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RealStrong K-Neutralizer esigtong’ | FERTILIZER KNEUTRALIZER | Med Specially for oil palm k-Neutraizerisa specialty fertilizer that is used to supplement the level of potassium (Win the soil. Potassium is needed by healthy oil palms and other crops to grow and provide good yields. This product also has the capability to neutralise sol acidity. The neutrality of soil acidity helps plants absorb nutrients, contributing to their healthy growth. Field observations have shown healthy crop growth with good fruit sets with usage of K-Neutralizer. Healthy, dark green foliage also indicates crops responding well to its usage. The other advantage of K-Neutralizer is that it contains potash that is Chloride free. Chloride is naturally available in soil. However an excess of chloride ‘causes toxicity * Supplements K (Potassium) in soi for growth and yield * Chloride-fre: (Chloride is a contributor to soil toxicity ) RealStrong K-Neutralizer * Beneficial for oil palm & cash crops * Improves soil pH Potash Composition / Information ‘on Ingredients Real Strong K-Neutralizer SHON, 65% K:0 + 5-4 TE Coffee Dreg Seed-based Organic Material ‘Amino Acid Enzymes Magnesium (MgO) Chore free Potash Comparisons between Lime Stone and K-Neutralizer Lime Stone K-Neutr er Does not contain any organic matter to help improve soil’s physical properties. Organic materials present decompose over time ‘to help improve soil strcuture, Only effective when mixed or ploughed in with soil Application is made easier with broadcasting. Contains high levels of calcium, Affects K:0, MgO and absorption of other elements, indirectly affecting production yield and quality. ‘Contains 6.59 of K20, 1.5% N and other TE such as MgO, 8, Zn, Cu, Mn, Amino acid, and also Enzymes. Essential for crop health and for good yields, Soil pH effectively increases only on close contact - penetration on surface sol only. Fast and long term release pattern immediately increases soil pH. Organic materials neutralize and contribute to improve the soil pH as well ‘subjecttotype ofall Shorter time effectiveness. Effectiveness of fertilizer lasts over a year. subject typeof Does not help in cation exchange capacity (CEC).** Presence of organic matter helps to improve soil CEC, at the same time enhance soil microbial activities" ation change Capacly(CEC)isa measure of the sols bly to hel posvey charged ens CEC helps tn nfuencing sol structure stably slp nutrient availablity and absorption. K-Neutralizer contributes to healthy plant growth, Suggestion for palm yield and planting Palm shows healthy growth and high yield performance. K-Neutralizeris also sultable for most vegetables Recommended one application of K-Neutralizer once a year as a supplement to increase the soil pH. This should help to rebalance the soils eco structure so that nutrients uptake and water retention will be enhanced accordi ‘= The dosage to be applied for oll palm per year : generally 4-10 ka/palm/year. ingly. ‘The dosage to be applied for cash crops 1 kg/m: ( generally, subject to type of crop ). * K Neutralizer helps to reinstate N, K to maintain yield while supplementing TE, * Italso helps to enhance soil fertility and structure while preparing for next planting, PC eu ace ae oct Sarawak Plantations After Peat sol pH at 3.4 before treatment with K-Neutalizer and 5.0 after teeatment. DeehT nr Trial in Peninsular Plantations Clay soll pH 3t 45 before treatment with K-Neutralizer| and 6.5 after treatment and maintaining for 6 months. After Poon ‘Maximum Value for Heavy Metal Taxalonblre?]_ Reaong Taralombilon |_Reaiang Heavy Metal trol | ehewelee Heavy Metal ang |e GroniumiCh 200 2 CadrumiCH 5 a0 Lead Po) 300 m1 Bercy Hah z 00 Nickel 150 i Asenic( 30 nd ‘The mavinum pemisble vale frheny metal in ored gan erie a pened neta Keay ‘afta handlerbeincontactth ura in RealStrong’ ALLCOSMOS INDUSTRIES SDN BHD P10 650, Jalan Kelul 7, Pasir Gudang Industria Estate, 181700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia. Tel: 4607-252 3788 Fax: +607-281 2588/+607-252 5298. Website: Email ~