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Receivables and revenues are posted when ___________ document is created in sales and distribution module 29. What are the new dimension products of SAP in cooperative business scenario? 7. More than one cash journal can have the same cash account TRUE/FALSE 32. In case of G/L account. What are the two major elements of mySAP. Posting keys are defined at __________level 38. You can find transaction code for the function you are working in under ________ option of __________ menu 10. number ranges are attached to G/L account. In case of ___________ number range. _________ chart of accounts is used for consolidation 22. same document number will be taken for new fiscal year 35. 2009 | Filed under: FAQs. Document number range can be ____________ and __________ 34. TRUE/FALSE 5. One company code may contain several sales organizations. If customer invoice is created in SD. What are the three elements (servers) of R/3 system? 2. for answers refer end of the post. Several company codes can use the same posting period variant. Name them 8. ________ key is used for help on fields. then payment terms from __________segment will . What is long form of BAPI? 4. TRUE/FALSE 21. A field status within an FI document is controlled by three factors. BAPI is assigned to one and only one business object. ____________ is the main criteria for defining an asset 30. annual displacement indicator is used. What are the three steps for standard procedure for posting procurement transactions in FI? 26. Business areas are company code dependent. Vendor account is defined at _________ level 23. One document type can have more than one number range. User specific settings are done in ____________ option of ___________ menu 12. One chart of account cannot be assigned to more than one company code. 39. To delete the current session. More than one plants can be attached to a single company code. In case of non-calendar fiscal year. menus. Fiscal year variant can be of two types. Company code is ____ character __________ 16. TRUE/FALSE 37. TRUE/FALSE 36. ___________ & ________ are two segments of a chart of account 20. _______________ area is business unit where cost accounting is carried out in SAP 14. TRUE/FALSE 40. TRUE/FALSE 24. ______________________ are two elements of an SAP FI document 33. All the data and programs are stored in_____________ server in R/3 3. Purchasing is done by ____________ organization for a ___________ 25. What are the five milestones in ASAP methodology? 6. messages 11. TRUE/FALSE 15. One number range can be assigned to several document types. TRUE/FALSE 28. ___________ is the date from which the due date is derived 41. Highest level element of all organizational units is the _________ 13. _____________ is central organizational structure in profitability analysis 27. functions. Name them.SAP FICO Certification Questions and Answers # 7 Written by admin on Apr 1st. TRUE/FALSE 19. Finance (FI) Fill in the Blanks. TRUE/FALSE 17. 1. ____________ are used to keep more than one valuation basis for depreciation 31. _______________ command is used 9.

GROUP 22. APPLICATION SERVER. SYSTEM 10. GOLIVE AND SUPPORT. APO. TRUE 28. FALSE 15. CONTROLLING AREA 14. then ___________ must be activated 52. _____________ keys contain further specifications for account assignment in tax calculation procedure 48. CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT 6. While posting a parked document. TRUE 19. TRUE/FALSE 45. BW. BILLING 29. INVOICE VERIFICATION 26. FALSE 5. PURCHASE ORDER. TRUE/FALSE 44. KW 7. YEAR DEPENDENT . PROJECT PREPARATION. FALSE 21. ____________ posting is one of the methods of document reversal 43. /n 9. Reconciliation account type for vendor is ____ and customer is ____ 51. OPERATING CONCERN 27. company codes are attached to __________ and business areas are attached to ______________ Answers: 1. If an account is managed with open items. FINAL PREPARATION. SCM. DATABASE SERVER 2. EXTERNAL 34. CRM. TRUE/FALSE 46. BUSINESS APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE 4. TRUE 24. DOCUMENT HEADER AND DOCUMENT LINE ITEMS 33. WORK PLACE 8. ALPHANUMERIC 16. Base amount is either _____ or ________ item 49. ASSET CLASS 30. BUSINESS BLUEPRINT. YEAR DEPENDENT. DEPRECIATION AREAS 31. REALISATION. 4. defaulted 42. In consolidation. CLIENT 13. PRESENTATION SERVER. You can close a fiscal year even if you have parked documents. COMPANY CODE. document number is changed. All R/3 applications and functions process exchange rates using ______ and _______ quotation 47. PLANT 25. GOODS RECEIPT. Validations are performed before substitution. INTERNAL. USER PROFILE SYSTEM 12. f1 11. TRUE 32. COA 20. FALSE 17. MARKET PLACE. DATABASE 3. CLIENT 23. YEAR INDEPENDENT 18. PURCHASING ORGANIZATION. Tax code contains the ________ 50.

. one operating COA and many group COAs. G/L account groups b. INDIRECT 47. More than one choice could be correct in some questions. POSTING KEY.. 3. REVENUE 49. ACCOUNT GROUP.. each business event creates an accounting document in R/3 b. LINE ITEM DISPLAY 52.35. you may as well like these too: 1. TRUE 36... NEGATIVE 43. SAP FICO Certification Questions and Answers # 2 Managerial and financial Accounting Q & A # 1 1. ACCOUNT/PROCESS 48. SAP FICO Certification Questions and Answers # 5 ACADEMY: MANAGERIAL Comments (0) Get FREE daily updates by RSS or e-mail Close Forgot password? Top of Form Please put in your email: Close message Login • • This blog post All blog posts Send me my password! Bottom of Form . COMPANY. Which of the statements on 4. Account groups are used to 5. K. EXPENSE. AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING # 5 Please read the questions carefully. TRUE 45. D 51. Every company code can have following combinations as chart of accounts (COA) a. DIRECT. FALSE 37. FALSE 46.. SAP FICO Certification Questions and Answers # 3 1. SAP FICO Certification Questions and Answers # 4 1. FALSE 44. Chart of. field status of master fields c. G/L account c. TRUE 40. control the following properties a. TAX RATE 50. SAP FICO Certification Questions and Answers # 1 Managerial and financial 2. Accounting Q & A # 2 1. field status of transaction fields b. a business event might trigger more than one document. document principles are correct? a. G/L ACCOUNT LEVEL 39. Specific hints have not been given.. The length of G/L account number should be mentioned in a. Please tick.. CONSLIDATION BUSINESS AREA If you like this post.. CLIENT 38. BASELINE 41. field status of master fields and number.. SALES AREA 42.

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