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Victim 1

May 10, 2019

Upon reading ARBCA’s “Official Apology” posted yesterday, May 9th, I am at a loss of

These won’t be kind words, in any shape or form. First, I would like to point out - as a
victim in this case, I still have yet to receive any sort of personal apology whatsoever
from the AC of ARBCA or its affiliates - if that doesn’t scream hypocrisy, I don’t know
what else to say on that matter. In fact, I wasn’t aware there was an official apology
released until it was brought to my attention by a trusted source. I found their statement
repugnant, arrogant and self-righteous, which was expected.

I won’t accept this as a genuine apology. I honestly think it’s far too late to even receive
or accept one at this point. The damage has been done, far beyond the lack of concern
of these men in their high thrones of a close-minded, self-serving and fruitless
association. They are only sorry that their reputation has been scathed, and have been
publicly shamed for their involvement - as they should be! I hope that the awareness of
their involvement grows rapidly, and to their own detriment. The high tower they dwell
in needs to crumble down, unable to be built back up again. They harbored, protected,
and provided many paths to a predator for years beyond the hurt that this monster
inflicted on myself, my family, and the other families involved. These men should not
be trusted, and I grieve for those who still blindly and faithfully follow their dark
footsteps. They are far from men of God in my eyes. They fear men above Christ, and
use His word for their own taking to mask over their faults. It’s repulsive at best.

Those of you who are reading have to keep in mind that these men did not vouch for
us. Not once. Instead they mocked our parents and blamed them for entrusting us in
Tom’s care. Our parents were broken and wrought over what Tom had done. They
looked to these men for guidance and comfort. Instead it was met with condescending
suggestions, and we were left without any sort of counseling. They swiftly hid this giant
corruption under a rug and let it fester for nearly two decades. What I can only describe
as mind-blowing is that these same men who not only had documentation of the
accounts that took place at MVBC many years ago (which were used in both trials many
times, all parties aware of the paper trail that was left of this matter) yet had the gall to
call the victims and our families liars! They knew every detail and did absolutely
nothing to resolve the major issue. Instead they chose to side with a child molester, a
child abuser, a man who brought hell on earth to many. They praised his “doctrine",
worshiping him much like a false idol. They lifted him and exalted him above innocent
helpless children. They put his cares, desires and needs first.

We, the victims, suffered in silence for many years. We feebly tried to navigate through
our individual lives coping with the pain and horror that we experienced. It has affected
us all in countless ways. We are still coping, still trying to get by and live our lives
without the presence of evil that lingered over all of us like a dark cloud. After many
years we understood nothing would be resolved, and had to deal with it in our own
ways, and still are dealing with it to this day. Despite their soggy and vapid excuse of
“increasing education on mandatory reporting laws” and to “have initiated and
reconsider the organizational structure and documents of our association” is a flippant
and lousy lie in itself. They had documentation. They spoke to us, the victims,
individually, in person. They saw the fear, the shame, and the guilt we all felt as young
children. Yet they chose to “seal” all reports and kept the darkest of them from public
eye and amongst each other, knowing truly that Tom was doing these abhorrent acts for
his own pleasure.

Despite all of these facts, they still to this day deny involvement or admit any fault. As
frustrating and angering this is to myself, and to others involved, I have peace in my
heart knowing this is not the end. No stone will be left unturned. God has been faithful
in shedding a broad light on this association, and I trust He will see that all nefarious
acts this association harbors will be revealed. These men are not above reproach, no
matter how many bible verses they will try to use in their favor or to place as a
smokescreen to hide their wickedness - justice will prevail. It did prevail here on earth
in Tom’s case, and I can only hope that the sick, destructive and hideous acts Tom
committed towards us and others will be a testament to those who are still in support of
him - God has your number, and there will be a reckoning.

Victim 2
May 10, 2019

This letter is to the men and women of ARBCA, especially to the leaders of the
organization. After reading the “Apology Statement” released by the delegates of
ARBCA, I can only laugh in bewilderment at the lies that spew from this wretched
council. As a victim of this case, I have never once been given a genuine apology, formal
or informal by any member of ARBCA or its affiliates. This “apology” was sent to me
by a trusted source, which I would’ve never received if this trusted individual hadn’t
sent it to me in the first place.

The statement to no one’s surprise is arrogant, selfish and the words, hollow at best. I
don’t accept this apology and I never will. The pain that I as a victim had to endure for
nearly two decades shows you had no care to begin with. Tom is in jail for inflicting the
physical, mental and emotional pain we had to endure and the men that covered it up,
who helped in the conspiracy, should absolutely be in jail as well. Your crimes are just as
heinous as his and you all know it.

