territory/province rundown tem or rear-seat booster seat. Booster seats are
of rules governing car seat use at https://driv- required until the child is age eight or weighs
Choosing a car seat more than 80 pounds.
There are various types of car seats, and each This can help residents learn which type of
may be appropriate depending on a child’s age car seat is needed and how long to use it. For Installing the seat
and size. example, residents of New Jersey must keep Read the car seat instructions and refer to
• Rear-facing: This is the best seat for children under age two who weigh less than 30 the vehicle’s owner’s manual for proper in-
young children, as it cradles the child to re- pounds in a rear-facing seat. Children under stallation. Seats for young children utilize low
duce stress to the neck and spinal cord. four who weigh less than 40 pounds must be anchors that max out at certain weights for
• Forward-facing: This has a harness in either a rear- or forward-facing child pas- installation. Most forward-facing and booster
and tether that limits child’s forward move- senger restraint system. Children younger seats rely on tethers to install.
ment during a crash. It is typically used for than eight and under 57 inches must be in a Child car seats save lives and help keep little
children age 2 and older. forward-facing child passenger restraint sys- ones protected on the road.


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Reduce distractions behind the wheel

Despite the fact that automobiles driving the length of a football field
are now designed with more safety with your eyes closed.
features than ever before, the rate of Reducing distractions should be
traffic accidents and fatalities con- a priority for all drivers. Here are
tinue to rise. The National Safety some suggestions, courtesy of Geico
Council says safety improvement insurance and AAA Exchange.
like crash-avoidance technology • Store loose gear and other items
hasn’t reduced accidents, and driv- that can roll around away from the
er error is still to blame for many driver’s seat so you are not tempted
crashes — with distractions behind to reach for them.
the wheel and impaired driving lead- • Adjust mirrors, GPS maps, cli-
ing the way. mate controls, music, and more be-
The National Highway Traffic fore you put the car in drive.
Safety Administration says distract- • Use a mobile phone only for
ed driving claimed 3,450 lives in 2016 emergency purposes and only after
alone. Distracted driving is defined pulling over to the side of the road.
as any activity that diverts drivers’ Avoid social conversations on the
attention from the road. This can phone while driving.
include everything from talking to • Limit the number of passengers
passengers to eating to fiddling with you allow inside your car. The more
the car radio. However, distractions passengers, the more distractions. If you must use your cell phone, do so only after pulling over to the shoulder or into a rest stop.
from technology have become espe- This is especially true for young
cially alarming, particularly texting drivers.
or reading phones while driving. • Eat food before getting in the car. • Try to focus only on driving while quires focus and an ability to react
During daylight hours, approximate- Snacking while driving makes you in the car. Leave the multitasking to to a host of potential circumstances.
ly 481,000 drivers typically use cell less attentive to the road around you. when you’re not behind the wheel. Distractions compromise drivers’
phones while driving. The NHTSA • Secure children and pets accord- Geico indicates that studies have ability to focus. Reducing distrac-
says that removing one’s eyes from ingly. Both should wear harnesses shown people are limited in the tions can considerably cut down on
the road for a mere 5 seconds when and not be given free reign to roam amount of information they can the number of motor vehicle acci-
traveling at 55 miles per hour is like around the car. process at any one time. Driving re- dents each year.

