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Biffi is a leading manufacturer of valve automation solutions with 60 years’
experience and a global presence, offering a comprehensive selection of
standard as well as specially designed actuation systems. The range includes
electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, direct gas, gas-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic,
compact and control systems with a full complement of accessories suitable for
a wide range of applications.

The highest standards of product reliability and quality are guaranteed by

advanced manufacturing facilities combining lean principles with continuous
quality auditing and a zero harm work ethic. Local presence and after
sales support teams worldwide ensure meeting the day-to-day flow control
requirements of every plant or process.

Biffi’s commitment to the highest ethical standards in our daily business

practices is recognized by the achievement of the following certifications:

ISO 9001 - Quality management system

SA 8000 - Social accountability standard
ISO 1400 - Environmental management system
BS OHSAS 18001 - Occupational health and safety assessment


Biffi has been a major supplier of gas at very low temperatures. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
and hydraulically-operated actuators MHP, Hand wheel, lever or jackscrew DESIGN PRESSURE
for use in high pressure applications for manual overrides are available. up to 100 bar /1,450 psi (direct gas)
over five decades, with many thousands
VERSATILE IN DESIGN special version available
of units providing reliable, effective
The valve/actuator coupling area up to 352 bar /5,105 psi (hydraulic)
service worldwide in the remotest of
enables actuators to be mounted on
locations from the Siberian steppes to
the valves in any of four positions, at TORQUE OUTPUT
the deserts of Arabia.
90° intervals. Double acting up to
MODULAR ROBUST AND COMPACT 800,000 Nm (7,080,000 lbf in)
Single-acting spring modules are
Robust in their construction and
available in fully-encapsulated or Spring ending torque up to
yet compact in their design, Biffi
tie-rods versions, to ensure personnel 235,000 Nm (2,080,000 lbf in)
high pressure actuators have been
safety and easy replacement.
engineered to provide the optimum THRUST OUTPUT
balance of simplicity, reliability and SPECIAL DESIGNS /
Double acting thrust
economy. A modular design concept CONFIGURATIONS
up to 8,000,000 N
provides maximum flexibility while Actuator models are available to
their robust construction ensures long provide quick acting service (ESD/ Spring ending thrust
service life with minimal maintenance. BDV action less than 0.3s) with up to 555,058 N
specific, integral Biffi manufactured single or multispring versions
Available in a wide range of models
components and there are compact available
to suit specific applications, their
single and multi-spring versions that
highly-efficient and very compact
can provide a footprint space reduction. AMBIENT TEMPERATURE
design is a result of specific output
Standard range:
thrust / torque mechanisms (linear, EXCEPTIONAL ENGINEERING 20°C to +100°C (-4°F to +210°F)
canted or symmetric scotch yoke, rack EXPERTISE
and pinion) that enable required valve For applications outside those covered Extended range:
torques to be achieved effectively. They by the standard range, the company -60°C to +135°C (-70°F to +275°F)
feature a lightweight assembly and a has the facilities, unrivalled experience
nitride-coated mechanism to minimize and engineering expertise that enable
friction, ensuring a long life. it to create custom-made solutions to
This is housed within an immensely meet specific needs. Working closely
strong and totally-enclosed high with customers and end-users, tailor
grade ductile iron, carbon steel with made solutions can be engineered to
a high performance painting available cover the most stringent applications
with Norsok approval, which ensures and operating conditions.
maximum resistance to corrosion even
in the most hostile of environments and

Gas over oil Direct gas Rack and pinion


All high pressure actuators are to provide the optimum balance of QUICK ACTING TYPICAL
available in double-acting and spring simplicity, reliability and economy. APPLICATIONS
return versions for any quarter-turn • Power generation plants
and linear valve such as ball, plug, •T
 urbine feeding valves (trip and
butterfly, damper-style, check, gate Compact hydraulic actuators with a
quarter turn helical slot mechanism control)
and globe valves.
which provide the most effective reduced • Turbine by-pass valves
The product range includes: footprint when space is an issue. • Compressor blow-off valves
GPO, GIG/GIGS • Condensator water feeding valves
Actuators with a gas powered scotch • Boiler combustion control valves
Hydraulic, gas-over-oil and gas
yoke mechanism that offer the major
operated actuators with a linear • High pressure relief valves
benefit of using the gas flowing
mechanism to provide high thrust
in the pipeline for their operation, COMPACT TYPICAL APPLICATIONS
values, available in compact type with
with no need for any other power • FPSO and drilling ships
single or multi-spring versions for all
source. Models include gas and oil
valve sizes. • CALM
combinations (GPO) and direct gas
(Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring)
• Offshore platforms (Single Anchor Leg Mooring)
Hydraulic rack and pinion actuators • Onshore terminals • PLEM
that provide the most economical on- • Petrochemical plants (Pipe Line End Manifold)
off and modulating control for small to • Oil refineries • Offshore platforms
medium quarter-turn valves. • Tank farms
• Gas, water and oil pipelines
OLGA/OLGAS, MORIN HP SERIES • Metering, compressor and pumping
Hydraulic actuators with a scotch yoke stations
mechanism which have an efficient • Conventional and geo-thermal
design and deliver high break-out power plants
torques making them suitable for most
• Advanced combined cycle plants
quarter turn valves up to the largest
• Emergency shutdown applications
sizes. They have been engineered