The only reason for your “apology” is to save yourselves from what little reputation
you have left in your self-righteous, loveless, hopeless and empty organization. And
you should be apologizing! You should be begging for forgiveness not only from us but
from our Creator, who is willing to let you roam the earth and feed fruitless words to
sheep who are too afraid to leave this wretched organization.
The truth prevails always and for that I am thankful, because your lies and your
deceitful ways are finally coming to light. To those who may be reading this, please
keep in mind, the council and the leaders of this organization are not men of God, in my
opinion. They corroborated and covered for Tom, a pedophile, from the beginning
because he was a “prodigy on the pulpit” in his teachings. His teachings were never of
love or of grace by God or anything resembling nurturing to the soul. They were
messages of fear, anger and to be obedient or eternal damnation was your only fate.
And those messages continued more so in secret under Tom’s “care” for us kids.

Can you imagine, being afraid to tell your parents of being beaten so hard by your
pastor? To be so afraid because he said your parents wouldn’t believe you and that he
was the only one who could protect you after beating you so hard you could barely sit?
And then to “comfort” you by forcing you to hug him with his legs spread open after
rubbing your beaten bare bottom.

I have news for you, God is loving, God is forgiving but God is also just. And His
justice shall rain down on the men and women who helped cover for this arrogant,
deceitful and wicked monster they call a friend. In fact, the letter they posted recently
reads almost exactly as it felt nearly twenty years ago; hollow and condescending. A pat
on the back to each of you, for literally doing the absolutely least amount of effort for all
to see!

When the informal council came to receive our statements of what happened in 2000
after Tom ran away into the night they gave us “their most sincere apologies” and
“would never let Tom be brought back to the pulpit.” They fooled us children and our
parents after we had put our faith into men that had no intention of sparing us victims
of the grief and pain of Tom’s actions. In fact they belittled and mocked our parents for
letting us be in Tom’s care. No form of counseling, no reassurance of anything and they
sealed away any evidence they could of the situation altogether. And with that evidence
they tried to hide, they also helped Tom regain his power back to the pulpit. They
exalted a man, over the God they claim to praise first.

When the evidence was brought into court, they thought they so slyly hid from anyone,
they proceeded to call us liars! They knew of every action Tom did and proceeded to
call us, the victims, liars. It’s laughable, really, because these wolves have unveiled the
actual liars and wickedness they so fondly preach about. And to think those men who
teach God’s Word would rather side with a child molester, an abuser, a foul monster
should come as a surprise, but not to me.

With time our wounds have slowly healed, but with healing it never covers the
wounds. They will always leave a scar, which makes us stronger in the end. Each of us
victims have made our own paths and have worked through the pain within ourselves
and with our families. It has not been an easy road leading up to this moment, but
through the pain, suffering, tears shed and heartache we have finally seen the justice we
hoped for.
We are strong, we are resilient and we will see through that our stories and the truth are
told, forever. You men lied and continue to do so by not taking any of the responsibility
for covering up for Tom. Walt is probably so proud of your help to cover for that
prodigal son. Kudos to you all who deny helping out a pedophile. Your work is truly
courageous. I hope the outcome of this case made it all worth the work you did to
protect someone as vile as he, instead of believing the victims and the families that had
to suffer.

My heart is so broken and hurts because I trusted you. I trusted you, Bob Selph. I
trusted the men you said were going to help protect us kids from harm. You told me
over the phone that they’d help us, don’t you remember? Have you no shame? And
John Giarrizzo, you were a part of my life in my teen years. You knew the entire time
what happened to us as kids and you continued to stand up for a known pedophile
after? We loved you and your family and thought of you all as our own. It disgusts me
knowing you’d rather lay your life down for a child abuser and molester rather than
report him to the authorities from the beginning. In fact, you sheltered him after he
fled. Each of you men, truly disgust me. You’re not men, but cowards.

I hope those reading this need to know I still have work to do in my own heart about
this situation. I may never come to peace with this. Do you blame me, though? Those
men used scripture as a smoke screen to protect themselves from being questioned
about their involvement with Tom. And they used scripture to attack us victims, who
they once claimed to have loved and cared for. It’s truly despicable, but I have faith that
God has shed light on it all and their selfish and arrogant acts will not go unseen. They
are not above the laws here on earth, and they will never be above the laws of heaven,
no matter what their status may be in the church.

I hope and pray those who are still members of ARBCA, protect yourselves and your
children from these men. They have no interest for your well-being on earth and never
will. Believe what us victims have said, for it is the truth and the truth will always