3 ways
When buying a new vehicle, many
consumers are fixated on sticker
prices. And that’s understandable, as
their auto purchases with loans from
the bank. When loans reach maturity,
or if drivers pay the loans off early,
to cut the costs of
owning a vehicle
the automotive resource Kelley Blue only then are they free from monthly
Book noted that, in March 2018, the payments. But over the years many
average transaction price for light drivers have equated the maturity
vehicles purchased in the United dates on their auto loans with a time
States was more than $35,000. to buy a new car, essentially start-
But as any veteran vehicle owner ing the process all over again. By re-
knows, the costs of owning a car or solving to keep their cars once their
truck go beyond sticker price. Main- loans are paid off, drivers are making
tenance, insurance and fuel are some a long-term commitment to their ve-
of the additional expenses that are hicles and saving some money along
part of owning a vehicle. And while the way. Even keeping a car that re-
it can be hard to get dealers to lower quired a $400 monthly loan payment
a sticker price, drivers can take other for one year after paying the loan off
steps to reduce the cost of owning a can save drivers nearly $5,000 in loan
vehicle. payments, and even more if driv-
1. Make a long-term com- ers reduce their insurance coverage
2. Downsize your vehicle. Par- cars to be mobile offices and enter-
mitment. Many drivers finance
once the vehicle is officially theirs.
ents cart kids around town in mini- tainment centers outfitted with all
vans or SUVs that have the capacity the latest gadgets and accessories.
Though such accessories might be
to hold sports gear, musical instru-
WE bUy rANDy’s ments, etc. But if the kids are out of nice, they aren’t necessary to get you
CAr CLEANING sNOWPLOWs bACKyArD the house or still under your roof but
now behind the wheels of their own
from point A to point B. When buying
a new car, buy the base model or one
231-775-6261 AND UsED sTOrAGE car, consider downsizing to a small step up from the base model, which
DETAILING! PArTs! Call 231-775-6261
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vehicle. Small vehicles are typically could save you thousands of dollars
right off the bat.
less expensive to purchase, and they
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1699 Plett Rd. equipment repair
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See the sights Unique ways to conserve fuel

with motorcycle tours
Motorcycles are a great way to travel. Motorcy-
cles provide a multisensory experience that many
riders feel cannot be rivaled.
Motorcycles have a come a long way in comfort
and features since creators Gottlieb Daimler and
Wilhelm Maybach debuted the first motorcycle in
Germany in 1885.
The popularity of motorcycles has fluctuated
over the years, and the people who ride them have
changed as well. In 2014, for example, women repre-
Defensive driving has long been touted not only
sented 14 percent of all motorcycle owners, states
as a safe way to operate a motor vehicle, but also a
the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Gener-
cost-effective one. When driving defensively, drivers
ally speaking, motorcycle ownership has become a
are less likely to make sudden stops or accelerate
pursuit of the financially solvent, married and well al vistas, and even explore areas featuring medieval
quickly, each of which can waste fuel.
educated. According to the finance and investment architecture or other historical locales. Motorcycle
But even the most conservative motorists might
resource The Motley Fool, most new motorcycles tourists can ride as a group or strike out on their
want to do even more to conserve fuel. Fortunately,
sold in the United States are on-highway bikes, own.
there are many unique and simple ways to conserve
rather than off-roading styles. These bikes are ideal Many tours put together an impressive package
fuel and save money.
for motorcycle tours. that includes elegant accommodations, breakfasts
Speaking of motorcycle tours, they can be an ide- and dinners, support vehicles to carry luggage and • Park in the shade. According to Natural
al way to see the country or the world. Motorcycle other necessities, custom maps and route sheets Resources Canada, using a vehicle’s air condition-
tour companies are popping up on just about every as well as admission to special attractions at stops ing system increases its fuel consumption more
continent and can help make for extraordinary along the tours. Certain tours also may be person- than any other auxiliary feature. In fact, NRC notes
road trips. Pairing a motorcycle ride with a touch ally guided. that air conditioning systems can increase fuel con-
of history can treat riders to hidden details of the Motorcycle tours can be well worth the effort of sumption by as much as 20 percent. That’s because
places they visit and offer an up close and personal research and booking for those who prefer to trav- vehicle AC systems require engines to work extra
look at many sights and attractions. el around North America, Europe or Asia on two hard, which in turn requires them to consume
With motorcycle tours, there’s often something wheels. A quick search online will yield motorcycle more fuel. By parking in the shade on hot days, driv-
for everyone. Riders can take in sumptuous land- tours close to home or at many popular destina- ers won’t need to crank their AC systems in order to
scapes, zigzag on mountain roads, ride along coast- tions. overcome the summer heat.
• Listen to traffic reports. It’s well known

