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Pain of Immigrants
● 44,631 got deported
in October YEAR
(Center for Migration Studies)

● 1,995 children taken

from their parents
(Associated Press)
The U.S. Government should allow immigrants
who are here illegally to become U.S. citizens

● Mass deportation harms the economy,

● More citizens in a country will help create
more jobs, and
● Illegal immigration along the southern U.S
border does not contribute to terrorism.
Path to Citizenship
● Insert citizenship
● What needs to
change make path
Economic Damage
● While deporting illegal immigrants
has a modest positive economic
● Allowing them to become citizens
would put pressure on companies
to boost wages to make jobs
more attractive to all workers.
● Plus, deportation effects hurt the
pocketbooks of most American
families. (Severe)
Job Creation
● Remaining jobs will be unskilled
● Undocumented workers do pay $11.6
billion per year in taxes (ITEP)
● Wage boost through larger workforce
Immigrants ≠ Terrorists
● Immigrants does not
contribute to terrorism.
● In an article made by Daniel
Griswold he stated that
immigrants should not be
blame for terrorism.
My SLE !
● Volunteer at calvary Church
● Helped the pastor give out food to adults and
immigrant children.
● Cleaned and arrange their rooms so the kids can
have space to play.
● Cleaned the church windows.
● Stocked foods.
● I went every thursday after school
Image of the chruch.

● This can include: pictures of people,
videos, letters written to you, photos
of planning pieces, websites,
products, etc.
Slide 11- Conclusion
A paper Pastor
John in which he
said how well i did
and how i was
devoted. How
many times i came
and how often i
Kids Playing room at the chruch
This is a room that the
kids play in. I wasn’t
allow to take pictures
with the kids so i took
videos of the room that i
had to arranged alone. It
took three days because
it was all a mess.
Final Thought.

I believe that we are all perfect and that we all are

immigrants. We all come here through our great
fathers and for that reason nobody should be
treated unfairly.

I thank you all for your time and