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Translation from Romanian to English


The undersigned, SC ELECTROPUTERE SA, with headquarters in Craiova, 80 Calea

Bucureşti, Dolj county, Trade Registry reg. no. J16/12/1991, Unique Identification Code
6312800, legally represented by President OSAMA AL HALABI, syrian citizen, born on
22.08.1971, in Homs, domiciled in Syria, holder of passport no. 009848120, issued by the
Syrian authorities, with residence in Craiova, 10 Pța C-tin Brâncuși, Dolj county, holder of work
permit series RO no. 0479964, issued on 18.02.2018 by Dolj county, Personal Identification
Number 7710822160026, authorized pursuant to decision no. 79/26.04.2018 of the General
Extraordinary Meeting of Company’s Shareholders, hereby declare that I donate to « Eroii
Neamului » Parish Church, with headquarters in the municipality of Craiova, Calea Bucureşti,
Dolj county, Fiscal Identification Code 4553917, private legal entity and public unit, part of the
archpriestship Craiova Nord, which in turn is part of the Metropolis of Oltenia – Archdiocese of
Craiova, legally represented by Parish Priest GRECU CRISTIAN, Personal Identification
Number 1740412253196, domiciled in Craiova, 1 Floreşti Street, Dolj county, identified by ID
Card series DZ no. 188163 issued by SPCLEP Craiova on 01.11.2016, the real estate property
owned by the company located in Craiova, 144 Calea Bucuresti, Dolj County, area B,
composed of a build-up area of 3600 sqm -----------------------------------------------------------------
The real estate property is identified with cadastral number 10493/8/8 and is registered in
the Land Register no. 204972 of Craiova (former Land Register no.
The real estate property that is the subject of this donation agreement was acquired under
the Land Ownership certificate series M03 no. 3511 issued by the Ministry of Industry and
Commerce and the parcelling document authenticated under no. 2181/2010 by Notary Public
Floricel Mihai-Marian of Craiova Chamber of Notaries Public.-------------------------
I, the grantor, by legal representative, hereby declare under the sanctions provided for in
art. 32 of the Penal Code, on misrepresentation, that the real estate property that is the object of
this contract, is my property, without being transferred to State ownership, based on a normative
act, that prior to the authentication of this document, it was not disposed of in any way or form
to a natural or legal person, is not the object of an ongoing litigation, was not claimed according
to Law no. 10/2001, the legislation in force and is not the headquarters of a
Also, I, OSAMA ALHALABI, hereby declare being aware of the sanctions provided by
art. 326 of the Penal Code, on misrepresentation, that the company has not changed its equity
share structure, associated and administrator against the documents brought forward to the
Notary Public, that the Company is not currently undergoing a reoganization or, thus having
ownership on the company’s real estate properties. At the same time, I hereby declare that the
company has no fiscal debts that affect the ownership of the real estate property, and this
property is not an in-kind contribution to the social capital of the company.------------------
The real estate property that is donated, has not been removed from civil circulation,
understanding to guarantee the grantee, against any partial or total evictions, free of any
encumbrances and real rights were not granted to other persons, as resulting from the Land
registry extract for authentication number _____ /______, issued by Craiova Agency for
Cadastre and Land Registration.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
I, the grantor, through a legal representative, certify that the provisions of art. 12
par. 2 of the Civil Code were made clear to me and I hereby declare that I am not insolvent
or in the procedure of declaring insolvency..-----------------------------------------------------------
To this date, the tax was paid according to certificate no. _______ of _________ , issued
by Craiova City Hall, Dolj county.-------------------------------------------------------------
I, the grantor, guarantee the grantee against eviction and defects, according to art. 1707
of the Civil Code. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I value the donation in order to satisfy fiscal requirements, according to the notary
expertise, at the amount of 792.000 lei
Passage de facto and de jure of real estate property ownership and delivery of the asset
that is the object of this contract is done according to art. 1685 of Civil Code, to the grantee
starting with today, the date of document authentication.
I, the undersigned "Eroii Neamului" Parish church, legally represented by parish
priest GRECU CRISTIAN, hereby decalre that I accept with gratitude the doantion that is
granted to me by ELECTROPUTERE S.A. company, legally represented by
President OSAMA ALHALABI, having as object the real estate property above mentioned and
described, am familiar with the legal and factual situation of it, acknowledge that it was acquired
by the grantor as shown above, that is free of any encumbrances, and has not been removed
from civil circulation, understanding to acquire it without releasing the donor company from the
obligation of guarantee against eviction and defects according to art. 1695 - Civil Code.--------
I value the donation, according to notary expertise, at the amount of 792.000 lei
(sevenhundredandninetytwothousandlei) in order to satisfy fiscal
I, the grantor, request the issuance of the authenticated donation agreement, and will
address the City Hall – Taxes and Fees Department, Eu, donatara, solicit eliberarea contractului
de donaţie autentificat, urmând să mă adresez Primăriei - Serviciului Impozite şi Taxe, for
registration in the fiscal records of the document within 30 days starting with today, the date of
authentication, without the obligation of pre-registration of the property act in the land registry
and agree that within 2 business days starting today, the date of authentication of this agreement,
the notary public will begin the proceedings for the registration in the Land Registry of this
donation agreement.------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The costs incurred by concluding this agreement are borne by the grantor, which bears
the registration fees.--------------------------------------------------------
I, the grantor, through legal representative, hereby expressly declare that I agree with the
registration of the grantor’s ownership right in the Land Registry of the real estate property that
is the object of this document.
Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council
no. 679/27.04.2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of
personal data and on the free movement of such data, we, the contracting parties, hereby declare
that we agree to the processing of such data for drawing up the notarial act and and providing
the information regarding the personal data and the content of the notarial act.
We, the contracting parties, hereby declare that we have read this document and agree to
its content, as it expresses our free volition and without any coercion or undue influence
whatsoever. -----------------------------------------
Typed at the Individual Notary Office FLORICEL MIHAI-MARIAN, with headquarters
in Craiova, Calea Bucuresti, Building M18B, ground floor, Dolj County, in an original copy
which will remain in the archives of the notary office and 6 copies, one of which will remain in
the archives of the notary office, one copy for the Land Registry and 4 copies were issued for
the parties.