Tips for staying safe with keyless systems

that idling greatly decreases fuel economy. Before
leaving for work or to run errands around town,
tune in to local traffic reports in the hopes that you
Auto manufacturers have long embraced tech- can avoid potential traffic jams that contribute to
nology that can streamline the automotive experi- the needless consumption of fuel. If there’s no way
ence for drivers. For example, several years ago to avoid traffic during your daily commute, con-
keyless entry and ignition systems were intro- sider investing in a vehicle with stop-start technol-
duced, initially on high-end vehicles before they ogy, which shuts the engine off when your vehicle
became standard on many other models. comes to a halt before restarting it once you take
Keyless entry systems require a fob, which sends your foot off the brake. The Union of Concerned
a signal to the receiver inside the vehicle. The fob Scientists notes that this technology can reduce
transmits a low-frequency code to the car’s inter- fuel consumption by as much as 5 percent.
nal computer system, which engages the locks and • Make sure your gas cap is tight. A
will allow the driver to push a button on the dash- loose gas cap can adversely affect fuel economy. Ac-
board or console to start the vehicles. The fob can cording to Napa®, a loose gas cap is a common con-
be stashed away in a pocket or purse and still send tributor to poor fuel economy. Loose gas caps allow
the signal, which makes it convenient for drivers. fuel vapors to leak and that decreases your vehicle’s
Drivers with arthritis or hand injuries also may pose a threat. These amplifiers magnify the reach fuel efficiency. After filling up at the pump, be sure
find keyless systems an asset. of the fob signal so that a vehicle owner can be to close the gas cap tightly. Many caps will indicate
Because fobs work on wireless systems, hack- in his or her house with the fob, but the thief can how many clicks it takes to make sure the cap is
ers potentially can intercept the fob-to-car signal. walk up to the car and open it — even if the fob closed as tightly as possible. In addition, periodi-
That enables a thief to not only open the vehi- is far enough away that it should not engage. One cally inspect the cap for cracks or leaks, replacing
cle’s doors, but also to potentially drive away as way to circumvent this is to buy a signal-block- it if necessary.
well. Even though the fob/car security pairing is ing pouch that can hold the key fob. Also, an old- • Drive distraction-free. Today’s cars
unique and can create billions of codes, research- school steering wheel or gear shift lock is an ef- are technological marvels. But all those bells and
ers at Radboud University in the Netherlands fective way to provide another layer of protection. whistles can be distracting, and distracted drivers
and the University of Birmingham found that, by Drivers also should be aware of their surround- are less likely to pay attention to how they’re driv-
intercepting the wireless signal just twice, they ings as they approach their vehicles. Thieves may ing. That can make for unsafe and fuel-inefficient
could narrow down the possible combinations count on keyless entry systems to be able to hop driving. When driving, do your best to minimize
from billions to just 200,000. After that, a comput- into a vehicle once the owner gets within range distractions, turning off your smartphone and di-
er can figure out the code in just half an hour and and drive away. recting all of your focus to the road and how you’re
unlock the car. Potentially, a thief can gather car Vehicle technology thrives to make driving as navigating it.
codes as drivers enter their vehicles during the convenient as possible, but some features also Conserving fuel is a goal for many drivers, and
day, then return later to steal a number of cars. may make things more convenient for prospective that goal can be achieved in a wide variety of ways.
Thieves who purchase signal amplifiers also thieves.

Safety first when driving with pets in the car

Many people can recognize the familiar image force in a crash in which the car is traveling at just
of a car traveling down the road with the head of 30 miles per hour. Such force can injure others in
a seemingly happy dog hanging out from the front the car as well as the pet. In addition, unrestrained
passenger seat. Traveling in such a way may seem pets may challenge first responders in an effort to
harmless, but doing so can be detrimental to both protect their owners after an accident has taken
pets and their owners. place.
According to Paws to Click, a community that It makes all the sense in the world to harness
aims to inspire pet owners to travel responsibly pets when taking them along in the car. After all,
with their pets, allowing pets to travel in cars with- drivers and their passengers wear seat belts, so
out employing a harness poses a significant threat why not provide the same safety net to pets? But
to everyone in the car. The group notes that an un- Paws to Click notes that 84 percent of dog owners
restrained 75 lb. dog will exert about 2,250 lbs. of drive with their dogs in the car without using re-
straints. This despite the fact that American Vet-

