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May 16, 2019

To the Webster University Community:

I want to address concerns posted online and detailed in recent media reports related to the University's
Games & Game Design academic program and faculty member Joshua Yates. We take the allegations
regarding the adequacy of our Title IX investigations very seriously and likewise, the competence of our
faculty and comprehensiveness of our curriculum. We have retained an independent investigator to
conduct a full audit of these allegations. I encourage you to share your concerns with the investigator and
candidly express your opinions and observations. We are setting up an online portal through which any
current or former student, faculty member, or staff member may arrange an in-person meeting with the
investigator; those who prefer to submit written concerns will also be able to do so, anonymously should
you choose, through this portal.

We strive to achieve academic excellence and provide a nurturing educational environment whereby
students can learn, grow, and prosper.

Webster University takes its Title IX obligations very seriously, and it is important to remember that
federal law mandates that the University maintain confidentiality as it relates to the details of its
investigations. We strive to ensure that every investigation is conducted with the utmost care and
attention, parties are treated respectfully, and their privacy interests are protected. We understand the
importance of investigations being conducted in a timely and efficient manner, in light of the
circumstances of each case. And we must guarantee that the process is fundamentally fair for all parties.
We will not tolerate exceptions to our policy; I assure you that should such a finding be made, we will act
swiftly and appropriately to rectify the situation.

Finally, the University has always maintained a strong commitment to providing an educational
environment that fosters open and individualized learning experiences for all of its students. We strive to
recruit and retain distinguished, innovative, and student-focused faculty who possess a diverse array of
experiences and background to ensure that our students are prepared and educated to excel and grow.
Webster University faculty members are subject to a robust and ongoing review process, which is
designed to ensure satisfaction of the University's commitment to providing the highest quality education
to students around the globe. We will not compromise these unwavering standards.

Thus, in closing, I ask for your patience as we investigate these allegations. We care very much about our
students and the integrity of our processes and policies. We understand the importance of investigating
and addressing these allegations swiftly. We will write to you again when we know more.

Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble, Ph.D.

Webster University