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2017 Single Subject Program Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plans 2 & 3 Seminar

Section 1: Background Information and Context

A: The Basics
Name Marissa Bland Grade level(s) 9-11
Date(s) taught 1/28/19 Course/Subject Health
Lesson Title Drug Categories Time Frame 2nd Lesson of Substance Abuse

B: Central Focus
Big Ideas
Essential questions What are the consequence of using substances?
for the Unit
Essential Question What are the four drug categories?
for Today’s Lesson

C: Specific Standards and Objectives

Content 1.1.A Describe the harmful short- and long-term effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other
Standard(s) drugs
Common Core 4. Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style
Literacy are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
ELD 5. Listening actively:Demonstrate comprehension of oral presentations and discussions on
a variety of social and academic topics by asking and answering questions that show
thoughtful consideration of the ideas or arguments with moderate support.
ABF Outcomes Students will respectfully express curiosity about the history and lived experiences of
others and will exchange ideas and beliefs in an open-minded way.

Tools for Assessment Evaluation Criteria
Content Students will be able to list and Oral responses, notes, Accuracy
Objective(s) describe the four drug Friday assessment
Students will be able to
describe the health effects of
the four drug categories.
Language and Students will be able to Posters Effort, Clarity
Literacy produce clear and coherent Questions and Answer
Objective(s) writing (Category Posters). General understanding,
EL Students will be able to language skills
demonstrate comprehension
of the Poster presentations by
asking and answering
Racial and Social Students will be able to Participation Being respectful to each
Justice respectfully express curiosity checklist/points other, listening to the
Objective(s) about the history and lived presentations, asking
(see ABF experiences of others and will questions
Outcomes) exchange ideas and beliefs in
an open-minded way.

D: Academic Language Demands and Supports

Identified Language Demands Planned Language Supports
Content Specific The four drug categories Textbook glossary
Language To explain
Syntax No long or complicated

E: Using Knowledge about Students (and that students already have) to Inform Teaching and Learning
Relevant Student Information How will you use this information in this lesson plan?
Prior Knowledge We have already learned We will talk about how the cycle of addiction is the same
and Learning about addiction for each of these drugs even though they have different
Experiences effects
Funds of They’ve probably heard of I will use caffeine as the example for stimulants and talk
Knowledge: some of the drugs before but about the variety of psychoactivity i each drug, caffeine
Family/ not necessarily what they do being a very low grade stimulant
Cultural Assets
Common Mistakes Where does Marijuana go? I'll let them know that marijuana is actually a separate
and/or drug category which is hwy we will learn about it
Misunderstandings another day

F: Supporting Varied Student Learning Needs

Materials, Teacher Materials, Resource: Students’ Materials:
Technology Binder paper, posters, pens, colored pencils
Projector, Speakers, Computer,
directions for the Jigsaw
How will you support and/or accommodate the
Student Information
student(s) in this lesson? Include any use of technology
Students with IEP
or 504 plans
Struggling /
English Language
Section 2: Learning Task Implementation​:

Timing, materials, Pacing TEACHER DOES: STUDENTS DO:

and other (Approx. Indicate instructional strategies that Indicate performance expectations
procedural notes times) address individual learning needs (Refer to Section 1.F)
including use of addressing the needs (Refer to
technology Section 1.F)

Launch (Multiple 10 I will do the two minute Mindful Students will do the two minute
means of Moment. meditation.
engagement) I will collect Letter to Friends. Students will turn in their assignment.
We will do our Monday routine Students will introduce themselves to
where the students introduce their group, and say something they
themselves and say something the learned last week and something they
students learned last week, and did over the weekend.
something they did over the Students will share things that they did
weekend. I will ask if anyone wants over the weekend.
to share fun things they did over the
I will have students review the
vocabulary words “Addiction” and Students will review with their
“Withdrawal” with their partners. partners. They will ask any questions
Once we are done reviewing the day they have about their homework.
before I will go over the agenda for
the day, the objectives, and their
Instruction/ 10 I will briefly introduce the drug Students will count off 1-4 and raise
Application categories. I will explain that each their hands when I assign the
(Multiple means of group will Jigsaw the categories. I’ll categories (1’s as stimulants etc).
representation) ask them to number off 1-4 in their
groups. The 1’s will be stimulants,
2’s will be depressants, 3’s will be
narcotics, and 4’s will be
hallucinogens. I’ll project the
instructions and go over them and
show them some examples of what
30 I am looking for. I’ll telling the Students will create the presentation
students that they have about a half for their category.
hour to create their posters and
prepare to teach it to their group. I
will walk around while the students
are learning to make sure everyone
understands the project and is on
Students will present their category
15 Once the students are done with and take notes on the presentations
their posters, I will have them for the other students in their group.
present to the group and everyone
will take notes on the presentations.

With any extra time I will show

students a video about addiction

(TED talk Everything we know about

addiction is wrong)

Assessment, 5 I will orally review the categories Students will respond chorally to
closure, reflection and have the students answer review questions
(Multiple means of chorally. I will go over homework
expression) and release them