Custom Dual Exhaust erinary Medical Foundation advises all pet owners
to properly restrain their pets before departing on
a car trip, no matter how short or how long that
• Do not leave pets unattended in cars.
A study from the Louisiana Office of Public Health
Starting at $180 found that temperatures in a dark sedan or a light
trip is expected to be.
We are your car doctor In addition to properly restraining pets on car gray minivan parked on a hot, but cloudy day
trips, pet owners can take these steps to ensure reached higher than 125 F in just 20 minutes. The
study also found that cracking the window in such
their pets are safe.
situations had little effect on the temperature in-
• Don’t take pets along on car trips unless
Muffler Man it’s absolutely necessary. It can be fun to take
side the vehicle. On hot days, leave pets at home.
Owners who must take their pets with them should
823 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac never leave them in the car, as temperatures inside
231-775-3403 a pet with you everywhere, but the AVMF advises
pet owners to leave their pets home when possible. vehicles rise quickly, putting pets’ health in jeop-
Pets that are not suffering from separation anxiety ardy.

“The Window Guys” will be fine at home without their owners. Pet own- Many pet owners are tempted to take their pets
ers whose pet owners are exhibiting signs of anxi- with them on car trips. But that should only be
done when absolutely necessary, and safety must
See Us Yo ur Ca r ety should address the anxiety so pets are comfort-
able at home alone. Taking pets everywhere is not be the utmost priority when traveling with pets in
For All Your Auto Co llision a cure for separation anxiety. a car.

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Keep tires road-worthy for safer driving

Making driving more safe can come
down to ensuring that the vehicle
Learn about tire aging
Check the owner’s manual for
is in good working order — starting specific recommendations concern-
from the ground up. ing replacing the spare tire for the
The National Highway Traffic Safe- vehicle. Some manufacturers state
ty Administration warns that an av- after six years, while others say 10
erage of 200 people die each year in years is the maximum service life
tire-related crashes. In 2016, 733 peo- for tires. While most tire centers will
ple across the United States lost their use newly manufactured tires when
lives in accidents in which tire mal- replacing tires, you can double check
function was a contributing factor. the age of any tire by looking at the
Roughly 70 percent of single vehicle sidewall for the tire identification
accidents are tire-related. Taking tire number (TIN), offers NHTSA. The
maintenance seriously can greatly last four digits are the week and year
reduce the chances of blowouts, ac- of manufacture.
cidents and fatalities.

Maintain the Keep up on

right pressure also can have a high rolling resis- maintain traction and shed water maintenance
tance. In such instance, the engine during wet conditions. AAA recom- Wheel alignment, tire rotation and
Caring for tires not only improves tire balancing are all key to minimiz-
safety, but also it extends the life of must expend more effort to move the mends checking tread with a visual
vehicle — thus eating up fuel. inspection and with the “quarter ing wear and extending the life and
the tires, saving drivers money as safety of tires. Each vehicle has spe-
a result. Michelin Tires says that Pressure should be checked at am- test.” Insert a quarter into a tread
bient temperature before driving, groove with the top of Washington’s cific recommendations, and drivers
simply checking the tires’ inflation should consult their manuals to find
pressure can make a significant dif- states AAA. The recommended in- head facing down. If the top of his
flation pressure can be found in the head is not visible, the tires have at those specifics.
ference in how long tires last. For Tire function is an important part
example, a tire that is consistently 20 drivers manual or on the tire. least 4⁄32” of tread and are acceptable
of maintaining vehicle safety and
Check tire tread
percent under-inflated may see its life for continued use. If the top of Wash-
ington’s head shows, tires need to be performance.
expectancy reduced by 20 percent.
Tires rely on good tread depth to replaced.
Tires that are not properly inflated

