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This study aimed to discover and raise awareness to the work-related factors
affecting the mental health among the Junior High School teachers. This study used
Phenomenological Study that utilized structured questionnaires and interviews. The
participants involved in this study are 30 Junior High School teachers in three of the
public schools in Pampanga. The data obtained was analyzed through frequency
distribution and thematic analysis. Findings revealed that the number of years of teaching
and gender affects the state of mental health among teachers. Findings further showed
that paper works got the highest frequency in the work related factors which contributes
to the mental health of the respondents. It was also found out that teachers favor to access
natural supports from their respective schools while they are on their workplace. From
these findings, it is recommended that teachers should reevaluate themselves to deepen
their understanding of their profession. A seminar should also be conducted by the
Human Resources department in every schools to raise awareness regarding the
importance of mental health. Also, future researchers are recommended to tackle the non-
work related factors that affects the mental health of teachers.

Keywords: Mental Health, Work-Related Factors, Public School, Junior High

School Teachers