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Documents to be prepared for

Government Employees applying for Visit Visa

U.K. Visit Visa Requirements:

1. Fully Accomplished Family Visit Visa Application/ Complete Visitor Visa
2. One recent colored and unframed passport size photograph (45 m x 3.5 mm)
Recommended Studio J & R Family Studio, 2nd Flr., Robinsons Place Iloilo City (take
escalator in front of National Bookstore)

3. Passport – current & old passport

4. Evidence of Assets, Savings, Investments and Properties:
a.) Bank Certifications
b.) Investment Certifications
c.) Properties (Certificates of Title or Tax Declaration)
5. Income Tax Return Last Year
6. Employment: (Both Government & Private)
a.) Certificate of Employment which should contain position, salary and
length of service
b.) Approved Leave of Absence during the period of Visit
c.) Authority to Travel
7. Hotel Bookings/ Reservations
8. If invited by a relative:
a.) Invitation Letter addressed to applicant with the following
1.) Name of UK resident with complete address, mobile number
and telephone number
2.) Proof of Residence – Contract of Lease or Mortgage
3.) Proof of Employment – which shall contain the address of
4.) Bank Statement/Credit Card Statement
5.) Proof of Compensation

b.) Letter addressed to British Embassy also with above attachments

9. 2019 UK Travel Itinerary
10. Airline Travel Itinerary
11. Personal Appearance for Biometric before the VFA/ UK Visa at Echo Plaza
Bldg., Makati City
12. In case children/minor will join, the following are additional requirements:
a.) Certificate from School that student is enrolled, Grade/Year/College,
and the student is allowed to be absent for the day/s if travel shall last until
the first day of school;
b.) Birth Certificate (NSO Copy)
c.) Marriage Contract of Parents (NSO Copy)
d.) Travel Consent if not accompanied by parents & DSWD authority
e.) If only one parent will accompany the child the Travel Consent from
the parent who will be left behind.

1.) M & M Travel Tour Offers to process the Visa Application at the rate of
Php. 10.500.00 which shall include the Visa Fee. It will secure your
schedule for personal appearance, reference number and visa

M & M shall prepare the following:

a.) Hotel Bookings/ Reservations (London only)
b.) Invitation Letter
c.) Letter to British Embassy
d.) 2019 UK Travel Itinerary
e.) Airline Travel Itinerary
f.) Payment of Travel Tax (Php. 1,620.00)
g.) Airline Tickets (Iloilo-Manila-London-Manila-Iloilo through
Philippine Airlines Check Through)
h.) Travel Insurance during the duration of travel

2.) As soon as you have submitted to M & m your current passport it shall
send you the Visa Application for you to fill up in details.
3.) After filling up the said form attach the requirements 2, 4, 5, 6 and their
4.) Indicate your prefer date for personal appearance which must not be
later than March 5, 2019. (Plane tickets during interview may be

For inquiry please contact:

1. Genevieve D. Penetrante
Mobile: 09472086182
Landline: 320-9976
2. Maria Socorro L. Penetrante
Mobile: 09298800434
Landline: 323-5434