Develop a vehicle Did you know?

maintenance schedule
The oft-sudden expense of ve-
hicle repairs can throw monthly
budgets into disarray. Maintain-
ing a routine service schedule is
one way for drivers to keep re-
pair costs down.
The online automotive re- The disclaimer “Objects in mirror are closer
sources says than they appear” is featured on passenger-side
many car owners do not ad- mirrors of vehicles manufactured in the United
equately prepare for scheduled States, Canada, India, Korea, and Australia. These
maintenance, and may not give mirrors are convex, which means they distort the
maintenance a thought until size of objects viewed in the mirror, and as such,
it’s too late. The first step driv- distorts the perception of how close or far away
ers take upon purchasing a new objects are from the driver’s car. However, this
or preowned vehicle should be distortion allows for the reflection of a wider field
to familiarize themselves with of view on the side of the vehicle to help elimi-
the vehicle’s owner’s manual, nate blind spots. In the United States and Canada,
which is filled with valuable in- driver’s side mirrors are flat or “planar.” Dual
formation and likely includes convex mirrors are not currently the norm on
maintenance interval recom- vehicles manufactured in North America based
mendations. on requirements implemented by the National
Next, drivers should learn Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fed-
about their vehicle, which is eral Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 111 and the
particularly relevant when buy- Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 111. Else-
ing a preowned vehicle. Getting where, such as in Europe, dual convex mirrors
to know how the car or truck are included on vehicles. Many automotive com-
rides, as well as any sounds it tion if they do a lot of stop-and- turer recommends in regard panies support having two convex mirrors on the
may make, can provide drivers go driving and short trips. Oth- to fluids such as transmission sides of cars to eliminate blind spots, as well as
with a solid foundation they can er drivers may want to invest fluid, differential oil, brake flu- reduce the driver’s need to twist his head to the
then use to keep their cars run- in vehicles that have oil change ids, coolant, etc. Some transmis- left when turning or changing lanes. However, flat
ning strong. maintenance minders built in. sions need regular maintenance, mirrors have been required to avoid distortion
Routine service typically in- A light or countdown will come while others can go 150,000 and give drivers the most accurate assessment of
cludes tire rotation, oil changes on the dashboard, indicating miles between changes, accord- traffic to their left for changing lanes, called “unit
and topping off of fluids. So just when the oil has reached the ing to the vehicle information magnification.” This may soon change, though.
how long between service ap- end of its usefulness. site The Drive. Coolant typically According to a 2013 statement from the National
pointments can a car go? Here can last 100,000 miles. For these Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “The
are some generalized estimates.
• Tire rotation: Rotating types of changes, it may be best agency intends to reevaluate existing side-mir-
tires helps prolong the life of ror requirements (FMVSS No. 111) to determine
to go to a mechanic or service
• Oil change: Oil chemis- the tires and alleviates uneven
center familiar with your make whether convex mirrors should be harmonized
try and engine technology have tread and wear. During the ro- with European requirements.” Currently, drivers
and model rather than a quick-
improved so much that most tation, each tire is removed and can modify their driver’s-side mirrors to include a
lube center, as knowing when
cars can go well beyond the relocated to a different position convex mirror add-on, as long as the mirrors also
to drain and refill can be more
once-recommended 3,000 mile to ensure that all the tires will have the required flat portion.
interval between oil changes. wear evenly. Michelin Tires
Service schedules can be de-
Now many vehicle manufactur- states that tires should be ro-
A Great finish starts
signed to adhere to manufactur-
ers recommend between 5,000 tated around every six months,
ers’ recommendations and driv-
and 10,000 miles between chang- or between 6,000 and 8,000 miles.
es, advises Edmunds. Drivers
should err on the side of cau-
• Vehicle fluids: Your best
ers’ personal preferences.
at the beginning!
bet is to see what the manufac- WE PROVIDE:
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315 Hanthorn St. • Cadillac 231-444-6464 AUTOMOTIVE DETAILING