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SEAL of Thomasian Graduate Program Intended

Performance Indicators
Thomasian Attributes (ThoGA) Learning Outcomes
●I show leadership 1. Engage in ● Participate in community
abilities to promote community-based development projects in the area of
advocacies for life, development business, finance and economics.
freedom, justice, and programs that promote ● Analyze data as basis for informed
solidarity in the service economic well-being, economic decisions.
of the family, the local professional values
and global communities, and business ethics;
the Church and the 2. Apply good corporate ● Identify and explain principles of
environment. citizenship, social professional and business ethics,
responsibility and corporate governance, and social
● I implement relevant ethical principles in responsibility.
Servant leader
projects and activities performing the ● Adhere to regulatory frameworks as
that speak of Christian functions of an well as to ethical policies and
compassion to the poor accounting practices of the organizations.
and the marginalized in professional. ● Maintain confidentiality of
order to raise their information obtained from internship
quality of life. and research studies.

● I show respect for the

human person, regardless
of race, religion, age, and
● I express myself clearly, 3. Conduct accounting, ● Complete team projects with
correctly, and assurance, and other individuals of different age, gender,
confidently in various related engagements and if, applicable, nationality.
environments, contexts, individually and as a ● Coordinate plans for the completion
and technologies of team. of an accounting, audit, and other
human interaction. related engagements.

● I work productively with 4. Present financial and • Prepare an audit program that will
individuals or groups other reports, results, guide the team in the conduct of
Effective from diverse cultures analyses and assurance engagements.
communicator and demographics. recommended • Coordinate plans for the
and decisions with the use completion of accounting, audit,
collaborator ● I show profound of communication and and other related engagements.
respect for individual information • Prepare a report as a result of
differences and/or technology. accounting, audit, and other related
uniqueness as engagements.
members of God’s • Present findings and
creation. recommendations as a result of a
completed research or review of
management, financial and
operational plans.
Analytical and ● I show judiciousness and 5. Recommend solutions ● Identify problems and present
creative thinker resourcefulness in to social and business solutions to business and other
making personal and issues and problems simulated or actual cases.
professional decisions. using knowledge and ● Prepare working papers, budgets and
technical proficiency business plans in accordance with
● I engage in research in accounting, applicable framework.
undertakings that financial reporting, ● Evaluate and assess the effectiveness
respond to societal taxation and of internal control procedures.
issues. information ● Perform cost-benefit analysis and
technology. financial statement analysis for
● I express personal and management’s use.
professional insights ● Identify weaknesses in accounting
through an ethical and information system and
evidence-based communicate improvements thereon.
approach. 6. Apply and, if ● Record business transactions in
applicable, formulate accordance with the
accounting and tax Philippine/International Financial
policies in accordance Reporting Standards.
with financial ● Prepare financial statements in
reporting standards accordance with
and regulatory Philippine/International Financial
frameworks. Reporting Standards.
● Generate financial and other reports
through the use of an accounting
system /or software particular to a
specific business entity.
● Prepare and file tax returns in
accordance with the National
Internal Revenue Code.
● Prepare a financial or operational
audit program that will guide the
audit team.
7. Conduct research and • Prepare an appropriate research plan.
present results for the • Analyze results of study and
improvement of formulate conclusions and
accounting and recommendations.
business practices, as
well as quality of life
in the community.
● I engage in reflective 8. Engage in personal ● Complete and pass at least one
practice to ensure and professional assessment, leading to
disciplinal relevance and development and international certification
professional education through (ACCA, CMA, CISA, CPA
development. further professional Australia, etc.).
studies, work
● I exhibit preparedness experience, ● Pass the simulated licensure
and interest for certifications, and examinations.
continuous upgrading of conduct of research. ● Prepare reflective essays /
competencies required assessments in connection to
by the profession or area specific courses and their
of specialization. terminal year.
learner ● I manifest fidelity to the ● Perform accounting related
teachings of Christ, work or engagements in an
mediated by the Catholic actual workplace.
Church, in the
continuous deepening of ● Participate in local, national,
faith and spirituality in and/or international seminars,
dealing with new life colloquia, and conferences.
situations and
challenges. 9. Apply Christian • Explain proper conduct and
teachings and ethical behavior given different sets of
principles in leading problem situations, mindful of
professional and Christian teachings and
personal life. professional ethics.