ELECTROPUTERE SA, "Eroii Neamului" Parish Church,
I, the undersigned, Bran Alexandru Cristian, sworn interpreter and translator
for English and French languages by the Authorization no. 37599 of 27.05.2015
issued by the Romanian Ministry of Justice, certify the exactness of this translation
from English to Romanian, that the presented text has been completely translated,
with no ellipsis, and that, by translation, the document suffered no falsification of the
content and meaning.
The document whose translation is requested completely / in excerpt has, in
its thoroughness a number of 2 pages, has the title / name „Contract de donație”
was issued by NOTARY PUBLIC MIHAI-MARIAN FLORICEL and was presented to
me completely / in excerpt.
The translation of the document has a number of 2 pages.

Subsemnatul, Bran Alexandru Cristian, interpret și traducător autorizat pentru

limba engleză si limba franceză, în temeiul autorizaţiei nr. 37599 din data de
27.05.2015 eliberată de Ministerul Justiţiei din România, certific exactitatea traducerii
efectuate din limba engleză în limba română, că textul prezentat a fost tradus
complet, fără omisiuni, şi că, prin traducere, înscrisului nu i-au fost denaturate
conţinutul şi sensul.
Înscrisul a cărui traducere se solicită în întregime/în extras are, în
integralitatea sa, un număr de 2 pagini, poartă titlul/denumirea de „ Contract de
donație” a fost emis de NOTAR PUBLIC MIHAI-MARIAN FLORICEL şi mi-a fost
prezentat mie în întregime/ în extras.
Traducerea înscrisului prezentat are un număr de 2 pagini .