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MDT Software Releases the “Next Generation” of AutoSave with a Decision

Support Portal

AutoSave version 7.0 features innovative new tools including a portal enabling users to view all
activity in the plant through a web interface. The AutoSave Decision Support Portal enable users to
view automation device data on workstations, laptops and mobile devices.

Alpharetta, GA, May 17, 2019 --( MDT Software, the world leader in change management
solutions for automated manufacturing assets, today announced the latest release of its AutoSave source
code control software. AutoSave v7.0 represents “The Next Generation” of AutoSave with the release of
the web-based AutoSave Portal, new Online Training offerings and other new features such as a new
flexible Scheduled Compare tool and expanded language capabilities.

The AutoSave Portal is a decision support dashboard that enables users to view all AutoSave activity in
the plant including program activity, success or failure of device program compare results, program
comparison details, and much more. This vital plant information is accessed from a single web interface
that can run on workstations, laptops and mobile devices.

Users of AutoSave can now access the following through the easily navigated, secure, user-friendly

- Live monitoring of revision activity, command groups, agents, critical program data (version, firmware
version, processor type, last time changed, last time verified and more.)
- Integration of reporting and data management
- Customizable dashboard
- Reporting data on demand.

“In bringing together the data generated by AutoSave change management activity, within a single web
tool, manufacturing and utility plants can easily identify issues that could affect plant performance and
safety,” said Gary Gillespie, Vice President, MDT Software.

In addition to the Portal, MDT AutoSave version 7.0 also includes the following features and

- A new Command Group Editor

- Flexible scheduled comparison including more control over the auto-update process and max-time
- Secure webserver access
- Expanded language capabilities supporting German, French, Spanish and other single byte languages.

For more information on the AutoSave Portal, visit: For more
information on the other features of MDT AutoSave, please contact us.

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