National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences CS313 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Assignment Submission Date

: 8th November, 2010
Question 1: A human resource management system is meant to manage employee information, their attendance and payroll details. System provides facility to maintain (add, modify, delete) employee details that include their personal details, designation, salary structure and leaves entitled. Employees interact with the system on daily basis to mark their attendance and specify sign in & sign out timings. By using this information, system calculates overtime and count leaves that have been availed. System also provides interface for the employees to apply for leaves and for the respective department head to approve/decline this leave application. At the end of the year employee can apply for leave encashment. Otherwise leaves are transferred to next year account. Account manager can generate payroll from the system on monthly basis. Payroll information includes employee s basic salary, allowances, tax deduction, leave deduction (if any) and overtime (if any). Overtime must first be approved by department head to get included in the payroll. At times, if there are continuous violation of policies regarding attendance, employees can be issued a warning note from his department head. HR manager uses this system to generate reports to have the overall idea of performance of different employees. Depending upon employee s performance, they can give bonuses to the employees on certain percentages. Note: Read above scenario carefully. Mention with your answer any further assumptions that you are taking about the system. Please make sure none of your assumptions contradict with any of the details mentioned in scenario. Label the diagram properly. a) Draw Class Diagram of above scenario (indicating attributes and functions). b) Draw sequence diagram. c) Draw state diagram. Question 2: XYZ Corporation would like to implement a new payroll system to automate the current system. Currently, employees fill out a time record indicating the hours they worked. Gross pay is calculated based on each employee s hourly rate and the hours they worked. Net pay is what they are actually paid after withholding deductions and taxes are taken out. Each employee receives a check with their net pay. a) Draw sequence diagram(s). b) Draw state diagram(s).

Instructor: Khadija Rohail

The system looks up the price of the item from a prices file. The system is able to identify the item scanned because of its bar code.*) .-. a) Draw sequence diagram(s). the item is scanned. a total price is computed and given to the customer. b) Draw state diagram(s). Once all items have been identified. Question 4: Draw simple State diagram of calculator. Equals (=) and Clear (C) .National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences CS313 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Assignment Question 3: A grocery store has just implemented a new sales system. When a customer has selected the items for checkout./. Hints: There are 6 buttons other than 0 to 9 digits Buttons : Operands ( +.

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