Quick acting Scotch yoke Linear

The modular design concept of high bronze or sintered bronze bushings, APPROVALS
pressure actuators creates the most hard chrome plated guide bar, spring Biffi high pressure actuators are
efficient ranges available and the container and piston rods. Friction available with the following approvals
broadest flexibility, with a minimal is further reduced through floating (depending on the product selected):
number of totally coordinated type piston seals, which provide
components enabling fast deliveries. low hysteresis and high sensitivity,
IEC 61508-1÷7:2010 – SIL2 or SIL3
Any of a range of manual override preventing sticking problems
options can be fitted simply to the
cylinder or center body, which also AREA CLASSIFICATION
The use of hard chrome plated alloy
incorporates integrated support ATEX - II 2GD 135°C (T4)
steels and electro-less nickel-plated
brackets to allow the mounting of
carbon steels, critical part available ENCLOSURE STANDARDS
control accessories in a convenient
in full stainless steel and specific IEC 60529 - IP65/IP66/IP66M/IP67M/IP68
and easily accessible position at the
high performance Norsok approved
base of the actuator.
painting with additional Frosio and ANSI/NEMA 250 - NEMA 4, 4X, and 6
ROBUST CONSTRUCTION Nace on site inspector, provide
Piston actuators are built to last in maximum corrosion resistance and
PED 2014/68/EU
materials that have been selected extending service life.
specifically to provide optimum
performance and an extended service
External travel stops allow precise
life with minimal maintenance. All
angular stroke adjustment between
the totally enclosed housings are in
82° and 98° as a minimum.
fabricated nodular cast iron or carbon
steel, to provide maximum strength. A
guide bar resists transverse loads and
supports the piston rod, when present.

Friction is minimized through the use
of an electro-less nickel-plated and
polished cylinder, PTFE-impregnated

Electronic Line Break System Control Systems Hydraulic Manual Override MHP

High pressure actuators are available limiting device' can be supplied. The GPO GAS-OVER-OIL POWER TANKS
with a wide range of options and 'torque limiting device' consists of 2 The GPO's tanks are engineered,
accessories, including manual pressure piloted valves which stop the manufactured and tested according
overrides, control and monitoring gas flow and exhaust the gas enclosed to ASME VIII-DIV.1 and incorporate
devices and complete control systems, in the gas-over-oil tanks of the GPO a hydraulic filter. They can also be
to ensure that your actuator is ideally series when the output torque exceeds supplied in accordance with PED
suited for each application. the pre-set value. On GIG and GIGS European Directive 2014/68/UE , or
models, it stops the gas flow but does other codes on request (U-STAMP,
If you have a specific requirement
not vent. DOSH, AS1210).
please contact your local sales office.
PIPELINE APPLICATIONS TopWorx GO™ Switch products are
The conical spoked handwheel
The standard line break control engineered to meet tough applications
guarantees operator effort in line with
operates autonomously and needs no while offering high reliability,
ergonomic principles and regulations,
external power source. Comprising installation flexibility and dependability
with additional reduction gearing
a reference tank, calibrated orifice in all environments. As the all
available on higher torque applications
with check valve and a diaphragm in one proximity sensor and limit
HYDRAULIC MANUAL OVERRIDE valve, it signals the actuator to close switch, GO Switches provide accurate
(MHP) the valve automatically when the final control to support quality and
Efficient manual operation through pressure drop rate in the pipeline efficiency in a variety of industries.
an hydraulic hand pump also allows exceeds a pre-set value. The ELBS20 They are available with high pressure
accurate adjustment of actuator is an electronic device designed and options up to 960 bar g.
stroke time independently in the built to monitor pipeline integrity and
opening and closing directions. initiate failsafe action when necessary.
Hydraulic flow regulators guarantee It measures dynamic pressure trends
smooth operation across the stroke. in the pipeline continuously and sends
a command to the actuator to stroke
TORQUE LIMITING DEVICE the line valve to the fail-safe position
On gas-powered actuators, when the when critical anomalies are detected.
gas supply pressure varies widely, a
pressure reducer or patented 'torque


Torque Limiting Device TopWorx D-Series IMVS2

DISCRETE VALVE CONTROLLERS valve on-line and in service with no Specially designed control systems
TopWorx™ discrete valve controllers disruption to the process. can be supplied for heavy duty service
enable automated on/off valves to or specific working conditions – low
Automated partial stroke tests (PST)
communicate via FOUNDATION working temperature, sour gas supply,
minimize disruption to the process
Fieldbus, DeviceNet, AS-Interface, special emergency operation, etc.
by extending the intervals between
Profibus, HART and Wireless HART
a plant’s full closure tests while • On-off or modulating actuator
protocols. They attach to all rotary and
maintaining the required SIL level. service.
linear valves and actuators, operate
in the most demanding environmental Valve position signal, functioning • Local or remote actuator control via
conditions, and carry a variety of pressure signals and other optional electric or pneumatic signals.
hazardous area certifications. external signals are monitored and • Panel mounted or enclosed in a
processed by a microprocessor based weatherproof cabinet.
They are available with spacious,
logic mounted inside the device. • Separate or assembled onto the
rugged enclosures in aluminum,
stainless steel, or resin. CONTROL SYSTEMS actuator.
Advanced engineering technology • Mounts to actuator housing via
is used to design and manufacture
controls and accessories, based
The IMVS2 is a fully automated
on customer specifications and
partial stroking, smart valve and
application requirements. The
actuator diagnostic system capable
most stringent needs for control
of operating all actuator sizes without
modes, operating conditions and
flow restriction or the need for costly
customization can be met through
additional equipment.
the correct selection of schematics,
It is an electronic device that provides components, materials and protection
operational, safety and diagnostic treatments.
functions through a single or double
The control system can include
acting actuator mounted on a valve
devices for automatic operation or
driven by an external single or
‘stay put‘ in case of emergency -
redundant solenoid valve. It enables
electric or pneumatic supply failure,
diagnostic functions, including partial
high temperature, low or high pipeline
stroke test and continuous monitoring
pressure etc.
of valve actuator pressure and
position, to be carried out with the

Biffi reserves the right to change product designs and specifications without notice.

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