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Marsekal Sabrang Anantama


Effect of Apple Variety and Fermentation Temperature to The Aroma Compounds

in Fermented Apple Juice

Flavour is a key quality attribute of apples defined by volatile aroma compounds. Biosynthesis of aroma
compounds involves metabolic pathways in wich the main precursors are fatty and amino acids, and the
main product are aldehydes, alcohols, and esters. Apple flavor develops during ripening. Maximum
endogenous volatile concentration occurs at the climateric peak but it is not known whether the volatile
biosynthetic enzymes are constitutive or induced during the climateric. This paper reports the influence
of apple variety and fermentation conditions like temperature on the aroma compounds to fermented
apple juice. Apple juice was fermented using the different fermentation conditions. Apples variety Mallus
domestica was fermented with the different temperature condition . The effect of fermented conditions
to fermented apple juice aroma compounds was also analyzed by using gas chromatrograph mass
spectrometry (GC-MS). Among 51 volatile compounds detected by GC-MS esters, carbonyl compounds
and higher alcohols were formed in ciders through fermentation. In fermented apple juice main aroma
compounds were 2-hydroxyethlhydrazine, 3-methyl-1-butanol, and hexanoic acid ethyl ester.

Keywords : fermented apple juice, aroma compounds, GC-MS, volatile compounds